Chen the development trend of the nternet in the traditional saturated industries

Chen the development trend of the nternet in the traditional saturated industries

with the Internet step by step into our lives, the rapid development of e-commerce industry, has saturated the traditional industry has brought new vitality.

The traditional

industry to the Internet development, already is not what new thing, I was also speaking out this thing is because the traditional industry to the development of the Internet is just using the Internet mode, the development of electronic commerce, the solid line of marketing, do the Internet, just do a line network marketing. Of course, it is undeniable that traditional industries in the process of Internet gold rush, to earn a rich theory, but also more open up the market and industry share. However, traditional industries, in order to survive in the Internet age, relying solely on e-commerce, network marketing is far from enough. read more

How to quickly promote new sites

Hello, I am IP518 traffic union SEOER Han Han, and today we learn how to promote new sites. New website is done, the first step is to log on the search engine, I think this is what many webmaster need to do. Let’s focus on the problem today. According to expert observation, such theories and phenomena are worthy of your webmaster’s thinking, so I hope that we do more research and study, and strive to sum up more and better experience!


, the first step: to do a good prospect of the site, this is essential, but also the premise of promotion. read more

How to do the website keywords Title description and meta tags

1, search engine optimization strategy: keyword density
read more

Why do operate an independent blog site

to tell you why I operate independent blog independent operation today? What are the benefits? My blog operation now nearly a year, at this time of the year what are receiving? These questions are estimated many bloggers concern.

I’m a frivolous young looking out from my blog: "slogans can be determined to be the largest province of China Blog Chinese, visited most popular personal blog, this is my blog operation goal, this goal is far away from me, far away, and seemed in sight, this is like a mountain, although look in sight, but hard to go up, never reach the foot of the hill, I suddenly have a mountain of dead horse feeling! This is too far away, may all my efforts can not be achieved, so today I put the slogan to blog" to do the most grassroots webmaster most helpful blog "this slogan is much better, although the grand goal is ambitious, but compared to the target sea just have more praise! Set up a goal, In the future, we will work hard towards the present, even if only a little progress every day, I will stick to it! Come on!.. read more

To become a Java master you need to pay attention to the 25 learning goals

1. you need to be proficient in object oriented analysis and design (OOA/OOD), J2EEDP (GOF), and integrated models. You should know about UML, especially class, object, interaction, and statediagrams.

You need to learn the basic knowledge of

2. Java language and its core libraries (collections, serialization, streams, networking, multithreading, reflection,? Event, handling, NIO, localization, and others).

3. you should know about JVM, classloaders, classreflect, and the basic working mechanisms of garbage collection. You should be able to decompile a class file and understand some basic assembly instructions. read more

Rural shops need to use the power of brand products

in front of the brand, the city is obviously higher than the acceptance of rural people, business will be more focused on the brand effect". But the times are different, and now the rural shop operators, also need to focus on the power of brand products. After all, the choice of brand products to build, but also to create their own brand. The right to operate their own brand products, through their own efforts and promotion for many years, to become the leader of the local species, which is particularly important. However, the distribution of the products must be their own exclusive, and quality to be strong, profitable and in a large range of dominant position, and can get the support of subsequent varieties. read more

Mou Changqing summary analysis TOP44 webmaster class website

very early want to sum up the popularity of the most popular webmaster class website what, because very curious about their 2 small sites in which row of what ranking. Domestic webmaster class website is too much, so this time only summed up the Alexa comprehensive ranking 1W. Stationmaster kind website is stationmaster user, install ALEXA tool bar all much, so the popularity that uses Alexa to compare can also be said to be very reliable.

1: what is the webmaster class website


first or first to explain to the new friends what is "webmaster class" web site, as the name suggests, is the majority of users of this site is to have their own web site webmaster. What websites are mainly webmaster will visit? For example, can make Adsense money advertising alliance (Baidu alliance, Google alliance), now most of the domestic Adsense is through the union advertising gain. In addition such as IDC (network, Beijing), to buy the domain name and space is the main site of the webmaster. In addition, do webmaster tools, webmaster information, webmaster BBS, open source CMS and so on, these types of websites are webmaster class web site. In my opinion, as long as the content of this web site for the user group, more than 80% of the users have their own web site webmaster, that is the webmaster class website. read more

The ten day make the website keyword Baidu home page

this is a little experience for some time before I do Baidu ranking before, had no time to write it out, now, to him, I was a rookie, abstruse things to write, only to what he had done, write them out, the more I hope for those who some dishes help


I’m officially started on 4.23 this year, this website ( Baidu optimization, the target is the keyword on the home page.

from the website management authority to start, the first thing to do is to modify the site’s key words and description text. Although all search engines don’t pay much attention to it now, it’s better than never, is it? read more

Grassroots webmaster fast growth shortcut Learn website analysis

every day now will add a lot of websites, but also shut down many websites, on the whole is greater than the birth death, so the website on the Internet is more and more, since there are so many websites will be faced with fierce competition, after all the relevant industry so much, industry is not increased because of the increase of the website then, in the same industry competition will be fierce, how talent shows itself in the fierce competition, it should be according to their own conditions, and their association website analysis is a good skill, can effectively help operate their own read more

Get thunder traffic skills

, because the thunder of the webmaster is high flow, generally are hundreds of thousands of traffic, we as long as learned their experience, their skills, then we can easily access to network skills.


method I added a webmaster QQ, I ask, I said that our company is going to invest in a download site, I would like to ask your webmaster, with you on the industry experience, I now invest 100 thousand yuan, to buy what the download station? Your station, such as the fruit is sold, how much is the price now is how much traffic, how much is the daily workload, the program is not original, maintenance trouble? read more

Desert foreign trade web site should not ignore the user experience


is a foreign trade enterprise, or SOHO family, are hoping for foreign customers to find their own site, then, under the orders, make money, while the foreign trade station website when necessary, should pay attention to the habits of foreigners, page structure and user experience and a series of problems, and ignore any that is not going to work.

first, foreigners browsing habits can not be ignored, the cultural differences between East and West things involved, the desert a friend is to do the SOHO family, when he was building a web site, is entirely in accordance with the design style of domestic websites do, this thought will bring you good income, who wanted to the site looks good in him, to where foreigners will not work, website garish home, emphasis on individuality, which in your opinion is not applicable, the page structure leads to confusion foreigners is difficult to find the information he wants, then they will abandon your site. read more

Enterprise website how to promote your website six methods

a good commodity not only needs good quality, but also needs successful marketing, and it is possible to be accepted by a large number of consumers. Similarly, a good web site or blog, with elaborate design, rich content and good service, is far from enough. To the vast number of network enthusiasts recommend their web site design, improve website visits, but also the need for fruitful website publicity, I will introduce the main enterprise website publicity methods:

(1) traditional advertising media read more

Anhui stationmaster second lecture those who refuse to swim the fish remnant is king

Anhui Internet Union ( organized by the Anhui webmaster seminar second, has today (2008.12.5) 14:30 successful conclusion. The keynote theme: left for the king rijpkema laggards refused to fish that swim in the lectures, group number: 47065533, the crowd of 500 people almost full can see the webmaster to welcome and support big fish.

fish boss also invited in 14:30 minutes delivered a wonderful speech, won the group to participate in the webmaster’s wide acclaim, the following is the full text of this lecture, please be interested in the webmaster review. We also carried out full text broadcast live in Anhui webmaster SNS:, uid=1&, do=blog&, id=10122, read more

nternet road thorns diffuse personal website can break through their own

2013, the Internet through a number of years, how many webmaster started in 2010, but not in the past few years persist, so many personal websites and waste from the Internet, the way of thorns filled too much, if you have a personal website, today in 2013, what will you think of to practice their own personal website? In fact in my opinion, the greatest significance is to give yourself a chance and achievement, because I don’t believe if you take the time to do a website, a few years to take over, or have a little bit of harvest, although there are a lot of thorns, but still need to go, this is the road. Little man said, the personal site should meet environmental practice. read more

n fact you need to learn to absorb the essence

today also saw a lot of new Adsense online articles, there are many professional SEOers blogs and web sites in the brain, look into a lot of knowledge and skills, altogether gathered together, haven’t got a clue.

has the network promotion, has the website optimization, has the website operation, and many articles about the website. It’s fun to see the skills that you didn’t know before, and to be excited when you see the tools you didn’t use before, for

then skilled copy and paste, click on the download… Every day. These actions, I am not in the update site, but to collect these articles to your computer, learn slowly to day, slowly understand, and these ideas always let me lazy before, suddenly see that how to say? An article about the webmaster execution time, I asked myself, I just learned to use their own, to operate the drill? No, I answer myself. In fact, look at the grassroots, to truly practice a lot, and successfully applied to their own projects at the grassroots is not much, which is why so many webmaster can’t make money, no firm executive force is the main reason, and I also linger in this part of the grassroots webmaster do not make money read more

Ding Xiangyuan Li Tiantian want to use the nternet thinking to do the hospital

Loft warehouse type large office space, container modification conference room, kindergarten like lounge area, bar, house full of colorful graffiti…… Strange, free, easy, and jealous. This is the headquarters of the internet medical company Lilac Garden, which costs $70 million to invest in Tencent.

interconnected genes are everywhere and beyond imagination.

in July 2000, a year after graduating from college, Li Tiantian founded the lilac garden. 14 years later, in September, Li Tiantian was still a student dressed up in a navy blue T-shirt and shorts, shuttling back and forth in the office. But the pattern and text on the shirt’s chest highlight the features of the service offered by his entrepreneurial team – "Life dignity lives with dignity", surrounded by a white stethoscope at the bottom of a line of Chinese and english. read more

How to do the inside of the chain and the chain complement each other

in most Adsense seems links is a lead role, actually there are more links, such as webmaster do site map site, the spider crawling route and so on must rely on the website link, we can see from the importance of web links. But recently many websites ranking from the stagnant state we can see the chain and the chain in many sites is not coordinated, links which are not equal, the complementary work as a webmaster how to do with the chain chain site of


web site, the content of the chain pointing to the content of the page, read more

How to do a good job of logistics enterprise website construction several major points need attenti

logistics website construction is the inevitable result of today’s social development. The development of e-commerce accelerates the integration of the world economy and makes logistics play a decisive role in the whole international business activities. Moreover, the development of e-commerce has promoted the further development of the logistics industry. At the same time, it has brought a new revolution to the logistics industry.

The construction of

logistics website has become the focus of attention, how to construct their own logistics website? How can the logistics website attract more users to join? Rui ( will be briefly introduced under the logistics website construction points. read more

How to do ten suggestions for the website

is a small suggestion, is actually a small sum I do for two years, I do not know what is from the past, although now there is no what a big success, but no achievement is not failure, at least in the grassroots webmaster of this piece, I accumulated a lot of experience today. And we come together to talk about, if you are a novice webmaster, need to pay attention to what.

if you have to site this piece of what all don’t understand, but want to get a sense of achievement or make money through the website operation, this article beginning today I want to say to you: the site has entered the read more

Local community website operation and promotion experience sharing

see some people write some local community website operation article is very good, I also join in a lively, also write a little of their own experience.

1, domain name is very important,

The biggest difference between

local websites and national websites is the sense of belonging. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to choose a domain name with local characteristics. For example, Baotou information network, previously used domain name is very difficult to remember, and later use domain name, access to a great increase. read more