CNNC allows individuals to register CN domains Will you registerCNNC allows individuals to register CN domains Will you register

18, CNNIC relevant person in charge said in an interview, CNNIC in accordance with the requirements of the competent authorities, are studying the drafting of individual registration of domain names to allow registration management program. CNNIC said that, at present, individuals can already hold domain names, and the formal registration of individuals has a domain name policy, the timetable for the introduction has not yet been determined. This means that once the program is implemented, individuals can register CN domain name. read more

How to become an excellent website construction sales middleHow to become an excellent website construction sales middle

, the previous article roughly wrote about what conditions needed to be sold as a website, and also outlined some of the key points for talking with customers. Today, what is the difference between all websites and construction companies? How do you negotiate business at different levels of website construction?.

into the company’s new business need to understand one thing in your company is at what level, such as Shanghai for example, the site construction company for small and medium-sized companies, small companies signing amount at 3000-8000 yuan, such as the level of the company as a salesman which you have to do the number to sign the bill rather than quality, and fast, to achieve fast mining new customers signing fast. The first to talk about small companies signing, the first program to prepare a set of "universal" version of the program for universal version, is a change of name, change column, change under the price you can send that small solutions to clients, the content is mostly function introduction and offer some of the website. It is very important now, small companies do most of the options written for WORD, appearance is very poor, too much text, customers which have so much time to see you write a long and minute statement ah, so I suggest to use PPT to make a plan, the content is secondary to the beauty of the program must be better, in general the good points of the website construction companies have a mature website construction scheme, to create their own if your company is not able to provide these conditions, use PPT familiar with some of the animation. Such PPT program, such as whether to go to the customer company to explain, or let customers read their own, will give you a lot of points, the signing rate increased. read more

How does a part time webmaster maintain the website security betterHow does a part time webmaster maintain the website security better

has been a webmaster for a few years, and a lot of webmaster chat, found many webmaster and I like, are double identity. When the webmaster is just his hobby, but also for their own more money, usually spend. My main business is a tour guide, when the spring time, with visitors from all over the country to appreciate because of his position, beautiful rivers and mountains of a country, they have a lot of tourist information, and know that many of the attractions limited concessions, they built their own tourism website. Peacetime travel off-season, carefully build my web site, watching their efforts, a little bit of reward themselves, but also a lot of people to exchange discussions, let me feel life is really substantial. read more

Many years of experience for enterprise webmasterMany years of experience for enterprise webmaster

1999, students I was with my father went to Zhejiang to work in agriculture.

in that agricultural company, I learned how to surf the internet. I found that the Internet not only let me see a lot of things, learned a lot of things, but also modern office, business, daily communication and other important channels, rich Internet world deeply attracted me.

for a better job, I am learning the "web design", "computer" and other books, and access to the Ministry of labour and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "intermediate qualification certificate examination by computer operator". read more

Owners can make Adsense network is the most potential for developmentOwners can make Adsense network is the most potential for development

look at the three major domestic station, Chinaz, Admin5, im286, although only from the domain name Chinaz was fairly good, im286 from the flow is definitely the boss, but I think from the value of Admin5 is the biggest, because it can let the webmaster to make money, and figure the king’s heart has always been in the top, has been trying to to business, invest in a station or see a station, the key is to look at the development of the operator’s mind, it is important that compare the value of angel investment on this point. read more

The dangers of electronic commerce websites launching other affiliate adsThe dangers of electronic commerce websites launching other affiliate ads

such as Google, AdSense, Baidu alliance, Ali mom these domestic advertising alliance, everyone is commonplace. And now many websites rely on this kind of advertising alliance to keep the website profitable, and more importantly, some websites are built for these alliances. At home, there is a strange phenomenon, a lot of e-commerce sites, the gold position of some pages (such as page top, Banner, left navigation, the beginning of the article) gave up these advertising union!


, this is a dangerous signal! read more

Site user identification grasp the user needs enhance user experienceSite user identification grasp the user needs enhance user experience

analysis is an important part of the site analysis, in the analysis of the user before we must first be able to identify each user, identify what is "New Customer", which is "Repeat Customer". This will not only be able to more clearly understand exactly how many users visit your site, identify who they are (user ID, email, sex and age etc.); at the same time also can help you better keep track of your users, found the behavior characteristics, their hobbies and personalized settings, in order to better grasp the user needs, enhance the user experience. read more

The impact of the United States group the movie ticket sales website App you are dangerousThe impact of the United States group the movie ticket sales website App you are dangerous

Ding Ding / Wen

review: when a commercial mode of interest foundation, into another charge into the enemy ranks in the business model of the market tool, which means not only the profit model are labeled "the road" label, and even killed the former, but the latter is also not wrong to kill a grave.

hey hey ~ who is this saying,


yes, the ones that sell movie tickets, ~~

I do not know everybody in what way to buy movie tickets to go to the movies, but often in the ticketing hall to see a row of varying height, different colors of the ticket machine: Guevara, net ticket network, time network…… Not one by one. Then ask shunzui home another children’s, was told: "this year, unless it is otherwise because of who who buy full price tickets to see a movie! ~ ~ read more

Xu Deng nine ways to judge the advertising value and traffic of a websiteXu Deng nine ways to judge the advertising value and traffic of a website

Internet advertising also have a few years, there are many advertising companies to sell advertising every day, some of these resources is good, but most of them are cheat money, but also eat a lot of losses, Xu Deng here I would like to share their experience in Internet advertising. Here is the so-called debunk advertising company station.

1, the site Alexa and Chinarank rankings.

although Alexa can be false, if the Alexa traffic is not high, you can be eliminated.

2, has not been Google sitelink?. read more

Novice Adsense 1 months since the promotion experienceNovice Adsense 1 months since the promotion experience

new site is faced with many difficulties, because the new search engine ranking is not very ideal, ready to do Wangzhuan owners don’t count on, so I felt I had to do more to promote your website, this should be a short time fast increase your website traffic way, have the flow on the talk rely on advertising to make money.

my site is the promotion of the game, I gave it a very interesting name: random crawl, URL is six full crawl:, the name is simple and fun very attractive. read more

New way of small portal big stage small portal personal stationmasterNew way of small portal big stage small portal personal stationmaster

mentioned the portal website people will think of big Internet giant, they have talent with high quality management level, with strong capital, have generally do not have the resources advantage. Door owners for their own dominance in the industry, and constantly integrate resources and enclosure. For our individual stationmaster speaking, there seems to be no opportunity, to resources, no resources, money, no money.

market is a big cake, no one can eat all, the market needs to be subdivided and subdivided, for individual owners, as long as a good market segments, we can live a colorful. As Ma said, "elephants are not dead ants."". As long as we ants will use their own resources, combined with their own advantages, in a niche market, they can form their own advantages and resource barriers. read more

Web Analytics advanced data analysis in Excel 1Web Analytics advanced data analysis in Excel 1

analysis of professional tools in addition to Google Analytics, Adobe Sitecatalyst, Webtrends, Tencent and Baidu statistical analysis and so on, I think the most commonly used data processing tools is Excel, making Excel the most basic operation and is inside the chart, a little bit high is the function and the PivotTable use, you may of course think of VBA and Acer, but few master will use these advanced features.


for advanced data analysis, when the method and principle which is involved in professional statistical analysis, is not necessarily have to resort to SPSS SAS this kind of specialized analysis tools? Data analysis from junior to senior level in the jump process can not play the role to undertake is actually some tools? This is Excel, the function of data analysis. Two of the more recent Excel books, "who said rookie data analysis" and "let Excel fly" did not touch on this part of the content. Advanced data analysis involves regression analysis, variance analysis and T test method, don’t look at these seemingly no relationship with daily work, in fact, go up, MBA courses also include these contents, so early school night had to learn, just ahead of me, please see the following. read more

Remind brothers do stand must find a good space providersRemind brothers do stand must find a good space providers

lessons remind brothers must find a good space business station, chat and friends also very happy this morning, because the core of the web site keywords Baidu from eighth into third, the heart must hold and move forward, to work for about 2 hours, which is more than 10 when suddenly that website can not enter, so QQ asked about the space business, customer service is very enthusiastic, busy call room, look at how to deal with, but then room call because they did not renew the company.


customer service call brother asked him mister, is said to have more than 10 mobile phone shutdown, still sleeping, call them and ask the company director (their boss classmates), the Y said no matter, mom, really irresponsible, but today, Baidu big update day, the server shut means when possible in Baidu big update grab, caught only the server closes the information web site does not exist, it means that the site is likely to be plucked or by K. read more

optimization from the station along the way Wangzhuan footprintoptimization from the station along the way Wangzhuan footprint

used in school every day with my classmates to go to Internet cafes, they are playing the game called journey to the west, I don’t love to play online games, will only play red alert. Think about how you have learned electronic commerce for several years. You can’t waste your time and money. You also delay your studies. By chance, I joined a group of pats in Hebei. I usually buy things in Taobao, want to open a shop, pat Network after the formal operation I immediately added, the good things I bought from Taobao to my pat shop, just turn over, and later because of contact with the community, gradually more, it with a few friends in the group together for the Hebei version, and when more than one year of the moderator. I know a lot of good friends on that one. We’re all connected now. read more

About webmaster platform and webmaster common several misunderstandings personal summaryAbout webmaster platform and webmaster common several misunderstandings personal summary

for many of our webmaster, Chinaz, A5 such well-known webmaster website, community platform is indispensable to stroll. Understand the dynamic change of station search engine Changye, attention, look to share articles; however around much, also found some problems in diagnosis of 37 sites, here only to do the exchange, no other meaning, nor for Adsense website and some of the people.

Adsense network focuses on the transfer, focusing on industry operations, science and technology information

this is actually understandable, after all, the website platform as an enterprise operation, the transformation is inevitable. And simply for the webmaster this group, after all, grassroots, the audience is not large, but the extension is not strong, Mou evergreen also wrote a similar point of view. Today, Chinaz and A5 focus on technology consulting, Internet industry trends in such high-end direction, the purpose has not changed, but the method has changed, this transformation is actually a strategic consideration, there is nothing to blame. For our grassroots webmaster, to meet their own needs more and more difficult, and we enter the Webmaster Station, more passive attention is industry information, Internet operations and other high-end visual angle analysis. But again, in fact, most of us do not have their own webmaster, webmaster, no good positioning of their roles, we complain stationmaster net external platform, in fact is our own problem, quick success, interests, the pursuit of short-term effects. You know, the webmaster platform provides us with a stage, many of us have not made good use of this stage, many times we are only short-term effects, such as hair chain and garbage. This leads to the result that garbage articles meaningless, original more and more, dry goods less and less. About writing original, sharing dry goods can refer to the next one: dry goods are less and less, more and more cliches. read more

Don’t lie to me to the rookie stationmasterDon’t lie to me to the rookie stationmaster

, don’t lie to me,

— — — — —

dedicated to rookie webmaster


was a child, my adult once told me, "


finger, the moon will be cut ears,

one day, man suddenly pushed the moon

just knew they were kidding me,

grew up and the teacher once told me, "


is good at school,

one day diploma doesn’t seem to help,

just knew they were kidding me,

, don’t lie to me. Don’t lie to me,

there are so many people in this world, read more

How to price the advertising spot on the homepage of small town websiteHow to price the advertising spot on the homepage of small town website

make money, make money, or make money?. I think this is one of the webmaster friends are most concerned about the topic! Most of the webmaster friends often do this kind of headache, depending on the interest and sit webmaster friends is not much, especially here, everyone is full of entrepreneurial passion of people.

below, I do a small county portal operating experience, I would like to talk about how I operate a small county website, pricing their own advertising.

note that must be a reasonable set of website home page advertising, the quantity and the size of the area and so on are the key problems to consider, too much advertising is not conducive to the user experience, and advertising is set too low on the website of the profit for the channel is too narrow. read more

How to deal with damaged goodsHow to deal with damaged goods

although no one owner would like to have their goods damaged, however, the damage is inevitable. As everyone knows, there are a lot of goods through long-distance transport, handling or ultra high pressure reactor operation, the damage caused by packing signs and internal goods, especially some fragile and soft goods, such as cigarettes, instant noodles, glass containers etc.. As a retail, you will not encounter this situation, if encountered, how would you deal with those damaged goods?

Shandong County, Linzi retail Home Sun boss read more

see Baidu a who Baidu as unclesee Baidu a who Baidu as uncle

(I don’t, just bullshit, it’s all garbled)

a few days ago, Taobao and Baidu to challenge the public. Apart from the two companies C2C dispute does not say, just have to call this posture, the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster shame.

dare you stroking your home baby bear the penalty sleeve Three Character Classic tens of hundreds of times to copy, you dare to see your eyes across the wife take your credit card at the mall mad brush, you dare to listen to the boss about low head side side was greeting his family, but you dare hang sign that says "Baidu and the dog do not have to enter" read more

B2B industry website sales director daily work contentB2B industry website sales director daily work content

sales director involved in sales performance can improve sales skills training, whether in place, sales management is in place, even to the site can survive, as the saying goes, "Qianjun easy to find, a hard to find, to find our soldiers, in his work, as the management of the company, we want to be clearly, for us to be aware of their soldiers, what to do, what to do should be the main. This paper will explain the B2B industry website sales director in daily work, not to say, you can.

1 telemarketing staff recruitment and training read more