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Trail Mix July 2013: Free Music Playlist

first_imgTrail Mix began with a simple mission – the exposure of kick ass independent roots musicians flying below the radar of our readership.  This month’s mix – perhaps more than any other month to date – best satisfies that mission.Trail Mix is lucky, on a regular basis, to feature nationally recognized artists who have achieved large measures of critical acclaim.  But those lesser known artists, the musicians and bands looking for a break or that glimmer of recognition, are just as exciting to us, and this month’s mix is rich with them.This month’s mix serves to remind us that there are so many great, great bands out there looking to be noticed.  We are happy to do what we can here at Trail Mix to shine a light on this collection of fantastic talent.In lieu of a typically wordy intro, we encourage you to just dig in.  Stream it.  Download it.  Wait for it to grab you, because it will.  Once you have those songs bouncing around your head, reach out and buy the discs; they will be just as good as what we have featured here.  Promise.This is what Trail Mix is all about. Stream or download the free music below: Bronze Radio Return – Up On and OverAnthony D’Amato – Hand Williams TuneBhi Bhiman – GuttersnipeBombadil – EscalatorsBreaking Laces – Weighted DownDan Miraldi – Out of EdenDavid Newbould – Always Coming HomeDwight Howard Johnson – Honest ChanceGhost & Gale – Take Me To The FireHead for the Hills – Priscilla the ChinchillaJosh Halverson – Gimme One ShotL Shape Lot:The Duo – Fox on the RunMichael Coleman – Fly AwayMustered Courage – Standing By Your SideRed & The Romantics – Secret GardenSecond Wind – It’s Gonna Be AlrightSimpleton & Cityfolk – Won’t Let You DownStrugill Simpson – You Can Have the CrownThe Barefoot Movement -Second Time AroundThe Deadly Gentlemen – Bored of the RagingThe Westbound Rangers – One of These DaysValley Young – Little Bear last_img read more

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Embrace your legacy as a disruptor

first_imgThe names Schulze-Delitizsch, Raiffeisen, and Desjardin might not ring a bell for you, but they should. No, they aren’t name partners in a high-powered law firm. These three individuals disrupted the status quo and created the catalyst for you to be reading this article today.Here is a quick history for those who don’t recognize the names.  Herman Schulze-Delitizsch, a young German lawyer, formed the first practical cooperative credit societies in 1846. By 1859, he had helped organize183 “people’s banks” with approximately 18,000 members.Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen, in his role as mayor of Fammersfeld, Germany, organized his first cooperative credit society in 1849 after becoming alarmed by the actions of unscrupulous lenders. By 1888, 425 credit unions were created in Germany, and the ideas shared in his book The Credit Union had spread across the Atlantic to North America.Alphonse Desjardin, a Canadian journalist, was an enthusiastic evangelist for credit unions in the late 1800s. He worked with a group of Catholic priests in Manchester, New Hampshire to create what is often considered to be the first U.S. credit union in 1909.Many others, of course, contributed to the growth and success of the credit union movement. Without these disruptors, however, you might not be part of an industry that serves over 112 million members with assets of over $1.4 trillion. The Power of Purpose to Drive ChangeYour world is more complex and uncertain than ever. Many traditional and community banks have improved their customer focus. Fintech operations are changing the entire definition of a financial institution. The subscription economy that brought us Netflix and Hulu is coming for autos and other items that currently require loans. Your very existence continues to be attacked by questioning your relevance in today’s world.Your ability to quickly change and adapt in pursuit of fulfilling your purpose is the difference between member insistence by your supporters and irrelevance.People and organizations change for basically two reasons: crisis pushes or opportunity pulls them to change.If your credit union is losing members and assets, the immediacy of the crisis is a powerful motivator to try different things. Unfortunately, that might be difficult since you are already running from behind. Catching up will require radical change and a considerable investment. The change you might be required to pursue is to stop going it alone through partnerships or merger. While that change would be painful, it isn’t necessarily bad if you are purpose driven. The credit union movement has always been about self-help self-governance, and self-responsibility. It is safe to assume that those early credit union leaders would focus more on fulfilling that vision than on how credit unions are operated.For those that are growing or at least sustaining themselves, it is all about refocusing on your purpose and changing to capture opportunities. Here are four areas on which to focus right now.1. Become obsessed by purpose as well as member satisfaction.Your current – and most active – members love you, and you want to keep it that way. That’s why continuous improvement of existing products, processes, and performance is a must. Unfortunately, focusing too much emphasis on keeping your current members satisfied might be preventing you from taking the bold steps necessary to appeal to a new generation that will resonate with your purpose if you meet them where they are.That’s where becoming obsessed with your purpose comes in. Focusing on new ways to demonstrate the true uniqueness of your credit union catches the attention of the next generation.This is a difficult balance with limited resources. You want to show your members and leadership that you are being responsible with their funds. Likewise, you must innovate to attract new members.Google operated for years with the 70 – 20 – 10 Rule. Seventy percent of their innovation and continuous improvement funds were focused on improving existing processes to keep their current customers happy. Twenty percent was devoted to adjacent improvement and innovation that had a high probability for acceptance and success. The final 10 percent was allocated for transformative innovation to open completely new opportunities.If you are fighting from behind, you might want to consider an allocation that is closer to 65-20-20. Regardless of your final formula, the opportunity to reinforce the credit union’s role as a disruptor lies in innovation that fulfills your purpose. 2. Scout the future.A few of you will remember the television show Wagon Train. For those who missed it, the show was about a … wait for it … wagon train crossing the country headed west. It is doubtful that show could be made today.Ward Bond starred as the wagon master whose job it was to keep the train moving forward. This was mostly mundane work of operations mixed with the human relations challenges that come from a group of people traveling together for long periods.There was, however, a special group that worked for the wagon train—the scouts.Every day the scouts rode out over the horizon to answer two questions: Where is the water that can sustain us? Where are the hostiles that could harm us?Your credit union needs scouts. It could be as simple devoting a set amount of time each week to scouting potential threats and opportunities. You could also create a group or groups responsible for this function as part of their jobs. A few of our past clients have developed cross-functional Scout Teams reporting to senior leadership for that purpose. The change that catches you off guard isn’t the one you can see. It is the one lurking out of sight over the horizon3. Hire, retain, and promote for Altitude.Hiring for aptitude – the candidate’s skill and experience – was conventional thinking for decades. Then companies such as Nucor Steel and Southwest Airlines pioneered the idea that you should hire for attitude and culture fit. The reality is that the companies hiring for attitude and fit still looked for people who are qualified to do the job. You don’t get to fly the airplane at Southwest Airlines simply because you can tell a funny joke. The combination of aptitude and attitude created a higher standard for hiring, retention, and promotion. It is now commonplace in world-class organizations, and it is no longer enough.The talent you need to flourish in the future also has altitude – the ability to grow to meet the needs of members and the workplace of the future.Talent with altitude has everything you are looking for today and more. They supplement their aptitude and attitude with competencies such as curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity that give them room to grow.Pursuing high-altitude employees can be frustrating. Supervisors and managers will have to work exceptionally hard to keep them engaged and funnel their energy toward keeping your operation relevant. The upside of channeling their discretionary energy and effort toward new ways to deliver your purpose is worth the effort. They are the profile of the member you want in the future.4. Enable collaboration.Much of what we call collaboration is really cooperation. The difference is important for your future success.Cooperation is working with someone toward a mutually recognized and beneficial result. The existing work of your credit union would be nearly impossible without people cooperating toward your common goal.Collaboration, on the other hand, is actively working with someone to create something new. It requires the active solicitation of diverse viewpoints, skill sets, and experience. Enabling collaboration requires leaders to create the space for discovery that feels messy. It fosters co-creation, and it forces the collision of ideas to solve problems that are not easily defined. Cooperation makes the work easier and more pleasant. Collaboration pushes us out of our comfort zone to create big ideas that could be revolutionary … or a failure. It is comfortable with the notion that you can’t wait for change to find you in today’s world. You must pursue it.Schulze-Delitizsch, Raiffeisen, and Desjardin would have loved the environment in which you credit unions find themselves today. They would, I suspect, be envious of all the tools at your disposal to connect people of similar interest to join forces and obtain better access to financial markets for personal and common benefit. It is time to reclaim that legacy as a disruptor as your credit union moves into the future. 16SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Randy Pennington Randy Pennington is an award-winning author, speaker, and leading authority on helping organizations achieve positive results in a world of accelerating change. He is author of the award-winning books Make … Web: Detailslast_img read more

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Hillary Clinton Holds Off Sanders to Win New York Democratic Primary

first_imgA total of 247 pledged delegates were up for grabs in the state. New York divvies up its delegates proportionally—meaning both candidates will earn a share of them. Even without a landslide victory, Clinton still enjoys a clear path to the nomination, with New York voters making her ascension even more likely. Before the primary, Clinton had 244 more pledged delegates than Sanders, according to the Associated Press estimates.Clinton took the stage at Sheraton in Times Square to a loud ovation Tuesday night. She thanked New York for sticking by her side during and promised to return the favor. Clinton also appeared to turn her attention toward the general election. “To all those that supported Sen. Sanders: There’s much more that unites us than divides us,” Clinton said.“The race for the Democratic nomination is in the home stretch and victory is in sight,” a smiling Clinton added, prompting loud cheers from the boisterous crowd in Manhattan. Sanders left New York early Tuesday to campaign in Pennsylvania and headed home to Vermont as the results were coming in. A once polite contest between two veteran Democratic politicians became just as contentious as the fight for the GOP nomination, minus the high-school insults, xenophobia and party in-fighting.Their animosity toward one another became apparent last Thursday in New York City when the pair engaged in their eighth debate, their most combative verbal contest yet, where they sparred on virtually every issue. The “Brooklyn Brawl,” as some media outlets termed the debate at the Brooklyn Navy Yards, focused heavily on Wall Street malfeasance and the power of the gun lobby, and which of the two would be more effective at policing the two.At the end of the day, it was Clinton’s pragmatic approach and her broad-based appeal among Democrats, particularly Baby Boomers and African Americans, that won out over the more vocal and unabashed Sanders crowd.Clinton demonstrated her unique ability to connect personally with voters as she criss-crossed the state. In her only public campaign stop on Long Island, the former two-time U.S. Senator from New York was surrounded by families of victim’s of gun violence, including the daughter of the principal killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School slayings. Voters at the event in Port Washington said they valued Clinton’s experience and thought she’d be the strongest candidate to take on whomever the Republicans nominate.The chance to elect the first woman president also weighed heavily on some voters.Clinton made an effort to reach out to African Americans, who have thus far favored her over Sanders by a wide margin in other parts of the country.The Clinton machine also showed its might, eliciting the help of well-known surrogates to stump for her on Long Island, including former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ), who survived a gunshot to the head at a campaign appearance in 2011, and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly. Former President Bill Clinton and the couple’s daughter Chelsea were also called upon last weekend to appeal to Long Island voters.Sanders never stepped foot on Long Island proper but held several raucous events in New York City, where he was greeted by tens of thousands of supporters. His campaign said that Sanders’ rally last Sunday in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park was the largest of his campaign.Political observers thought Sanders would do well to follow the blueprint former Democratic governor hopeful Zephyr Teachout used two years ago to put a scare into Gov. Andrew Cuomo. And to some extent he did, by calling for a nationwide ban on fracking, the controversial natural gas drilling technique that Teachout had railed against during her failed primary battle against Cuomo.Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist, also unleashed venom on Wall Street and repeated calls for a political revolution that would give Sanders the bully pulpit he’d need to create the kind of change he’s proposing.Several polls have shown Clinton and Sanders in a virtual tie nationally, but for Sanders it may be too little too late. The Democrats hold their national convention in July in Philadelphia. To win the nomination, a candidate needs 2,383 delegates, including pledged and superdelegates, who can support either one. As of April 19, Clinton had 1,758 and Sanders had 1,076.While party leadership may consider Clinton’s win a perfect time for Democrats to come together, Sanders’ ability to raise large sums of money through small, individual donations means he’s in it for the long run—as he’s promised.The primary battle will remain on the East Coast for another week, as Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island open their polls, before it heads toward California—another state rich in delegates, 546 to be exact.(Photo credit: Adam Schultz/Hillary for America on Flickr) Sign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Pragmatism prevailed over idealism in New York’s Democratic primary race, with voters choosing establishment favorite Hillary Clinton over insurgent candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the spunky career politician who has given voice to thousands of young voters enamored with his calls for a political revolution.This win puts New York’s former U.S. Senator another step closer toward making American history as the first woman elected president. But she still has a long way to go before Election Day arrives in November.The former U.S. Secretary of State in the Obama administration avoided an embarrassing defeat in her adopted state, where she was considered a double-digit favorite coming into Tuesday’s contest. Clinton’s victory also blunts Sanders’ momentum, as the Brooklyn native has come out on top in the previous seven out of eight primaries and caucuses.The major networks predicted Clinton the winner about 45 minutes after the polls closed. center_img The contest between Clinton and Sanders heated up once the pair began campaigning heavily in New York, with Clinton lashing out at Sanders for siding with gun manufacturers over families of gun-death victims who wanted to sue them as well as his inability to express how he’d break up the big banks. She also criticized his lack of foreign policy chops. Sanders, meanwhile, continued to attack Clinton for her ties to Wall Street and refusal to release transcripts of paid speeches to Goldman Sachs employees that netted her $675,000. He also called her out for being a late-comer to the fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour.As she put it recently, “It’s easy to diagnose our problems. It’s a lot harder to solve them.”last_img read more

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The Final Front of the 2020 Ad Wars

first_imgHi. Welcome to On Politics, your guide to the day in national politics. I’m Nick Corasaniti, your host on Tuesdays for our coverage of all things media and messaging.Sign up here to get On Politics in your inbox every weekday.last_img

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Whatever happened to Greycoat?

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MGM steps up UK casino onslaught with £650m Peel agreement

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Strawberry-Mango Milk Shake.

first_img Tweet 24 Views   no discussions Share Food & DiningLifestyle Strawberry-Mango Milk Shake. by: – August 26, 2011 Strawberry-Mango Milk Shake.The fresh fruit and whey protein make this drink an ideal breakfast. If you don’t have frozen yogurt on hand, make this with regular yogurt instead for more of a smoothie.A sprinkling of granola makes a nice addition to this beverage if you want to add carbohydrates.Ingredients:2 cups halved fresh strawberries1 cup chopped mango1-1/2 cups vanilla frozen yogurt1/4 cup milkSliced fresh strawberriesSliced mangoDirections:Place the 2 cups berries, chopped mango, frozen yogurt, and milk in a blender container. Cover and blend until smooth. Divide mixture between 2 tall glasses. Top each serving with strawberry and mango slices. Makes 2 servings.Recipe source: Better Homes & Gardenscenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Sharelast_img read more

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Grave threat rap lands man in jail

first_imgPolice identified him as EnriqueGuelos, 48, of Barangay Tagbak, Jaro district. ILOILO City – Charged with gravethreat, a man was nabbed in Barangay Tabucan, Dumangas, Iloilo. Armed with a search warrant, officersof the Dumangas police station apprehended Guelos around 12:45 p.m. on Dec. 13. The suspect was detained in the lockupfacility of the municipal police station. The court recommended a P12,000 bailbond of for Guelos’ temporary liberty./PNlast_img

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ICC World Cup ICC World Cup 2019: Australia vs Sri Lanka Dream11 Prediction, Fantasy Playing XI

first_imgNew Delhi : It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Sri Lanka has been the unlukiest team in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 with two of their four games being washed out due to heavy rain. Sri Lanka started off their World Cup campaign with an obnoxious outing, suffering a 10-wicket loss against the current table toppers New Zealand. However, they came back strongly against Afghanistan to open their account in this mega event. With one win, one loss and two no results, Sri Lanka will be up against the five-time champions Australia at the Oval in London on Saturday. Australia, led-by Aaron Finch are currently placed at number two position in points table and have won three out of four games in the competition so far. With this, News Nation brings to you as what could be the best fantasy 11 for this all-important encounter. Here’s Fantasy 11:Wicket-Keeper: Alex CareyBatsmen: Steve Smith, David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Angelo Mathews, Dimuth KarunaratneAll-Rounder: Marcus StoinisBowlers: Mitchell Starc, Pat Cummins, Suranga Laxmal, Nuwan Pradeep For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

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Pulev in Pole Position to Face Ruiz Joshua-Ruiz Jr Winner

first_imgBulgaria’s Pulev, whose only defeat in 29 fights came against Wladimir Klitschko, beat Hughie Fury to earn his position as IBF mandatory challenger and, last weekend, he outpointed Rydell Booker.The IBF told Sky Sports earlier this year about the race between Pulev and WBO mandatory challenger Usyk: “Ours has to come first. The organisations have agreed that the IBF mandatory would be next.”Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn first explained in August that the winner of the rematch against Ruiz Jr would have two mandatory challengers to immediately contend with.“We’re going to have a problem where Usyk and Pulev both say: ‘you’ve got to fight me next’,” Hearn told Sky Sports.That could lead to the possibility of a belt being vacated by the winner of Ruiz Jr versus Joshua.“Some belt could become vacant,” Hearn said. “Because the IBF and the WBO are both going to order their mandatories after Joshua-Ruiz Jr. Unless a deal can be done with someone, you’ve either got to do that, or vacate.“But the Joshua-Ruiz fight is so big, it’s almost bigger than the belts.”Usyk, the former undisputed cruiserweight champion, won his heavyweight debut against Chazz Witherspoon last month and immediately said “I am ready” to challenge the champion of his new division.He had previously made clear that his dream fight would be against Joshua at Wembley Stadium, saying: “If you want to be the best, you have to fight the best.”Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram The winner of Anthony Joshua’s rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr could be mandated to fight Kubrat Pulev next, instead of Oleksandr Usyk.Pulev (IBF) and Usyk (WBO) are the mandatory challengers for the titles that are stake between Joshua and Ruiz Jr on December 7, and are racing to be the next opponent for whoever emerges with the belts.“Kubrat Pulev’s next fight will be for the IBF world heavyweight title,” his promoters Top Rank told Sky Sports. “If the Joshua-Ruiz winner decides not to fight Pulev, his next fight will be for the vacant IBF title.”last_img read more

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