n fact you need to learn to absorb the essence

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today also saw a lot of new Adsense online articles, there are many professional SEOers blogs and web sites in the brain, look into a lot of knowledge and skills, altogether gathered together, haven’t got a clue.

has the network promotion, has the website optimization, has the website operation, and many articles about the website. It’s fun to see the skills that you didn’t know before, and to be excited when you see the tools you didn’t use before, for

then skilled copy and paste, click on the download… Every day. These actions, I am not in the update site, but to collect these articles to your computer, learn slowly to day, slowly understand, and these ideas always let me lazy before, suddenly see that how to say? An article about the webmaster execution time, I asked myself, I just learned to use their own, to operate the drill? No, I answer myself. In fact, look at the grassroots, to truly practice a lot, and successfully applied to their own projects at the grassroots is not much, which is why so many webmaster can’t make money, no firm executive force is the main reason, and I also linger in this part of the grassroots webmaster do not make money read more

Ding Xiangyuan Li Tiantian want to use the nternet thinking to do the hospital

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Loft warehouse type large office space, container modification conference room, kindergarten like lounge area, bar, house full of colorful graffiti…… Strange, free, easy, and jealous. This is the headquarters of the internet medical company Lilac Garden, which costs $70 million to invest in Tencent.

interconnected genes are everywhere and beyond imagination.

in July 2000, a year after graduating from college, Li Tiantian founded the lilac garden. 14 years later, in September, Li Tiantian was still a student dressed up in a navy blue T-shirt and shorts, shuttling back and forth in the office. But the pattern and text on the shirt’s chest highlight the features of the service offered by his entrepreneurial team – "Life dignity lives with dignity", surrounded by a white stethoscope at the bottom of a line of Chinese and english. read more

How to do the inside of the chain and the chain complement each other

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in most Adsense seems links is a lead role, actually there are more links, such as webmaster do site map site, the spider crawling route and so on must rely on the website link, we can see from the importance of web links. But recently many websites ranking from the stagnant state we can see the chain and the chain in many sites is not coordinated, links which are not equal, the complementary work as a webmaster how to do with the chain chain site of


web site, the content of the chain pointing to the content of the page, read more

How to do a good job of logistics enterprise website construction several major points need attenti

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logistics website construction is the inevitable result of today’s social development. The development of e-commerce accelerates the integration of the world economy and makes logistics play a decisive role in the whole international business activities. Moreover, the development of e-commerce has promoted the further development of the logistics industry. At the same time, it has brought a new revolution to the logistics industry.

The construction of

logistics website has become the focus of attention, how to construct their own logistics website? How can the logistics website attract more users to join? Rui (www.web0551.com.cn) will be briefly introduced under the logistics website construction points. read more

How to do ten suggestions for the website

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is a small suggestion, is actually a small sum I do for two years, I do not know what is from the past, although now there is no what a big success, but no achievement is not failure, at least in the grassroots webmaster of this piece, I accumulated a lot of experience today. And we come together to talk about, if you are a novice webmaster, need to pay attention to what.

if you have to site this piece of what all don’t understand, but want to get a sense of achievement or make money through the website operation, this article beginning today I want to say to you: the site has entered the read more

Local community website operation and promotion experience sharing

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see some people write some local community website operation article is very good, I also join in a lively, also write a little of their own experience.

1, domain name is very important,

The biggest difference between

local websites and national websites is the sense of belonging. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to choose a domain name with local characteristics. For example, Baotou information network, previously used domain name podoor.com is very difficult to remember, and later use baoketu.com domain name, access to a great increase. read more

How to make your website stand out

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is now the site of innumerable, how to make your website from numerous sites in talent shows itself is a very important problem. Let’s talk about the problem today.

before you make a stop, you have to determine your website’s marketing goals. Whatever you do, you have goals, you have the motivation to do so. And how to establish marketing goals are divided into the following points.

1, do a market research,

is now under development to understand the status of Internet and the development of the same site operating conditions, the patch has been short, and then find out their advantages, as the main objective of this investigation is to clarify their website to order what kind of theme, the theme will be able to find a good starting point. A good starting point can give you a multiplier effect. read more

Market segmentation precision marketing

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model is the fashion industry, simple is beautiful, I always feel, no matter the dress or website, simple, focused, professional, this is why the child model with adults two separate sites cause model. What is the only child model network offering parents: a platform for presenting children, a field of enlightenment, a model of knowledge, and a chance to bring potential to children. What can be provided to customers: professional information, photos, selected children’s models, professional services and guidance suggestions, detailed implementation and coordination. Give your users what they need, and there’s a value for them. read more

Baoding 123 true portrayal simple practical is the truth

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as a webmaster, everyone wants to put their station bigger and stronger, this is undeniable. Of course, also every webmaster wishes and dreams. Each of our webmaster, whether it is full-time or amateur, do the ultimate purpose of the station is almost the same, that is to make money.

on the Internet, there are many ways to make money, but use it as a stand to make money, it should be the most simple, direct and effective.

website, in my personal experience (maybe not, only personal opinion only), if you really want to do, like NetEase, Sohu, the ability of our own, is not. Perhaps there are individual master can do, but I believe that more than 90% of the webmaster can not do. Since we can’t, then we can only do something practical, right? read more

Du Dance how to play the best effect of soft text

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Hello, I’m Du dance, and meet you again today, the title is "how to play to the best effect of soft" had been intended to "the leaf Teng said what the release of the soft Wen best" as the theme, but the more I think is not appropriate, the title changed, after studying in www.admin5.com I will write soft text, this experience, share it, write this whole point, I hope you can read carefully.

one, what is soft text,


soft, refers to the concept of appeal, specific to the facts and truth of the way to make consumers into enterprise set thinking circle of consumer groups, with strong targeted psychological attack and feel the same emotional experience rapid realization of product sales mode. Soft Wen is a concept relative to the mandatory advertising, compared with hard advertising, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety lies in a "soft" word, it is a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance and not dew, and overcomes invisibly, when consumers find it is a soft Wen, already fell into the unsuspecting carefully designed "advertorial" trap. Can be divided into two categories, one is narrow, and the other is generalized. read more

nteractive website design and analysis still where the icing on the cake with luxuriant foliage

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browser, as a artifact, to help us open the colorful world of the Internet window. And today she has been born with one after another version of the heart, perhaps someone who is interested in her fancy, someone obsessed with her speed…… We, as refactoring engineers, must pay more attention to the technological innovations behind him, and that’s CSS3’s support. Last time, Garfield showed us an exaggerated CSS3 animation. And this time, let’s start with the details and see what happens when CSS3 meets weibo. read more

Analysis of personal stationmaster in the local gateway station in the gold rush experience

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didn’t want to write this article, because recently see personal webmaster contact us, basically went straight to the theme of "how do you make money? In addition to write down before I will declare that I am not webmaster, just a member of the team, I witnessed our" Fuqing "website development, I I want to have the right to speak.

first talk about the original webmaster at that time, the original intention of the site

should I see in Fuqing in 2007, and the original owners Chen know soon, he taught in a Fuqing local middle school, we talked about the Fuqing network and mobile phone terminal users in the chat, perhaps is the fate, we just saw in the newspaper "Fuqing County ranked twenty-sixth" Fuqing site in the hundred counties in the basic is reciprocal, in this topic we hit it off and immediately begin to build a web site with Fuqing characteristics. Site users should know, kernel, template, frame, content and server are indispensable, I am responsible for collecting relevant information in Fuqing, don’t know where to clean off he ran the Fuqing library to find historical data, at night the Internet to collect pictures about Fuqing, and the website construction of the framework of all responsible by Chen the teacher. read more

9 things you need to know about your client before you start designing your website

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as a designer, each of your clients and projects is unique. There are some things you need to know or know about all your customers to make the best design for them. Building an effective website for solving specific business needs requires designers to understand the details of many businesses.

in this article, we’ll see 9 things that designers and clients need to discuss before the design starts, so as to increase the likelihood of success. These are about getting to know the business and the needs of the customer, rather than contracts such as payments and deadlines. read more

How does SEO select a virtual host 1

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the vast majority of webmaster is unable to afford the independent host of money, time, maintenance on the consumption, so there will be a virtual host business. With the development of the virtual host in the past few years, how to choose a suitable for their own virtual host, has become a problem plagued many webmaster.

this article from the author started in 2000, after the ordeal of the virtual host purchase experience gained, to provide you with the most brief description of the virtual host selection considerations. read more

Does the website have profit mode to be able to make money

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remembers reading Zac’s articles a long time ago. A piece of writing about writing is pretty good. I can do it for the purpose that our website owner wants to achieve. These days I think is, if the webmaster to do a website, he just didn’t want to start a good profit model, it is not possible, now do not want to make money on interest of the station is really very little, so the profit model is they will think of, but now I want to ask: the net station profit model will be able to make money out of read more

Discuss how to make a website and how to proceed

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how to make a website under discussion? How should we proceed?

day after day work every day in the repeat. No time to take care of their own web sites, outside under the light rain, just to work, the mouse is broken, the boss shouted out to buy a mouse to work, hey, buy back at noon, I haven’t published the article. Write a this estimate would work ^_^


a lot of friends will ask me how to make a website? This problem is estimated that many friends are puzzled over this question?

actually just grab a few points: read more

Five categories of nternet entrepreneurs

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access to the Internet so long, also encountered a variety of Internet entrepreneurs, doing IT teahouse at the same time I have been thinking about the IT teahouse to make a what kind of platform, to give users what services. The current DZ forum +UCH model is also very thin. So the question that comes up is what kind of customers IT tea houses serve. In the process of communicating with some members, it is found that different groups of people have different demands and different concerns. Do platform must be very familiar with their own oriented user groups, so here, according to my personal experience, the Internet entrepreneur to do a classification: read more

Always do not make money the seller must make Taobao’s anti Why are not optimistic about the fut

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Taobao – once a year to this year, Taobao – what are the new


[East] Taobao shuangshier interpretation electricity supplier once a year is approaching, as the senior industry if did not see what voice heard. Because the manuscripts, so just checked my Ali PR draft to learn about Taobao this year – what are the new


this day, a quick taxi starts at a free price.

this day, including 2 of thousands of convenience stores, catering where Alipay paid half fold promotion (with cap), ten percent off read more

n the online sellers how to start and operate the products platforms traffic are from zero

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introduction: whether online or offline, selling products without three points, products, platforms, traffic, these three points are indispensable.



are said to be selling products, so we must have a product is not actually the product before? I also wrote an article about how to choose the products, which covers my choice of product experience, specific to my blog to see here, not too much of the vegetation.


with products, then we naturally have a sales platform to sell our products, such as: physical stores, stalls, Taobao stores, Jingdong stores, WeChat, QQ/QQ space, self built web site and so on. read more

How to use soft text better promotion of your web site

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writing soft for some time, been through during editing, deleting, was scolding, no one reproduced end, No one shows any interest in, before I start to write soft just think to cheat a Ip, I believe that many owners now think so, in fact this is just a few or even negligible interest, when soft Wen being reproduced, can obtain many chains to improve the rankings, get more clicks, I don Master leisure network www.2wazi.cn building a month now Baidu search results were good, this is mostly soft effect. That how to write, easy to reprint soft Wen, read more