Google’s departure will allow China’s nternet to grow better

rumors that Google to withdraw from the market in January 13th China, this thing is fried A5 or raise a Babel of criticism of the forum to discuss this event in full page. Although the news is from Google’s official blog in Beijing, but has not yet been confirmed, the Internet is waiting for Google’s final statement. Some people believe that Google will really leave and withdraw from China. Some people think that Google will not abandon its vested interests in China and continue to stay in china. But it is not That’s final., who are not allowed to say the final results are waiting for. read more

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Adsense money SP Raiders

has not written a soft text for a long time, a bit rusty,


SP for advertising, I have not contact for a long time. Now the SP market rebound, there are a lot of new friends want to do, but I do not know from what hand! The younger brother say about to do some of the self understanding SP! Well you pat the palm, say the wrong place everyone clap brick! Note: master please bypass!

The first step of

: a guide page. Guide page is easy to find, can do can also download online to others. A lot of good! Guide page in place of cooperation SP union advertising code embedded in it. Note: don’t adultury! Some of the league has limits, or related Huang may not read more

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4 problems need to be solved for tourism websites to break through

The bottleneck of

tourism network marketing has always been plagued by the tourism industry, the tourism network marketing to break the "bottleneck", we must face the tourism network marketing problems, using the method of accurate network marketing. Then, what are the problems of tourism network marketing,


1, blindness of website construction of tourism enterprises. This problem, in the final analysis, or lack of understanding of network marketing, site positioning is not clear. To solve this problem, we must start from the fundamental, through communication with the enterprise, so that enterprises understand what is network marketing, help enterprises pinpoint, find the direction of network marketing. read more

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How should individual stationmaster give oneself fixed position

I’ve been thinking about this problem, the individual owners how to position themselves, the recent price hikes, close combat vulgar, the domain name is not for the record, Google Adsense price is low, unauthorized video not in the dissemination and so on, let me start thinking about waste site value, and the problem of how to position themselves. A lot of friends like me a little confused, I write this article we want to talk about today is how to survive, but also hope that confused Adsense brothers can learn from, it will be my pleasure to read more

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A bit of experience with non mainstream QQ switching links

has done several non mainstream stations recently. Every day, in addition to updating, exchanging links is also a very important job for website maintenance. Let me talk about some of the experiences I’ve summed up.

how to contact the website that wants to link first, this problem is a more difficult problem, I also fumble in, ha ha. E-MAIL?? E-MAIL no echo you in most cases, the most effective or QQ.

of course, to find the website responsible person’s QQ is not simple, so first of all in QQ group search, search QQ webmaster, non mainstream webmaster and other keywords. Join some QQ groups. A group usually has tens to 2 people. Super strong is even more than 500 people. Join these QQ group, after a shout, the effect is pretty good. Second, you can go to A5 forums, webmaster forums, outdated and other webmaster BBS link, exchange plate post. As long as you stick top paste, the effect is pretty good. Third, you can also go to some links exchange platform to find the right site to link. Fourth, direct search related keywords to find the top ranked web site. Find a way to contact at the bottom of the site, which is more targeted. And in general, the other site weight is relatively high. Just a little trouble. Ha ha, read more

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As some novice webmaster of the wise remark of an experienced person

as a real station novice webmaster, I see a lot of SEO online tutorials, web promotion steps, and so on a series of data, take a lot of misunderstanding, cause I wasted a lot of time and energy, and I do not know if there is no experience as a novice webmaster, I slowly to sum up.

1: obsessed with junk chains

this I have to say, BBS outside the chain is the most easy to do, just register a BBS, and then leave the URL on the signature, again and again post, top stick. But I want you to think about it, so easy outside the chain is good outside the chain? There are hundreds of millions of forums every day on the Internet, the chain is increasing, search engines may have been numb to these. Why some websites outside the chain thousands of, but there is no outside the chain hundreds of Web site weight high, because he is thousands of all garbage outside the chain, without the slightest weight, you understand?. Or colleagues please take some time to do some high-quality useful swimming outside the chain, such as Wikipedia, links exchange, network bookmarks and so on, these online tutorials a lot. The chain is not much, in essence, read more

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A bit of empirical summary of my work as a local talent network

, I recently made a local talent website and today I will talk to you about how I operate the local talent website.

first, the general local talent site area + talent network combination has the name, such as the Yangzhou talent network, as well as the region + recruitment network combination, the two combined site name general net search rate is very high, and the area + network of excellence named site search rate is relatively low, unless it is in the local do early website, impact.

website domain name choice, I do is Yangzhou local talent website I choose to put in front of the Yangzhou telephone area code 0514, directly behind YC is the acronym for excellence in pinyin, so I registered the domain name to my site. Web site must begin to choose a good program, can not be replaced in a few days and other procedures, so that the development of the site is very bad. When the website first started, it was mainly to do the content first, and then to optimize the website, including now, I have always been like this, according to this, step by step. read more

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Korean website is worth our study

in the country, many designers are imitating their style. For Korean website design style, I have the following understanding:

In the domestic

website also in the use of Flash animation, to create the atmosphere of the website, they just emphasize the animation how Hyun, how cool, too much emphasis on the animation, ignoring the coordination with the website, website and other content. Not up to their expected effect. And Korean designers are also using a lot of Flash animation, they just move the animation locally, just text or small pictures moving. The background of Flash animation is very beautiful. Many of them are hand drawn vector pictures. They look very beautiful and exquisite. A sensuous difference! read more

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After 90 webmaster do station experience summary

calculate yourself do stand fast for more than 2 years, 3 years from the first person to do now ( BLOG music station opened, ha ha) more or less also learned a lot of knowledge, but also deeply appreciate the hardships of a stand.


07 years to do station, then do a BLOG, the station did not know how to make money, but was interested in this would be a FLASH, I can do at that time, has spent more than a week with FLASH made a personal display FLASH station, it was a happy, to see who will say, oh. read more

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2 thoughts on creating popular web traffic

on the website (Forum) how to build popularity is the concern of everyone, and now I would like to publish my 2 views.

The creation of

1 and BT atmosphere

told NetEase news ( that since 2007, his BT comments have attracted and retained many users, including myself, because of his comments, BT.

that reminds me of, why he was so hot, I think there are 2 points, 1 is his BT review, and 2 is the English gate incident.

BT " said here only comment; what is BT? Is the post level is very high, speak very BT, many people want to show their talent, when he found a BT comment, he will BT brains – this is a cycle of. read more

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