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Erin Andrews

first_imgWas Erin Andrews awarded too much money for her lawsuit?  According to court reports, Erin received $55 million as a settlement for the actions of David Barrett and the Marriott Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.As to the directive, Barrett is expected to pay $28 million and the Windsor Capital Group, owners of the hotel, were assessed a $27 million dollar fine.  The suit was the result of the peephole pictures that Barrett took while Andrews was undressing in her room.  He them electronically sent them world wide.Barrett was sentenced to 27 months in prison in 2009–a term he has completed.  They doubt Andrews will receive anything from Barrett but should get several million from the hotel group.  Experts feel the damages awarded were totally out of line for an incident in which no bodily injuries were sustained–only psychological pain.  I really have no opinion on the amount.last_img read more

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Miguel Oviedo dominates AR Printery golf open

first_imgUNDER excellent course conditions and golfing weather, Macorp’s Miguel Oviedo dominated the field to win his first tournament of his career.Oviedo produced an excellent net score of 62, a record performance for himself and at the same time outdistancing all competition in the exciting A&R Jiwanram Printery Tournament.The Macorp team has an internal rivalry between the players and Saturday’s win by Oviedo will definitely set off a whole new wave of competitionWinning in dominating fashion for the first time, Oviedo was ecstatic, especially since the second place in his category went to his good friend, Carlos Carbo of Saj Rice.Former captain, veteran Patrick Prashad, went back to his winning ways and took top honours in the 0-12 handicap flight.The Honorable Dr. George Norton, Minister of Youth, Sports & Culture, was on hand to present prizes to the winners in this second of over 55 events scheduled for 2020 at the LGC.Speaking to the large crowd at hand, Minister Norton stated, “I am very pleased with the conditions of the grounds and the development of the sport in general and have discussed with Aleem several options for increased cooperation.”He continued, “As a medical doctor, I am extremely interested in starting a pilot programme that will involve young women and children who are not particularly interested in team sports and who may be shy or introverted.“I have seen first-hand what Mr. Hussain has done for the Club and sport and I want to say that our full support can be counted on for further development of the game in Guyana,” Dr. Norton said.President of the LGC, Aleem Hussain , who retired injured from yesterday’s tournament, expressed his gratitude to the Minister personally and in his official capacity for the support he has given to the game, “Without Minister Norton’s continued support, much of what we have accomplished would not have been possible.”Hussain also thanked the many players and sponsors who have been supporting the club and development of the game over the past few years.“AR Printery has been there for us, as have many new sponsors in the past few years because they believe in what our vision is for the sport. Today, we saw many players honing their game in anticipation of the upcoming Copa Airlines Invitational on January 25.”Joining the Honorable Minister at the LGC for the first time and assisting with the presentation of prize was Mr. Dunstan Andrews, formerly of St. Cuthbert’s Mission but now residing in Canada.Mr. Andrews was extremely impressed by the club. “I didn’t even know that our country had such a wonderful facility and I will definitely recommend it to everyone and return myself as often as possible’’ he statedA former teacher in Guyana, Mr. Andrews said he saw exactly why Minister Norton was excited by the sport as it offered many new opportunities for young children especially those in the hinterland regions of the country.The tournament was played under the Medal-play format in 2 Flights 0-12 and 13-28 handicaps.In the 0-12 Flight, the winners were Patrick Prashad (76/8) – 1st and William Walker (79/11) – 2nd.But it was the 13-28 Flight that saw record performances; Oviedo (62/27) winning ahead of Carlos Carbo (68/28) – 2nd; and Bholawram Deo (69/19) – 3rd.A&R Jiwanram Printery of 31 Back St. Bel Air Village, Georgetown, Tel: 226-5588, is a modern professional hi-tech Printing & Graphic Design Company that does a wide range of print jobs including banners, jerseys or clothing, calendars, books, wrappers, business cards etc. in small or large quantities as requested, with a general maximum turnaround time of 24 hours.last_img read more

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