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El Gobernador Wolf firma dos proyectos de ley, veta el proyecto de ley de telemedicina defectuoso y publica una guía para la telesalud para todas las agencias

first_imgEl Gobernador Wolf firma dos proyectos de ley, veta el proyecto de ley de telemedicina defectuoso y publica una guía para la telesalud para todas las agencias Bill Signing,  Español,  Press Release El Gobernador Tom Wolf firmó hoy dos proyectos de ley: el proyecto de ley 1869 de la Cámara de Representantes permite que los miembros de la guardia nacional convocados a prestar servicio activo estén cubiertos por la Heart and Lung Act (Ley corazón y pulmones) si contraen COVID-19 mientras realizan sus deberes, y proyecto de ley 752 de la Cámara de Representantes establece que la Comisión de juego pague un valor justo de mercado por la tierra en el condado de Allegheny.El Gobernador Wolf también vetó el proyecto de ley 857 del Senado, un proyecto de ley de telemedicina que fue aprobado por el Senado por unanimidad el año pasado antes de ser enmendado para crear una versión inaceptable la semana pasada en la Cámara de Representantes.“Apoyé la versión anterior del proyecto de ley, pero tal como se modificó en la Cámara de Representantes, esta legislación restringe arbitrariamente el uso de la telemedicina para ciertas interacciones entre médicos y pacientes”, dijo el Gobernador Wolf. “Según la enmienda, este proyecto de ley interfiere con la atención médica de las mujeres y con la toma de decisiones cruciales entre los pacientes y sus médicos”.El memorándum completo del veto se puede encontrar en PDF aquí o en Scribd.Además del veto del proyecto de ley de telemedicina, el Gobernador publicó una guía sobre telesalud para todas las agencias y mencionó la importancia que tiene como una opción de prestación de atención médica durante la pandemia de COVID-19 y que corresponde a su autoridad en virtud de la Declaración de Desastre firmada a principios de marzo.Dado el potencial de transmisión generalizada de la COVID-19 en todo Pennsylvania y para limitar su propagación, muchos proveedores médicos y pacientes están ampliando el uso de la telesalud en lugar de los servicios de atención médica en persona.Hoy, el Gobernador anunció una guía para todas las agencias sobre las medidas tomadas con el fin de garantizar que los pacientes que necesitan servicios vitales de atención médica los reciban de manera oportuna y adecuada. Múltiples agencias estatales participan de la prestación de los servicios ampliados de la telesalud, incluso los departamentos de Estado, Salud, Programas para el Tratamiento del Consumo de Drogas y Alcohol, Servicios Humanos y el Departamento de Seguros.La guía, disponible en PDF aquí o en Scribd incluye:Función ampliada de los proveedoresAmpliación del reembolso por servicios de telesaludProcedimientos de intervención temprana para bebés y niños pequeños mediante telesaludTelesalud para la salud conductualTelesalud para el tratamiento del trastorno por consumo de sustancias tóxicasVer esta página en inglés. April 29, 2020center_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

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USS backs Macquarie purchase of UK Green Investment Bank

first_imgOne of these is L1 Renewables, which lends to the UK renewable energy sector. The spokesperson said that USS would expand the L1 Renewables platform as part of the GIB transaction. After this was completed, L1 Renewables and other USS subsidiaries would have combined commitments of more than £500m to UK renewable energy.In late 2014, L1 Renewables acquired a portfolio of around £320m worth of loans in the renewable energy sector.USS will also invest in a new low carbon lending platform alongside GCP Infrastructure, a UK-listed fund managed by Gravis Capital Partners.The GIB’s existing offshore wind farm fund had £1.12bn in assets under management as at January. Investors in the fund include UK local authority pension schemes such as Strathclyde Pension Fund, Swedish life insurance and pension company AMF, and a Middle Eastern sovereign wealth fund.The three new investment vehicles will mean GIB will manage or supervise more than £4bn of green infrastructure assets and projects, according to the statement.Special shares, designed to safeguard the bank’s environmental purpose, will be held by five independent trustees.Macquarie said the GIB will become its main platform for principal investments in green infrastructure projects in the UK and Europe.It said it was committed to the Green Investment Bank’s newly established target of £3bn of new investment in green energy projects over the next three years, either directly or by arranging capital from other investors.The UK government will invest alongside the GIB in a new green infrastructure investment platform, which the statement said would comprise a small number of the bank’s existing investments.Mike Powell, head of private markets at USS, said: “This transaction has enabled USS to acquire a portfolio of high quality renewable energy assets on behalf of our members. The assets include offshore wind projects and a portfolio of renewable loans, illustrating our capability to invest across the capital structure.”USS’s involvement in the GIB deal comes after it entered into a private debt partnership with Credit Suisse earlier this year. A Macquarie-led consortium that includes the UK’s biggest pension fund is to acquire the Green Investment Bank (GIB) from the UK government for £2.3bn (€2.7bn).The consortium comprises Macquarie Group Limited (Macquarie), Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 5 (MEIF5), and the £57bn Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). When the deal is completed, Macquarie will be the owner of the GIB, according to a statement from the asset manager and USS.USS will invest in two of three new GIB investment vehicles to be created in connection with the bank’s sale to Macquarie.A USS spokesperson said that the pension scheme had invested in a newly established investment management vehicle that will hold all of the GIB’s existing offshore wind investments. In addition, it has acquired a significant portion of the bank’s existing loan portfolio via a number of its wholly owned subsidiary entities.last_img read more

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Gender-switch decision: Father loses battle over daughter’s ‘brainwashing’ (Aust)

first_imgDaily Telegraph October 2017Family First Comment: Very disturbing. “The father argued ‘Ryan’ (his daughter who wants to be male) was too young to decide to make “such permanent life-changing decision” and had not been given psychological help. Ryan was managed by two doctors: Dr P, who diagnosed gender dysphoria, and Dr T, who assessed whether the teenager was capable of understanding the irreversible effects of hormone treatment. The father¬ noted the two doctors were members of associations which “encourage gender diversity¬ and acceptance”.Activist doctors!A teenager has won the right to switch from female to male over the objection of her father, who claimed she was brainwashed by doctors. The Family Court ruled the 15-year-old, known as Ryan, was “sufficiently competent” to make the decision despite the father’s protests his child was too young and had been “indoctrinated” by doctors “to push their cause”.A judgment states Ryan’s mother, who is separated from the father, applied to the court in August for the teen to be allowed¬ to undergo hormone treatment, which involves the administration of testosterone to encourage male characteristics such as facial hair, deepened voice and increased muscle.At a hearing the father gave evidence referring to Ryan as his daughter and saying she first “expressed thoughts about being transgender” in late October¬ 2016 via text message. “Before this I had known nothing about this matter. Initially¬ I played along, thinking that this may have been some childish fantasy/phase she was going through, but the more I talked to her on the phone the more I realised it actually¬ was not, eventually telling her we need to talk in person,” he said. The judgment reads that when the father did speak to Ryan, the teenager refused to answer his questions about “why she wanted to change her name and who had influenced her to make this decision”. The argument led to the pair becoming estranged.The father argued Ryan was too young to decide to make “such permanent life-changing decision” and had not been given psychological help. Ryan was managed by two doctors: Dr P, who diagnosed gender dysphoria, and Dr T, who assessed whether the teenager was capable of understanding the irreversible effects of hormone treatment. The father¬ noted the two doctors were members of associations which “encourage gender diversity¬ and acceptance”.“Hence I believe rather than treating my daughter’s psychological problems, I believe she has … been brainwashed by these individuals that going transgender will solve all her problems,” the father¬ argued.Justice Stewart Austin wrote in his judgment that he understood the “father’s alarm at such a fundamental change as reversal of his child’s gender”. However, the court had to decide if the child could decide for himself. read more

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America’s Opioid crisis

first_imgRadio NZ News 30 January 2019Family First Comment: And they think they can ‘regulate’ the marijuana industry!Not when Big Marijuana sees the dollars.#PeopleBeforeProfitwww.VoteNO.nzWhen two pharmacies in a tiny town of less than 3 thousand people fill prescriptions for more than 21 million opiod pills, you’d think red flags would go up somewhere. But for nearly two long decades, and after  the deaths of tens of thousands of people, dodgy doctors continued to write scripts while regulators, lawmakers and medical professionals were either frozen with inertia or worse, looked the other way.Chris McGreal is a senior journalist at The Guardian. He identifies the problems with corporate interest, and the  American medical, political and financial systems that allowed the worst drug epidemic in American history to happen. His book is called American Overdose: the Opioid Tragedy in Three Acts. up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

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Summit returns to national decal program for IMCA Modifieds, gives awards in eight divisions

first_imgTALLMADGE, Ohio (March 22) – Summit Racing Equipment returns to the national decal program for IMCA Xtreme Motor Sports Modifieds this season, its fifth as a marketing partner with the sanctioning body.Drivers in the division are required to display two Summit decals on their race car and send a picture of their car proving decal placement to the IMCA home office by Aug. 1 to be eligible for regional point fund shares.The Tallmadge, Ohio, high performance parts retailer gives $100 gift cards to drivers in eight sanctioned divisions. Those recipients include finishers in top 10 standings for each of the five Modified regions, both IMCA Sunoco Stock Car regions and the two IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock regions.Gift cards of the same value go to top 10 drivers in national standings for IMCA Late Models, IMCA Eagle Motorsports RaceSaver Sprint Cars, Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods, Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center Southern SportMods and Mach-1 Sport Compacts. Gift cards will be presented during the national awards banquet in November or mailed from the IMCA home office beginning the following week. “This program is as comprehensive as it comes from IMCA marketing partners, with thousands of dollars in gift cards scattered all across the country,” IMCA Marketing Director Kevin Yoder said. “If your pre-season goal is to make a run at the top ten nationally, no matter what division you race Summit will recognize that accomplishment with a $100 congratulations.” The 2014 season is Summit’s fourth as part of the IMCA Modified national decal program.Information about Summit products is available at the website or by calling 800 230-3030.last_img read more

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Anna Rozwandowicz, Kalie Moore and Nicola Piggott launch The Story Mob

first_imgAnna Rozwandowicz, Kalie Moore and Nicola Piggott have today announced the launch of The Story Mob, a dedicated esports communications consultancy.The three co-founders have a plethora of top level esports experience. Anna Rozwandowicz comes from a role as the VP of Communications at ESL where she led a worldwide team – as well as being an adviser for the Cybersmile Foundation and part of the setup of the Esports Integrity Coalition (“ESIC”). Nicola Piggott has spent over five years at Riot Games where she led global communication for Riot’s esports team. She was also named one of PR Week’s top Women in PR in 2015. Finally, Kalie Moore was Head of Communications for BITKRAFT Esports Ventures where she oversaw communications strategy, media relations and crisis communications amongst much much more. The new consultancy already boasts impressive clients such as Team Liquid, Fnatic, Red Bull, DOJO Madness, Split Media Labs and BITKRAFT Esports Ventures. The lead investor in Story Mob is BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, and notably The Story Mob becomes the first investment from BITKRAFT in a female founding team. Last year, only 2.2% of VC funding went to female founding teams and the diversity issue is something that the aforementioned trio keep very close to their hearts. The group has already teased plans for pro-bono work in areas that encourage diversity in the competitive gaming landscape. Esports Insider had a chance to have catch-up with The Story Mob ahead of their official launch today. ESI: What’s the origin story of The Story Mob?Anna: As heads of communications at ESL and Riot Games, Nicola Piggott and I had worked together on various projects including IEM over several years. Communications pros within esports were rare and we often compared notes on some of the challenges and learnings we had experienced. We both believed that successful communications could speed up and contribute to the growth of the esports industry – and when we considered partnering we found we had several of the same goals and values when it came to the types of projects and partners we felt we could add value to.Our partnership with Kalie Moore, who we were familiar with through her work on BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, the world’s first VC fund solely dedicated to esports, felt similarly smooth. Kalie’s expertise in investor relations and inside knowledge of esports investment strategies provided a missing piece that rounded out our offer and expertise.ESI: What kind of clients are you planning to work with?Nicola: We’re working with several leading esports competitive teams, including Team Liquid and Fnatic. We’ve worked alongside – and cheered for – these teams and pros for years as part of our work at ESL and Riot Games and helping teams create strong and compelling stories remains our core passion.We’ll also be working alongside strong consumer brands, such as Red Bull, that believe in the potential of the esports market and are using their brand power to improve the sport for fans worldwide.Our experience as communications leaders for both a developer/publisher and tournament organizer also means that we’re ready to share our experience over years of live esports leagues and competitions.Kalie: In addition to our work with teams and brands, because of our strong VC background, we’re uniquely set up to work with private equity and venture capital funds involved in esports and esports startups who want attention in mainstream media. We also offer an investor relations component, where we support startups with communicating their strategies and wins to their investors. We’re proud to be working alongside one of our investors, BITKRAFT Esports Ventures, as they continue to invest in the future of esports companies.ESI: What do you think teams and tournament organizers can be doing better to address communication issues?Anna: Esports teams have taken huge steps forward in the past few years to improve communications, provide value and content for their fans and increase brand loyalty. With that said, we believe that there’s still a ton of room to improve to bring esports in line with other more established sports industries.Teams need to be able to fully articulate their brand story and what makes them unique to fans, potential athletes and investors. We work with clients to help them isolate their vision and values, then make sure their communications strategies live up to them. From working smartly with the media to reacting quickly and with transparency in a crisis, everything comes back to those values.  Nicola: For tournament organizers, the major challenge is to share enough of the inner workings so that fans can understand the bigger picture and trust that every tournament is run with their interests in mind. Communication challenges happen when our words don’t match our actions, so part of our job as communication pros is to be the voice of the fan and to raise our hand where we see a dissonance between the values we claim and the ones we put into action.last_img read more

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Samson Deen faces World Cup Commission on August 27

first_imgThe Chief Executive Officer of African Origin Group of Companies, Samson Deen will appear before the Commission of Inquiry into the Black Stars’ participation at the World Cup on Wednesday, August 27.Last year’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year has been invited by the commission chaired by Justice Senyo Dzamefe, to give evidence on his role before, during and after in the transportation of supporters and sports ambassadors to Brazil for Ghana’s third World Cup participation.The experienced Sports Tourism agent will be appearing from Wednesday to Friday alongside other two agents; Kenpong and Travel Matters, Joy Sports can confirm.This week’s sitting saw former minister of Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah answer questions over how supporters and ambassadors were transported to Brazil by these accredited agents and the formation of a consortium by these agents as well as they pre-financing these activities when the government should have paid.last_img read more

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Arsenal’s winning streak surprises even Arsene Wenger

first_imgArsenal’s eight-match winning streak in the Premier League has taken even manager Arsene Wenger by surprise, according to the Frenchman whose side retain an outside chance of winning the title.”I always hope to get the best out of my team, but no manager in the world if he is serious can predict a run like this,” Wenger told Arsenal’s website.”In the Premier League it’s very difficult to predict.” Wenger has once again come under fire this season, with fans frustrated by Arsenal’s failure to mount a serious title challenge and another last-16 exit in the Champions League.However, with an FA Cup semi-final this weekend and still the chance to chase down Chelsea in the table, Wenger’s position at Arsenal is again looking secure. Arsenal have won 16 of 18 games in all competitions and Wenger believes the change in fortune is down to him finally having a relatively injury-free squad.”It’s down to the quality and the attitude of the team, the quality of the spirit we have in the side,” he said.”We prepare (well), we prepare and contribute to our success, that is for sure. What people forgot is that we had big players out for four months this season. “Six or seven players from the squad completely out. So that made a big difference.”We have a better balance in the team and some players have made it like (Francis) Coquelin, who contributes to the balance of the team. Hector Bellerin as well has come into the team.”And big players like (Laurent) Koscielny, like (Mesut) Ozil, like (Olivier) Giroud have been out four months in the season — four months the three together!”I have a quality bench and we even have quality players at home like Chamberlain, Arteta, Wilshere. I didn’t even try to play Debuchy. We have a big squad and I think we have quality.”Let’s see how we finish the season and after see how we do next season.” Arsenal face Championship side Reading in the FA Cup semi-final this weekend and host Chelsea the following week. –last_img read more

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Swimmer Tibatemwa finishes 64th of 85

first_img4 Completed 25.81s Farhan Farhan 6 Tanzania 2 Rest of team Uganda’s ScheduleFriday August 12Athletics 5pmJuliet Chekwel – Women’s 10000m final Saturday August 13Boxing 11.45pmMen’s flyweight  Round of 32Ronald Serugo vs  Narek Abgaryan (Armenia)Saturday August 13Athletics 4pmWomen’s 3000m Steeplechase Heat 1Peruth Chemutai10000m men final (3.00am Sunday Uganda time)Timothy Toroitich, Moses Kurong and Joshua Kiprui Cheptegei Joshua Ekirikubinza Tibatemwa has just finished 6th in heat 4 of the 50m freestyle swimming event at the ongoing Rio Olympics. His time of 25.98 seconds was outside his national record of  25.54 seconds and placed him 64th out of 85 in the heats.Only the best 16 at the end of the 11 heats advanced to the semis. Hilal Hemed Hilal Joshua Ekirikubinza Tibatemwa 26.36s 25.77s 24.85s 8 Bahrain Nigeria AthleteTime Sunday August 14Women’s marathon final 3.30pmNyakisi AderoMonday August 15 Men’s 3000m steeplechase round 1 – 4.25pmBenjamin Kiplagat and Jacob Araptany***Women 3000m Steeplechase final 5.15pmTuesday August 16 Women’s 5000m round 1 – 3.30pmJuliet Chekwel and Stella ChesangMen’s 1500m round 1 – 4-30pmRonald MusagalaWed August 17 Men’s 5000m round 1 – 4.05pmJacob Kiplimo, Phillip Kipyego and Joshua Kiprui CheptegeiWomen’s 800m round 1 – 4.55pmHalimah Nakaayi and Winnie NanyondoMen’s Steeplechase finalThursday August 18 Men’s 1500m semifinalWomen 800m semifinalFriday August 19 Women’s 5000m finalSaturday August 20 Men’s 1500m finalWomen’s 800m finalMen’s 5000m final 3.30pmJacob Kiplimo, Phillip Kipyego and Joshua Kiprui CheptegeiSunday August 21 Men’s Marathon final 3.30pmSolomon Mutai, Jackson Kiprop and Stephen KiprotichShare on: WhatsApp Giordan Harris 3center_img 25.98s 1 Burundi Olim Kurbanov 23.70s 24.61s 7 Samson Opuakpo Eloi Imaniraguha Marshall Islands 26.43s 5 Tibatemwa holds the national record for the race. At the International Swimming Federation World Championships in Kazan, Russia last year, Tibatemwa set two national records for Uganda and achieved his personal best in the 50 freestyle (25.54 seconds) and 50 breaststroke (33.00 seconds). He was Uganda’s third of Uganda’s 21 athletes to compete. Uganda sent a team of 2 swimmers, 2 boxers and 17 athletes.Uganda’s day one at the Rio Games ended miserably, with light-heavy weight boxer Kennedy Katende stopped by Briton Joshua Buatsi while swimmer Jamila Lunkuse was 40th of 44, in the heats of the 100m breast-stroke. Billy-Scott Irakoze Tibatemwa a first-year student at Grinnell College in the US trains earlier in the year. (PHOTOS by Justin Hayworth/Grinnell College) Tajikistan Rwanda Ugandalast_img read more

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The Spanish top-100 prepare a tour: the ‘Artichoke Tour’

first_img“The ATP doesn’t plan to do something till July 13, and we have now thought of it to play some critical recreation and that folks, if they’ll come, get pleasure from it too,” says Alex., which clarifies that it isn’t a personal or personal initiative: “We might set it up with the Federation, which is able to arrange it in the finish, however we are going to determine the format, which we need to be the most enjoyable for us and for many who see it.”Not all the particulars are but outlined, neither locations nor dates, though it’s sure that the RFET tour will go by means of Madrid, Valencia and Lleida if it may be held in the finish. “There can be a superb degree and it is going to be cool to play in groups, in doubles … to kill time, as a result of I believe we will be unable to return to the worldwide circuit till subsequent 12 months”, concludes Davidovich, who clarifies that “all the Spanish top-100 tennis gamers” are concerned in the concept. Spanish gamers are as much as one thing curious when extreme confinement ends all through the nation. Revealed it this Thursday Alejandro Davidovich Fokina, whereas collaborating in the chapter 16 of CONFINED, the direct ones that AS does on Instagram with characters from the world of sports activities. “We’ve got a group of Spanish tennis gamers and we’re organizing a tour to be referred to as Artichoke Tour (The Artichoke Tour). They are going to be a couple of tournaments to maintain up and play in Spain, as a result of at the second we aren’t going to have the ability to go away, “says the 20-year-old from Malaga and 97th in the world rating.last_img read more

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