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Woman Drowns in Dix Hills, Tot Saved from Drowning in Lawrence

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A 55-year-old Queens woman drowned in a pool in Dix Hills on Sunday afternoon hours after a toddler was saved from a near drowning in another pool in Lawrence.Residents of a house on Polo Street in Dix Hills were cleaning up their backyard following a party they hosted the night before when they found a body in the deep end of their backyard swimming pool at 2:40 p.m. Sunday, Suffolk County police said.The residents called 911 and upon arrival, officers pulled the victim, who was identified as Rajkumari Motwani, from the pool. The victim, who was a guest at the party, was pronounced dead at the scene.In the second case, Nassau County police officers responded to a report of a drowning of a 2-year-old boy who was found by his family in an indoor pool in Lawrence at 12:15 p.m. Sunday, authorities said.The boy was taken to a local hospital, where he is listed in serious condition. Fourth Squad detectives are continuing the investigation.In the Dix Hills case, Homicide Squad detectives did not find any criminality in their preliminary investigation, but detectives ask anyone with information on the incident to call them at 631-852-6392.last_img read more

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10 pioneering schemes tackling plastic pollution

first_img“A good design is something that bridges the gap between behaviours, business and our planet,” says engineering graduate Lucy Hughes, who last month walked away with the James Dyson design award for her creation of bioplastic MarinaTex.Having lived by the sea and witnessed marine pollution first hand, Hughes set about creating a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. She opted to avoid virgin materials in favour of making use of an existing and plentiful waste stream: the 172,000 tonnes of fish waste generated by UK processing plants each year.Hughes began experimenting with the waste skin and guts, binding them together using the gelatinous substance scraped from the cell walls of red algae. The final result took no less than 100 experiments, most on the kitchen stove of her student digs.The bioplastic Hughes has created is a translucent and flexible sheet material, stronger than an average plastic bag but capable of home composting in between four to six weeks. That makes it sufficiently stable for industry to use in its supply chain, but sufficiently biodegradable (without industrial processing required) that it limits its chances of being spotted in a David Attenborough documentary any time soon. Source: LoliwareThe viral straw made from seaweedWho knew a straw could wield such influence? No less than 25,000 people follow US startup Loliware on Instagram thanks to its carefully curated feed of photogenic millennials sipping soft drinks and iced coffees through the company’s own biodegradable (and edible) straws.Founded in 2015, the startup has harnessed what it calls ‘the world’s leading seaweed technology’ to come up with an alternative to single-use plastic made entirely from food grade materials.Its first product, The Straw of the Future, launched into the US in March following a (rather humble) $30k campaign on Kickstarter and claims to be able to withstand 18 hours of continuous use. Fruit flavours can even be infused into the material to make it edible after you’ve finished drinking. The founders say the straws will be available in the UK next year. Source: Delipac Zero-plastic packaging for food safetyWith even ostensibly sustainable food and drink packaging often relying on protective layers of plastic for food safety and hygiene, the demand for alternatives is on the rise.Enter Delipac, which says it has created one such alternative: a ‘zero-plastic sustainable barrier packaging that is 100% recyclable, biodegradable and compostable’.The material has applications across fast food, frozen foods, ready meals or even airline food, it says.“There is a global drive to eliminate as much plastic as we can from our lives and one of the biggest issues at the moment is the application of packaging for single-use food and drink products,” explains Paul Spring, CEO of Delipac. “This is where our innovation comes into its own.“Delipac can be recycled without having to employ specialist plants, it biodegrades after 12 to 25 weeks when in landfill and is naturally compostable.”Instead of a plastic coating, Delipac relies on a water-based coating layered between the food and its packaging board, which ‘ensures freshness’ while ditching the need for any kind of plastic.“It has taken us seven years to develop and prove the performance,” adds Spring. “Initial market interest has been significant, especially with mainstream brands keen to do their bit by taking plastic out of their packaging.”In fact, the ‘robust grease and moisture barrier’ can be easily used by brands as a surfacing to apply ‘standout corporate branding’ and promotional offers, says Delipac. Source: imagecommsThe edible water bottleTalk of an edible alternative to plastic bottles has been around for many years. But this year the concept is one step closer to reality after a joint project between startup Skipping Rocks Lab and Lucozade Ribena Suntory (LRS) received government backing.The startup first made headlines way back in 2013 with a viral video of its edible and biodegradable alternative to plastic bottles, Ooho. The material, called Notpla, is made by combining seaweed and other plants and can be eaten along with its liquid contents.Then this year the startup partnered with LRS to fill its capsules with Lucozade Sport Orange and hand them out to runners at the London Marathon – a demonstration of their commercial potential that saw Innovate UK invest £300k. The funding will be used to create a machine capable of being installed in gyms, restaurants or coffee shops and manufacturing up to 3,000 Oohos per day. Source: HaloHalo is first compostable coffee capsuleSince Nespresso pods launched in the early 1990s, sales of single-use capsules have soared. But finding a green alternative that maintained the freshness of the coffee and was sufficiently durable was trickier. Solutions were made from bio-plastic and/or compostable only by industrial means.Then in 2017, UK-based Halo developed the planet’s first 100% home-compostable pod made from sugar cane and paper pulp, which can also be thrown in with food waste. In late 2018 the range of pods was further enhanced via a £1.5m investment in a design revamp, which also resulted in the outer packaging becoming eco-friendly (as well as adding three new flavour variants).The launch has proved a catalyst. Costa and Lost Sheep added compostable pods earlier this year, while Lavazza is set to launch its Eco Caps next month. Source: TerraCycleLooping in a circular recovery systemSet to launch in the UK early next year, Loop is the brainchild of recycling firm TerraCycle and a number of major fmcg brands including P&G, Nestlé and PepsiCo. The idea is to create a closed loop for food containers that allows consumers to buy household brands in refillable packaging that will be collected, cleaned and reused.In May, France became the first country to pilot the scheme, supported by retailer Carrefour, with consumers invited to sign up to the shopping platform and buy products from 25 major brands in durable refillable packaging. The selection currently includes the likes of Quaker’s wholegrain mix in a 500g aluminium tin and Tropicana juice in a glass bottle that can withstand up to 80 cycles, alongside a number of private-label products, such as dried lentils and beans, instant coffee and dried pasta. Consumers pay a small deposit for the packaging when they order, which is returned once its collected.“Waste is a worldwide global crisis that has been growing for over a half a century,” says Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle and Loop. “Loop has been designed to address this issue. For the first time, major brands, along with sustainable resource management company Suez have been working together to create a convenient way to enjoy a wide range of products, that will be delivered in customised, brand-specific durable packaging.”With the trial now up and running in the US too, where the likes of Purina petfood and Häagen-Dazs have been added to the mix, the scheme is set to reach the UK in 2020. Source: Clean Kilo100% zero-waste supermarketWaitrose might have caused quite the stir in June when it unveiled its Unpacked concept store in Oxford, but its efforts look positively conservative in comparison to Clean Kilo in Birmingham.Launched in 2018, the small supermarket hasn’t simply experimented with packaging-free elements but instead stripped out all packaging (and waste) from the store, with customers asked to bring their own reusable shopping bags plus refillable containers for everything they want to buy.So successful has the store been that its co-founders Jeanette Wong and Tom Pell opened a second outlet in the city in August.“We have had an incredible first year of business,” says Wong. “It is tremendously rewarding to know that we are offering people an accessible way of cutting down on plastic.” Source: PottsThe stock served in a canAs of this month, Tesco shoppers will be able to switch plastic pouches of cooking stock for eco-friendly aluminium cans thanks to innovation by fine foods brand Potts.The brand estimates it could save up to 1.1 million tonnes of plastic per year by switching a selection of its readymade stocks into the new 100% recyclable packaging. The 500ml can requires lower energy input, says the brand, and can be recycled an infinite amount of times in a closed loop process.Based on a standard drinks can – right down to the ‘tsst’ sound when it opens thanks to the release of nitrogen when the seal is broken – the innovation is the result of considerable investment, adds the brand, but will be sold at the same price as its plastic pouches. It will be on sale at Tesco alone for the first six months.If successful the brand hopes to roll the format out more widely across both its retail partners and its portfolio. Everyone, from food and drink retailers to brands and packaging manufacturers, has been grappling with the growing issue of plastic waste and pollution. Some are trying out new materials and different forms of recyclable plastics, others have taken food out of their packaging entirely. While some trials have failed, other initiatives have excelled.Here are some of the trailblazers tackling the plastic waste problem head-on,Source: James Dyson AwardThe inventor who turned fish guts into bioplastic Source: Two FarmersThe compostable crisp packetJust as crisp behemoth Walkers was left red-raced when Royal Mail had to ask environmental activists to stop posting its empty crisp packets back in protest at the use of plastic, tiny startup Two Farmers was quietly launching its own fully compostable solution.The fully biodegradable crisp packet created by the two Herefordshire farmers reportedly looks and feels just like plastic but can be chucked on the garden compost heap to degrade in around 26 weeks.“We looked at boxes and tins before the fully compostable crisp packet materialised,” says co-founder Sean Mason. But “we now have the perfect solution – our packets are made of sustainably grown eucalyptus wood fibres with vegetable ink printing and will fully biodegrade in your home compost in under 26 weeks.” Source: Plastic BankMaking plastic a force for social goodIn 2018 Eat Natural became the first fmcg brand to partner with Plastic Bank, a scheme that allows businesses to offset their plastic use much as a company might offset its carbon emissions.The cereal bar brand says the partnership allows it to offset 115 tonnes of plastic, making it effectively plastic-neutral. The project is also supported by Aldi’s German retail business and Evian.The scheme works in two ways. On the one hand it turns plastic into an economic resource rather than a source of pollution, recruiting people in some of the world’s poorest countries, such as Brazil, Haiti and the Philippines, to collect discarded plastic that would otherwise be waste, and deliver it in exchange for cash, healthcare and education. This collected plastic is deemed ‘social plastic’ and used by partner brands to manufacture new products. Plastic Bank can provide brands with processed pellet or flake feedstock of PET, HDPE, LDPE, and PP.Alternatively, companies and individuals can also become plastic-neutral through simple cash donations that pay for the recovery of a certain volume of this social plastic. This is a good solution for organisations which are unable to use social plastic, or those that require more modest volumes Collection credits guarantee the removal of 1kg of ocean-bound plastic.“In an ambient food business like ours, plastic is currently an unavoidable entity,” says Eat Natural co-founder Praveen Vijh. “But we are committed to ensuring that we are doing as much as we can to protect our precious planet.”last_img read more

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BHS scheme could be first to pay new lifeboat fund levy

first_imgAccording to the PPF, schemes without sponsors “will always pose a higher risk than an otherwise identical scheme with a continuing sponsor, however weak”.The new levy – which is linked to equity market put option pricing – will cover any scheme set up between 1 January 2017 and 31 March 2018.The UK government last week published a wide-ranging discussion paper covering the defined benefit sector, prompted in part by the high-profile BHS case.One element of the paper focused on how to improve the handling of pension schemes with distressed sponsors before bankruptcy becomes imminent. The government wants to explore ways of allowing more schemes to operate independently of their sponsors to avoid pension deficits pulling companies into bankruptcy.Despite the temporary nature of the proposed levy, David Taylor, the PPF’s general counsel said in the consultation that “we do not rule out developing our approach to apply to a wider range of schemes in the future”.A small number of pension funds have successfully separated from their sponsoring employer in the past: Trafalgar House now provides third party administration services for other funds after spinning off from its engineering parent company in 2006. Photography company Kodak’s pension scheme put in place a similar arrangement, known as a “regulated apportionment agreement”, in 2012 when its parent company filed for bankruptcy in the US.BHS settlement reactionWhile TPR chief executive Lesley Titcomb called the settlement with Sir Philip Green “a strong outcome”, other industry commentators have been less positive. The regulator is seen as having settled for a lesser amount in order to avoid a court battle, according to several people.David Everett, partner at consultant LCP, pointed out that a de-risking plan had been discussed before BHS’ sale in 2015 which would have been similar to the arrangement finalised this week – and it would have cost Sir Philip much less.“The winners in all this are the PPF, which is not having to take on two underfunded schemes, and a handful of former BHS employees for whom the PPF’s compensation cap would have bitten very harshly,” Everett added.Darren Redmayne, CEO of Lincoln Pensions, a specialist in covenant advice, said: “While [the BHS settlement] may suggest a ‘third way’, whereby employers can shed their schemes without paying the full buyout liability, in practice the barriers remain high – you only have to look at the select committee investigation, regulatory process and reputational damage Philip Green has suffered, to see this isn’t a path that companies will readily choose unless they absolutely have no other option.”In future, Redmayne added, there were likely to be more sponsorless or “zombie” schemes due to more employers struggling to fund deficits.“As such, it will be for the ‘greater good’ that compromises will be struck,” he said. “These situations remain relatively rare but as the full scale of the defined-benefit deficits issue works through the system in the coming years we will likely see such settlements on a more regular basis.”Rory Murphy, chairman of the Merchant Navy Officers’ Pension Fund, said: “Everyone appears to have won to some degree in this game of high-stakes poker. Each player could have played their hand for more in this negotiation but would have risked losing more – as such, this looks like a decent result for all concerned.”Murphy also questioned the need for greater powers for TPR, which was being discussed in the government’s green paper. He said: “Given TPR with its existing powers can achieve this result, why is there a need to increase them?” The pension scheme for employees of collapsed UK high street chain BHS could be the first to pay a new levy to the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).The Pensions Regulator (TPR) this week confirmed a £363m settlement with Sir Philip Green, whose Arcadia conglomerate sold BHS in 2015, a year before it filed for bankruptcy. The money will pay for a new scheme to be set up, paying better benefits than are available from the PPF.The new scheme will be established in the next few months, according to TPR. This means it will likely become the first – and potentially only – pension fund to pay a new form of levy being introduced by the PPF this year.The lifeboat fund is currently consulting on a new form of levy for funds without a “substantive” sponsoring employer – such as the new BHS scheme. The consultation closes on Monday 6 March.last_img read more

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Raiders Fly By Cardinals In Hoops Action

first_imgSt. Louis at South Ripley Boys Basketball.Thursday  (12-17)7th Grade-South Ripley 46 St. Louis 32The host Raiders handed the previously undefeated Cardinals their first loss of the season with a 46-32 victory. Lane Sparks finished with 19 points while Cody Samples scored 13, Bryce Franklin added 10, and Dillion Binion chipped in 4 points. The 7th graders are now 13-1.8th Grade-South Ripley 37, St. Louis 27Connor McCarty scored a season high 12 points, including 5 in the decisive 4th quarter to lead the Raiders to a 37-27 home win. Dakota Day also scored 12 (10 in the first half), with Kaleb Rinear scoring 8 points and grabbing 10 rebounds, Eric Vickers added 2 points with 10 rebounds, Aaron Greiwe chipped in 3 points, while Peyton Owens and Jon Adkins each had three steals.  The 8th grade improves to 9-4.The Raiders don’t play again until Monday, January 11 at Jac-Cen-Del.Courtesy of Raiders Coach Jeff Greiwe.The St. Louis 8th grade boys basketball team lost to South Ripley Thursday night by a final score of 37 to 27.  The Cardinals played well for the second game in a row and continue to improve.Adam Cox led the Cardinals in scoring finishing tied for game high with 12 points. Eli Tuveson knocked down a couple of 3’s for 6 points. Charlie Dice and Jacob Deutsch added 4 points each.St. Louis record is 8 wins with 8 losses.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Mike Burkhart.The St. Louis 7th Grade Cardinals travelled to South Ripley on Thursday night and saw their undefeated record come to an abrupt end 46-32.The Cardinals faced a very talented Raider team and were beaten by the score of 46-32. South Ripley showed an impressive display of shooting last night as they hit nine (9) three pointers and missed only a few. In the 1st quarter, the Raiders came out hitting four (4) three pointers to take a 12-6 lead. St. Louis fought back in the 2nd quarter and narrowing the gap to 23-18 going into half time. The Raiders made some defensive adjustments at the half and were able outscored the Cardinals 10-2 in the quarter taking a 33-20 lead going into the 4th quarter. St. Louis used their press to make a run at the Raiders in the fourth but South Ripley held them off with their free throw shooting as they were perfect at the line hitting 7 out of 7 for the quarter and were 10 for 10 for the game.The Cardinals got their scoring from Kurt Siefert with 3, Wil Freeland 2, Riley Schebler 7, Andrew Oesterling 6, Lleyton Ratcliffe 4, and Sam Voegele 10. The Raiders were led by Lane Sparks with 19 points. St. Louis record now stands at 16-1.The Cardinals next game will at the Cross-Town Classic Tournament on December 29th held at the Batesville Middle School gym. St. Louis will play Connersville held with the game time at 10:00.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Jim Oesterling.last_img read more

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Erin Andrews

first_imgWas Erin Andrews awarded too much money for her lawsuit?  According to court reports, Erin received $55 million as a settlement for the actions of David Barrett and the Marriott Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.As to the directive, Barrett is expected to pay $28 million and the Windsor Capital Group, owners of the hotel, were assessed a $27 million dollar fine.  The suit was the result of the peephole pictures that Barrett took while Andrews was undressing in her room.  He them electronically sent them world wide.Barrett was sentenced to 27 months in prison in 2009–a term he has completed.  They doubt Andrews will receive anything from Barrett but should get several million from the hotel group.  Experts feel the damages awarded were totally out of line for an incident in which no bodily injuries were sustained–only psychological pain.  I really have no opinion on the amount.last_img read more

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Do You Remember?

first_imgI am sure if you are a college basketball fan, you remember the 3-point shot that won the national championship for Villanova last April.  North Carolina had just taken the lead when Kris Jenkins launched his now famous 3-pointer.  He stated in a Sports Illustrated article that like most kids he had practiced this shot many times on the outdoor courts of the inner city.  Most people never have the opportunity to do it in front of so many fans.As the 2016-17 college basketball season gets underway, somebody will probably get that same opportunity next April.  Most of the area’s college teams are highly ranked this year.  Kentucky, Xavier, IU, and Purdue all have excellent teams.  In fact, for Big Ten Fans, they have 5 teams ranked in the top 15.  Indiana already has a win over national power, Kansas.Since there is no team that the experts have deemed unbeatable, it should be quite a season for the fans to watch.  I hope your favorite team is the one playing for that national championship in April.last_img read more

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Vera L. Wenning, 87

first_imgVera L. Wenning, 87, passed away Thursday, December 12, 2019 at the Arbor Grove Village in Greensburg. Born, August 27, 1932 in Ripley County, Indiana, she was the daughter of Jacob D. and Catharina Clara (Stei) Cranford. Vera was a 1950 graduate of Napoleon High School. She was a member of the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Millhousen and the Knights of St. John Ladies Auxiliary. Vera had worked as a secretary for Bill Schroeder’s law office in Osgood.  She enjoyed attending her chickens, stamp collecting, flowers, cooking, baking, and she was well known for her Angel food cakes.  She was married to Edmund A. Wenning on August 22, 1956 and he preceded her in death on July 30, 2012. She is survived by one son, Paul (Sandra) Wenning, Greensburg; one daughter, Rose Marie (Thurman) Cook, Hartford City; six grandchildren, Elizabeth (Kyle) Holland, Thomas Wenning, Sarah Wenning, Joseph Wenning, Kevin Cook, Brian Cook; two great grandchildren, Keegan and Kaden Holland. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, one son, David John Wenning; one great grandson, Seth Holland; one brother, Alvin Cranford. Visitation will be from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Monday, December 16, 2017 at the Porter-Oliger-Pearson Funeral Home in Greensburg and from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Millhousen. A public rosary will be prayed at 3:30 p.m. on Monday at the funeral home. Funeral Services will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, December 17, 2019 at the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Millhousen. Interment will be held in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Cemetery in Millhousen, Indiana. Memorials may be made to the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church steeple fund. Online condolences can be made to the family at www.popfuneralhome.comlast_img read more

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Bruce Lane

first_imgBruce Lane passed away on Thursday September 10th with his family by his side.Bruce is survived by his wife Carol of 56 years. His children Lisa (Ron) Whisman and Bruce Lane. Grandchildren Kristen, Ronnie (Bailey), Gabe, and Gray. Great Grandchildren Noah, Lyla, Chael, and Nora Rose. Sisters Cody Terrill, Joyce (Richard) Holt, Pat (Jim) Allen, Geri (Dale) Barrett, Pam Werner.Bruce was preceded in death by his parents Freeman and Gladys(Kidd) Lane, his son Chris (Bulldog) Lane, brothers Cecil, Bobby, and Kenneth, and sisters Ann Holland, Betty Wright, and Pauline Dameron.Carol and her children will receive family and friends from 1pm to 4pm on Sunday Sept 20 with a celebration of life at 2:30 at Bruce’s home on Union Ridge.Memorials, in lieu of flowers, can be made to the American Cancer Society or Community United Methodist Church. If unable to attend services, please call the funeral home office at (812) 926-1450 and we will notify the family of your donation with a card.last_img read more

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Update on the latest sports

first_imgThe Ducks also signed forward Sam Carrick to a one-year extension worth $700,000.SOCCER-MORGAN-BABYUS soccer star has babyUNDATED (AP) — U.S. national soccer team star Alex Morgan has become a mom just in time for Mother’s Day.Morgan announced Saturday on social media that she gave birth to daughter Charlie Elena Carrasco at 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Morgan was on the U.S. team that won the World Cup last summer in France. She hopes to return to the team following her maternity leave in time for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021.,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 The 85-year-old Bess fought health problems the last few seasons and said he didn’t have the energy level to do what he needs to do to excel as a coach.Bess was 1,300-416 in 50 seasons at Three Rivers – 143 more victories than NCAA Division I leader Mike Krzyzewski (shuh-SHEHF’-skee) of Duke. Bess led the junior college team to national titles in 1979 and 1992.NHL-DUCKS-CONTRACT EXTENSIONSDucks extend Guhle, CarrickANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — The Anaheim Ducks have signed defenseman Brendan Guhle (GOO’-lee) to a two-year, $1.6 million contract extension. Guhle has four goals and eight points in 30 games this season for the Ducks this season. He was acquired by Anaheim from the Sabres in February 2019. May 11, 2020 Just 0.7% of MLB employees tested positive for antibodies to COVID-19. Results were based on about 5,600 completed records from employees of 26 clubs. Samples were obtained on April 14 and 15.The start of the baseball season has been delayed because of the virus outbreak. There’s no timetable for when the season might begin.Sixty people tested positive in the raw data, and adjustments were made for false positives and false negatives.One of the study’s leaders says the survey had a 0.5% false positive rate and demonstrates MLB employees have been less affected than their surrounding communities have been.In other developments related to the coronavirus pandemic: — Chinese Basketball Association president and former Houston Rockets star Yao Ming says his league has three options for resuming a season that has been on hold since Feb. 1 over the pandemic. Yao says the league might play out the full schedule, play a shortened season with some games dropped, or end the regular season and go straight to the playoffs based on teams’ current rankings. Yao told state broadcaster CCTV that he hopes as much as the season can be played as possible, but that public health and fairness are the key considerations.— The president of the French Tennis Federation says holding the French Open without fans later this year is an option. The clay-court tournament at Roland Garros was initially slated to be held May 24-June 7 but has been rescheduled for Sept. 20-Oct. 4. Bernard Giudicelli tells a French newspaper (Le Journal du Dimanche) that organizing it without fans would allow a part of the economy to keep turning.COLLEGE BASKETBALL-THREE RIVERS-BESSCollege hoops’ all-time coaching leader retires.POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (AP) — College basketball victory leader Gene Bess of Three Rivers College has retired and has been replaced by his son, Brian.center_img Associated Press — The president of the University of Virginia says he hopes college football can be played this fall, but he doesn’t expect it to seem like “normal football seasons.” James Ryan told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday that athletic director Carla Williams and football coach Bronco Mendenhall are committed to a safe return to play. But Ryan says nothing will proceed until medical officials say it’s safe to resume workouts. Ryan says school officials are taking things day by day. He says students need to be back on campus before football can begin.— The British government says tennis courts and golf courses in England can reopen starting Wednesday, but people can only play with members of their own household. Gyms and swimming pools remain closed, although swimming in the sea or lakes will be allowed. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave no indication when professional sports can resume competition. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland can set their own stance on tennis courts and golf courses, and they have already indicated a more stringent version of the lockdown will be maintained.— The Spanish soccer league isn’t changing its plan to resume competing after five players from clubs in the first and second divisions tested positive for COVID-19. The league confirmed the positive tests on Sunday but said it was not going to alter the practice protocol that got underway last week. Players from most clubs began individual training sessions on Friday after nearly two months of confinement because of the coronavirus pandemic.— A player for English Premier League team Brighton has tested positive for the coronavirus as clubs prepare for talks on how to resume competition during the pandemic. The southern England club told The Associated Press there is no need for other members of the squad or coaches to self-isolate since players have only worked in isolation when at the training base. The Premier League has government support for “Project Restart” and will try to secure agreement among the 20 clubs on the plans during a conference call with them on Monday.— America’s Cup teams are returning to the water in varying degrees nearly two months after the coronavirus pandemic forced the shutdown of what would have been an impressive global road show for sailing. Defending champion Emirates Team New Zealand has returned to training on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbor with its half-size test boat after a mandatory lockdown was lifted. By Monday or Tuesday, the New York Yacht Club’s yacht Defiant will be headed from Pensacola, Florida, to Auckland on a 500-foot ship. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditVIRUS OUTBREAK-SPORTSMLB has low percentage of employees test positive for coronavirus antibodiesUNDATED (AP) — Major League Baseball appears to have successfully handled the first wave of the new coronavirus. Update on the latest sportslast_img read more

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All about ‘D’: 1st to 1 wins

first_imgEntering the stretch run of its 2006 campaign, the well-rested Wisconsin men’s soccer team seeks to capture a win against the nearly impenetrable Northern Illinois backline Sunday in DeKalb, Ill.No. 19 Northern Illinois (11-3-1, 4-0 MAC) is riding an eight-match unbeaten streak, during which the Huskies have allowed just one goal. Not to be outdone, Wisconsin is on a tier of its own. The Badgers (9-4-2, 3-1-1 Big Ten) have won five of their past six matches and have shut out six of their last seven opponents.With both teams relying so heavily on their dominant defenders, the game will likely feature more cautions from frustrated offensive players than goals scored.”It certainly has the makings of a zero-to-zero game,” Wisconsin head coach Jeff Rohrman said. “I know they’re a very tough team to score on, having played them the last few years. They are very hard to penetrate [and] very hard to get behind.”Although NIU was a sound team at the start of the season, it wasn’t until their head coach Steve Simmons made some personnel moves that they became a stingier defense.Midway through the season, Simmons elected to give seldom-used sophomore Joe Zimka a shot after his No. 1 goalie Matt Corcoran looked awful in a 5-0 shellacking versus Washington. Zimka did not disappoint. In his eight appearances (seven starts) he has allowed zero goals. His shutout streak is standing at an incredible 670:44. More importantly, his team is 6-0-1 in games that he starts.”He has done a great job for them this year,” Rohrman said. “He’s certainly claimed [the starting duties] and made the most of his opportunity. He hasn’t given up a goal yet so there’s something to be said for that. He’s putting together a great season.”While it certainly is a credit to Zimka for his remarkable run, it has been his backline that has truly stepped up.”They’re a very talented team,” Rohrman said. “They’ve got [an] unbelievable work rate and commitment to winning. They never quit, and they’re going to be a very difficult team to score on. They’ve demonstrated that the last few weeks here, so they’re going to be a big challenge for us.”Despite the overwhelming success of Zimka and NIU’s backline, Rohrman and senior goalkeeper Jake Settle both think that if Wisconsin pushes the attack early and remains patient late, they’ll be in good shape.”We have to take the rhythm and flow of the game,” Rohrman said. “I think they’re going to be a team … [that’s] going to be tough to penetrate, but [we have to] be a little patient and find those gaps or those seams that will eventually come.””It helps if we can get out and counter them, and really work to get numbers up in the attacking third because they’ll be a team that quickly gets behind the ball and quickly will be ready to defend as a group like we do,” Settle added. “And it’s so much more difficult to go at 10 guys than go at four or five guys at the back.”If Wisconsin does take an early advantage, it could be smooth sailing for the Badgers. NIU is not known for its offensive abilities, and outside of transfer forward Marcus McCarty — who has eight goals and 20 points — the Huskies lack a potent punch up front. “I know some of their players, and they at least tell me — their scores kind of prove it — that they’re just trying to get a goal and hold onto a 1-0 lead. So we’re looking to come out and score first,” Settle said. “I think if we can do that, then they’ll be in trouble.”This match may ultimately come down to which team capitalizes on their set pieces or catches a lucky break.”We’re looking to definitely [punish] them on set pieces,” Settle said. “That will be the big difference-maker because those are obviously the times when most teams are very dangerous. Just kind of throw it in there and [hope for] a bad bounce or bad hop.”last_img read more

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