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‘PECO-MORE ROW TOO POLITICIZED’ Judge: Expropriation case may be moved outside Iloilo

first_imgHe also stressed that anadministrative complaint is not the appropriate remedy for every irregular orerroneous order or decision issued by a judge where a judicial remedy isavailable such as motion for reconsideration, an appeal, or a petition forcertiorari. The judge further stated that on Dec.11, 2019 he had written the Chief Justice requesting for guidance whether hiscourt can proceed notwithstanding the pending case before the Supreme Court. His court has had numerousexpropriation cases disposed promptly, he said, but PECO-MORE Power’s “is acase of first impression.” “So that the public will know andunderstand, the administrative complaint as publicized is based on allegations.It is a basic precept that he who alleges must prove, and that mere allegationsby themselves would not be given weight because it does not amount toevidence,” according to Amular. He further notedthat consumers of Iloilo City filed their complaint-in-intervention which hadbeen admitted by RTC Branch 35; the parties were then yet to file theiranswer-in-intervention. Disciplinary proceedings against ajudge are not complementary or suppletory to, nor a substitute for thesejudicial remedies whether ordinary or extraordinary, stressed Amular. Also in his orderdated Nov. 18, 2019 Amular denied for lack of factual basis MORE Power’s motionseeking his inhibition from the case. To the best of his knowledge,according to Amular, there has been “no precedent of this case ever filedbefore the entire Philippine judiciary…given the present factual setting.” Amular also disclosed that on Dec. 17,2019 he wrote to the Court Administrator regarding the complaint of Teodosio.He added that in due time, when required, he would answer the allegations “withcompetent and admissible evidence.” To hold a judge administrativelyaccountable for every erroneous ruling or decision rendered, assuming he haserred, “would be nothing short of harassment and would make his position doublyunbearable,” Amular added, citing the case PhilipSee, Complainant vs Judge Rolando D. Mislag, presiding judge, RTC Branch 167in Pasig City. Amular released this statementyesterday in response to the publicly announced administrative complaint filedagainst him by MORE Power president Roel Castro and legal counsel HectorTeodosio before the Supreme Court on Dec. 12, 2019. He cited Canon 1 of the New Code of JudicialConduct for the Philippine Judiciary, Section 1 of which specifically providesthat “Judges shall exercise the judicial function independently on the bases oftheir assessment of facts and accordance with the conscientious understandingof the law, free of any extraneous influence, inducement, pressure, threat orinterference, direct or indirect, from any quarter or for any reason.” “For obviously, if subsequentdevelopments prove the judge’s challenged act to be correct, there would be nooccasion to proceed against him at all,” he pointed out. ONADMIN CASE It is the duty of the court to see toit that the law is properly and correctly observed, according to the judge, andthat he is always mindful of what is required. WHATWENT BEFORE Thecomplainants-in-intervention have the right to be heard, Amular stressed. Amular recalled that on Dec. 3, 2019after he conducted a Judicial Dispute Resolution Proceedings of two civilcases, Teodosio showed him a copy of the Supreme Court-issued TemporaryRestraining Order directing RTC Branch 209 in Mandaluyong City and PECO tocease and desist from implementing Branch 209’s July 1, 2019 judgement which,among others, declared as void and unconstitutional sections 10 and 17 ofRepublic Act (RA) 11212 (MORE Power franchise) and made permanent therestraining order dated March 14, 2019. In November 2019 Amular suspendproceedings in the expropriation case “in the interest of judicial fairness,respect to the Honorable Supreme Court and for practical considerations.” Amular denied delaying theexpropriation case. According toAmular, the expropriation case is extraordinary as it does not only involveprocedural rules under Rule 67 of the Revised Rules of Court but also theprovisions of RA 10752 (The Right-of-Way Act) and RA 9136 (Electric PowerIndustry Reform Act of 2001 or the EPIRA Law). Amular said he advised Teodosio towait for the Supreme Court decision on the case questioning the decision of theRTC of Mandaluyong City which MORE Power itself brought to the High Court. ILOILO City – The expropriation caseof MORE Electric and Power Corp. (MORE Power) against Panay Electric Co. (PECO)has become too politicized, according to Judge Daniel Antonio Gerardo Amular ofthe Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Iloilo, Branch 35. “For the best interest ofthe parties” he suggested that the case be transferred outside the jurisdictionof the RTC of Iloilo “to be tried and heard by the designated judged therein.” “So many legal issues confront thecourt, hence it is most unfair to charge the court that it is delaying thecase,” Amular stressed. The previousjudge handling the expropriation case, Judge Yvette Go, issued a writ ofpossession against PECO’s assets before inhibiting herself. One superveningevent Amular cited was Office of the Court Administrator (OCA) Circular No.113-2019 dated July 16, 2019. The OCA required all RTC judges and clerks ofcourt to comply with requirements, specifically the deposit to the court of theamount equivalent to the sum of 100 percent of the value of the land based onthe current relevant zonal valuation of the Bureau of Internal Revenue issuednot more than three years prior to the filing of the expropriation complaintpursuant to RA 10752. Amular noted theSupreme Court’s pronouncement that the issue of constitutionality would be likea prejudicial question to the expropriation case as it would be a waste of timeand effort to appoint evaluation commissioners and debate the market value ofthe property sought to be condemned if it turns out that the condemnation wasillegal. “The question ofconstitutionality is of paramount importance in the interest of legal andprocedural fairness in view of the novelty of the case,” said Amular. In suspending theexpropriation proceedings, Amular cited supervening events that placed thecourt in a situation – whether to proceed not with the implementation of thewrit of possession against PECO. Amular added,too, that there was then a pending petition for review on certiorary before theSecond Division of the Supreme Court filed by MORE Power in connection with thedecision of RTC Mandaluyong declaring sections 10 and 17 of RA 11212 void andunconstitutional. Castro and Teodosio accused Amular ofgrave misconduct, gross ignorance of the law and violation of the Code ofJudicial Ethics. The manner with which Amularpresided over the expropriation case did not sit well with them. They alsosought the judge’s inhibition from the case. CASEWITH NO PRECEDENT “Indeed, theruling of the Honorable SC will guide this Court whether the authorityconferred upon the plaintiff as a quasi-public corporation by Congress has beencorrectly or properly exercised by it,” he added./PNlast_img read more

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Hinobaan bros hack farmer to death

first_imgResident Joemarie Embang, 45, sustainedhack wounds on the neck, a police report showed. According to police investigators, Embangwas bringing his cow to a farm when the suspects hacked the victim using abladed weapon around 6 a.m. on April 3. BACOLOD City – A farmer was hacked todeath in Barangay Asia, Hinobaan, Negros Occidental. Prior to the incident, the suspects wentto the house of Embang and challenged him to a fight on April 2. The victim’ssons, however, prevented their father, police said. center_img Embang’s stepbrothers Raymund Aro, 20,and a certain Adong Aro were tagged as suspects. As of this writing, officers of theHinobaan municipal police station have yet to arrest the suspects but arelooking into land dispute as the motive in the killing./PNlast_img read more

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Paid internships offered by Indiana Republicans

first_imgIndianapolis, In. — The Indiana Senate Republican Caucus is offering paid spring-semester internships in its legislative, legal, policy, communications and information technology offices during the 2019 session of the Indiana General Assembly, said State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg).Qualified candidates must be at least a college sophomore. Recent college graduates as well as graduate school and law school students are also encouraged to apply. Positions are open to Indiana residents as well as non-residents who attend a college or university located within the state.Benefits include a $750 biweekly stipend, scholarship and academic credit opportunities, professional development, community involvement and networking.Senate internships are full-time positions at the Statehouse in downtown Indianapolis that begin with a mandatory orientation in late December and conclude at the end of the legislative session in April 2019.“This internship is a great opportunity for young people to develop a better knowledge of Indiana and the legislative process,” Leising said. “Interns are provided so many important learning opportunities during their time at the Senate, and I encourage all who are interested to submit an application.”For more information or to access an application, visit read more

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WPB “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony to Make a Movie Based on Her Life

first_imgCasey Anthony, who lives quietly in West Palm Beach, is now planning to go public and make a movie based on her life called “As I Was Told,” the Daily Mail reported.The 33-year-old was named the most hated mother in America after she was arrested for the murder of her 2-year-old daughter.Caylee’s skeletal remains were found in a trash bag in December 2008, in woodlands near the family home. FILE – In this May 26, 2011, file photo, Casey Anthony appears in court during her trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla. The Florida woman who was dubbed by cable TV show hosts as “the most hated mom in America” after she was accused of killing her toddler said she still doesn’t know how the last hours of her daughter’s life unfolded. (Red Huber/Orlando Sentinel via AP, Pool, File)The Daily Mail reported Anthony was accused of neglecting her daughter and killing her to get out of her parental responsibilities.In 2011, an Orlando jury found her not guilty of first degree. According to Anthony, “I could care less what people think of me,” Anthony told the Daily Mail. “I just feel my truth needs to be out of me. I need to close the book.”last_img read more

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Forde rates 2017 as ‘remarkable’ for GFF Executive Committee

first_imgPresident of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne Forde (WF) described 2017 as ‘remarkable’ for his Executive Committee, telling Chronicle Sport’s Rawle Toney (RT) in a ‘Question and Answer’ interview, that they’ve been able to deliver on promises made during their campaign in 2015.Forde also offered some insight into the GFF’s attempt to regularize the game and how their affiliates will benefit.See full interview below.RT: How would rate your executive committee’s year and what would you consider your biggest accomplishment for 2017.WF: It has been yet another remarkable year for the Executive Committee; we are delivering on every campaign commitment and beyond. We made commitments to implement a NEW Intra-Association Football model for the four critical development age groups: U-13, U-15, U-17 and U-20. We have delivered the NAMILCO U-17 and the Frank Watson U-15. We will announce the U-13 & 20 early next year.We have created a stable football environment which is evident by three successful congresses we have had over the past two years.Perhaps the commencement of construction of the Providence National Training Centre is the most significant accomplishment for 2017, simply because of the level of doubt that had crept into the minds of our stakeholders and the general public.We are quietly and rapidly making fundamental changes to the operations of football in Guyana by laying strong foundations and building structures for the future of the game.RT: What does 2018 holds for youth football, both male and female?WF: In 2018, we will be focusing on improving and expanding the Scotia Bank Academy Training Centre programme. With the U-13 and U-20 Intra-Association Leagues coming online, the demand will be greater on the technical staff. The 13 Academies are managed by 35 paid coaches delivering standard age-specific weekly sessions.The Academy coaches will be busy preparing the players for a planned U-15 Boys South America tour scheduled for February and an U-19 Boys European tour scheduled for June/July. The U-15 and U-17 Girls will be very busy this year as well.As it relates to the senior women, despite there being no official fixture announced thus far, we will most certainly be giving them some game time as plans are being made for a tri-Nation tournament in Guyana early this year.RT: Regularising the game seems to be a point of focus for you, but since the announcement, some concerns were raised that the GFF wants to control the game, and some fear victimisation. Could you elaborate on this process and providing a level playing field for all?WF: The GFF wants to bring order to football which is severely lacking at this time. We have developed a 2018 Competition calendar that seeks to streamline competitions. The Federation has to assign specific periods for specific competitions; this is common throughout the football world.But more importantly, the Executive Committee has a constitutional mandate to control football in all its forms for an unlimited period within the jurisdiction of Guyana; Article 1:1.The Federation and its members are the original owners of all rights emanating from football competitions and events within the jurisdiction of Guyana. Article 77:1.The Executive Committee shall decide how and to what extent these rights are utilised and draw up special regulation to this end. Article 77:2.The foregoing is a further illustration of our mandate and despite all of the empty talk about victimisation, the real issue seems to be the flagrant refusal to treat football with the respect it deserves.My executive committee will not bend toward the will of anyone; we are here to represent the best interest of all stakeholder, i.e. members, sponsors and players, in a fair and transparent manner. These regulations that everyone seems to dread without the benefit of the details, will protect investments, secure time slots and improve standards of competitions.We will continue to build partnerships that are characterized by mutual respect and respect for the rules and laws of the game. The game is bigger than everyone and must be respected by all despite the vicissitudes of the past.RT: Street football, one of the most popular unconventional formats of the game, how does this fall into the regularisation scheme of the GFF?WF: The GFF Constitution is patently clear on this matter. Perhaps the question that should be asked is; who benefits from an unregulated version of the game. Who will adjudicate conflicts that may arise during the game? Who trains and develop the officials? Who train the coaches that trains the players? Who will ensure that the period approved for a competition will not be trespassed on by a competing organiser of equal size and reach?Who will ensure that the Federation and its member’s competitions do not overlap with unsanctioned competitions? Who will ensure that the safety of players, officials and fans are protected? Who will ensure that the games are not manipulated and/or fixed and if such occurs, who will impose the requisite sanction?While there is a definite need for a change in attitudes toward the game and the Federation, I am both surprised and disappointed by the waste of energy this decision has provoked. I would encourage all stakeholders to relax and participate in the consultation that will take place before the regulations are drafted.RT: A 3% levy fee is now mandated, as approved by Congress. How would this be ‘policed’ by the GFF, to determine if the gate or prize money is greater?I wish to first and foremost highlight the following points: (1) The Executive Committee recognized that the 15% levy that was in place for the past 10 years was prohibitive and difficult to impose, given the current sponsorship landscape.We took a decision to reduce that amount by 12% and lock it in for the next two years. (2) The GFF pays 3% levy to CONCACAF for international friendlies.(3) The levy DOES NOT GO TO THE FEDERATION; it will be collected on behalf of the members and will be used to support football operations at the Association level and capacity building and administration programmes.(4) The implementation of the Congress-approved levy will go to the regulation Committee where it will be drafted following an extensive consultation exercise, before it is presented to the Exco for approval.The Committee will recommend what tournaments will attract a levy, when that levy should be paid and who MUST pay the levy.RT: How much does the work at the GFF mirrors that to CONCACAF, given the fact that they too had made some structural changes to their operations, especially their club tournament?WF: The GFF is generating ideas on how to grow and reform the game independently. However, from a policy and regulatory stand point, we are aligning our operations with FIFA and CONCACAF.RT: Futsal and beach football have been two of the most inactive affiliates of the GFF; what is being done to see these associations reaching their mandate, and what is being done to properly put a structure in place for those two formats?The 2018 football calendar has set out seasons for both beach and futsal. The GFF will be working much closer with these members to ensure that sponsorship and funding is provided for their competitions.RT: Could you give an update on FIFA forward programme?WF: Work is progressing well despite the inclement weather conditions. We have succeeded in our application to expand phase 1. The lighting has been upgraded to the CONCACAF tier 2 lighting standard; this will allow us to host major international games in Guyana.We will also be renovating the existing building that is on the property to facilitate team encampment until the dorms are completed.We will now be able to bring together our teams much more often and have longer periods of preparation, which is essential in our quest to become #1 within the Region.This is a personal goal of mine that will be accomplished much sooner than most fans may wish to believe. Next year we will share with the public what phase 2 of the construction will entail.I take this opportunity to wish our fans, sponsors, players, administrators and stakeholders a merry Christmas and a productive 2018. “We are here to serve football..!”God Bless.last_img read more

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Ogunkoya Thanks Ogba, Predicts Double Celebration at Remo 2019 IAU

first_imgThe African 400m Women record holder, Falilat Ogunkoya has thanked the President of International Association of Ultrarunners in Africa, Solomon Ogba for bringing the first edition of Valuejet IAU African Championships to Remo, Ogun StateThe event Tagged ‘Remo 2019’ is slated for Saturday, December 7 and it is presently the most-talked-about running event in Nigeria and across borders.Thirty African countries have registered to participate in the 50km race while fun runners also have the opportunity to participate in the 5km fun run which starts at the Ikenne Central Mosque and ends at the Sagamu International Stadium. Ogunkoya noted that this is the first IUA event in this part of the world in 35 years and one would have thought that Ogba will have taken it to his domain but he has chosen to allow Remo Town to get the honour.“The people of Remo and indeed Ogun State are grateful to Chief Ogba for being a true Nigerian and for giving us the opportunity to host runners from across the different countries.“The whole town is grateful and I can assure you that everyone is looking forward to this weekend, apart from the race, everyone would also have a chance to explore the tourism potentials of Ogun State” Ogunkoya who is the President Of the Ogun State Athletics Association stated.Ogunkoya also thanked Valuejet and other sponsors that are supporting ‘Remo 2019’ for making what seemed like a tall dream to become a reality.The President of the South-West Athletics Association also expressed gratitude to the likes of Kunle Soname and Bukola Oloopade who both have been supportive in organising this epoch-making event.While Ogunkoya is confident of brilliant races at the weekend, she has also predicted that there would be more cause for celebration when the son of the soil Anthony Joshua takes to the ring to reclaim his world boxing title form Andy Ruiz far way in Saudi Arabia.“I know it would be celebration galore this weekend” Ogunkoya assuredAlready, dignitaries for the championships from across the continent have started arriving in Nigeria.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Falilat Ogunkoyalast_img read more

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Liverpool, C-NS cross country qualifies four runners for state meet

first_img Tags: C-NScross countryliverpool In a short amount of time, both of the cross country teams at Cicero-North Syracuse had just about caught up to its rivals from Liverpool.How close they actually were would get discovered last Saturday when they squared off twice in the Section III Class A championships at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill, where they expected to duel for runner-up team honors behind the dominant sides of Fayetteville-Manlius.In the girls race, the anticipation was about whether C-NS, no. 3 in the latest state Class A rankings, could overtake no. 6-ranked Liverpool. That did not happen. Led by Jenna Schulz and Sydney Carlson, the Warriors, with 55 points, topped the Northstars’ third-place score of 75 points as F-M won with 21 points, placing five of the top eight runners.Schulz, as she has done so many times, would, with her time of 18 minutes, 21.3 seconds, beat everyone in the Class A field except future North Carolina State teammate (and F-M star) Claire Walters, who won in 17:29.6.Since the top five finishers outside of F-M would advance to this Saturday’s state championships at SUNY-Plattsburgh, plenty of runners stepped up, none more than Carlson, who was seventh overall in 19:48.3.center_img Freshman Kate Putman, leading C-NS, got to ninth place in 19:53.5, and by doing so grabbed the fourth bid on the Section III All-Star squad for the state meet, joining Schulz, Carlson, Rome Free Academy’s Emily Toth-Ratazzi and Oswego’s Miranda Gilbert.Liverpool’s runner-up team finish sprung from a trio of top-20 finishes behind Schulz and Carlson.Gabby McCarthy finished 14th in 20:24.9, with Eva Woodworth getting 15th place in 20:37 flat and  ninth-grader Kara Nash 17th in 20:46.9. Eighth-grader Charlotte Warner was 24th in 21:16.5.C-NS had freshman Marissa Navarra make her way to 13th place in 20:19.4, while eighth-grader Marissa Doty needed 20:40 flat to finish 16th. Allison Newton, in 20:49.2, beat out Hannah Reichard (20:54.8) for 18th place as Morgan Kingdeski (21:45.2) and seventh-grader Gabby Putman (22:02.4) trailed them.Earlier, the boys Class A race was the first on the card, and in the cold morning air Liverpool’s Carter Rodriguez cemented his own spot in the state meet and, with Jake McGowan and Ryan Cartwright, led the Warriors to a second-place finish behind F-M.In a time of 16 minutes, 37.2 seconds, Rodriguez finished fifth overall, and second outside of the winning F-M squad. He joins RFA teammates Nick Ferretti and Nate Sletten, along with Matt Bartolotta (West Genesee) and Jack Michaels (Baldwinsville), on the sectional All-Star team for the state meet.McGowan just missed out on that trip, but still finished ninth in 16:53 flat, while Cartwright got 10th place in 17:05.4. Ryan Hagan was close behind, getting 12th place in 17:11.8, with Charlie Praschunus (17:56.9) and Ethan Glashauser (17:58.2) also in the top 25.C-NS, who finished fifth in the team standings, was led by Matt LeClair, who ran to 18th place in 17:41.7. Close behind him, R.J. Davis got 20th place in 17:53.4 as Josh Koeppe was 28th in 18:04.3, with Zach Bergman (18:08.5), Evan Breitbeck (18:13.9), Evan Romano (18:18.9) and Edwin Hirsh (18:30.8) close behind.Share this:FacebookTwitterLinkedInRedditComment on this Story last_img read more

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Office of Religious Life hosts vigil for victims of Sri Lanka terror attacks

first_img“This circle represents the world that I think every one of us wants,” he said. “A world where people of different faiths or of no faith tradition at all respect each other, are interested in each other, are curious about each others’ traditions.” During the vigil, attendees formed a circle to pray for victims and offer words of love and hope for the affected communities. Rosie Shawver, director of Campus Ministry at the Caruso Catholic Center, recited a prayer delivered by Pope Francis on Easter. Nearly 25 students, faculty and staff  commemorated the victims of the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks at a vigil Wednesday that emphasized the importance of community, acceptance and peace. The terrorist attacked on Easter Sunday claimed the lives of over 350 people and injured hundreds more across churches and hotels. The prayer also called for peace and acceptance of all people, regardless of religious, political or ideological differences. The event was hosted by the Office of Religious Life and included speakers from Interfaith Council and the Caruso Catholic Center. The Office of Religious Life hosted a vigil Wednesday to commemorate the victims of the Sri Lanka terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of over 350 people and injured hundreds on Easter Sunday. (Natalie Oganesyan/Daily Trojan) “I hope that in time, [the families of the victims, the friends, the neighbors and the people reading the news] find peace and happiness,” read one of the anonymous prayers. “I wish to manifest my affectionate closeness to the Christian community [in Sri Lanka, which was] hit while they were gathered in prayer,’” Shawver recited. “‘And to the victims of such cruel violence, I entrust to the Lord all those who have tragically died, and I pray for the injured who are suffering because of this traumatic event.” Led by the Rev. Jim Burklo, senior associate dean of Religious Life, attendees sang Interfaith chants. Burklo said gathering as a community helps facilitate togetherness and understanding. Noha Ayoub, a senior majoring in law, history and culture, said she felt it was important to gather after a tragedy to express solidarity. Attendees were prompted to write letters offering solidarity and prayer to the victims of the attack. “I think it’s important for us, as human beings, to come together to mourn those that have passed because otherwise what’s our purpose here in life if we’re not here to be together?” Ayoub said. “I think that by being here we’re all stressing how this is not normal and this shouldn’t be normalized and cannot be normalized,” Interfaith Council President Shradha Jain said. “We need to reach out and support our Trojan community, our friends and family who have been affected by this tragic event in Sri Lanka.” “Most importantly, I think there’s a deep sense of vulnerability that our communities on campus are feeling, especially with regards to sacred spaces,” said Jain, a senior majoring in business administration. “I think at USC we can come together to express how warm our hearts are and how we can remain to create safe spaces, sacred spaces amongst each other.” The letters, compiled with other prayers from the USC’s Little Chapel of Silence, were then ceremonially burned in the biannual prayer celebration hosted by the Interfaith Council. The Caruso Catholic Center will host an evening mass on Sunday to memorialize the victims and offer prayers to their families.last_img read more

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Nick Mariano, No. 1 Syracuse’s top scorer, develops weak hand to round out arsenal

first_imgFrom time to time, Evan Molloy tells Nick Mariano when the popcorn is popping. Or when the muffins are coming his way. By that, Syracuse’s goalie means easy saves.Around the Syracuse lacrosse team, there’s a running joke that Mariano does not have a right hand. “He gets a lot of crap,” senior midfielder Sergio Salcido said. Even when Mariano shoots with his non-dominant hand, his right, it sometimes comes toward the cage relatively slow. Molloy calls such shots popcorn or muffins because they’re too easy to stop.“With Mariano, you want to make him go right,” ESPN lacrosse analyst Mark Dixon said.Mariano realized early this year that many teams would put their top defender on him. Often, they’d force him right. When they do so, the SU senior midfielder is beginning to have an answer. He no longer relies solely on his powerful left-handed snipe, which zips at about 100 miles per hour and makes him the leading scorer (29 goals) on the country’s top-ranked team. He’s scored at least two goals this season with his right — at least two more than he did all of last year, when he scored each of his team-high 35 goals with his dominant left hand.Mariano has scored 64 goals over the last two seasons, 22 more than anybody else on SU. By developing his right hand for dodging, shooting and passing, he can round out his game for No. 1 Syracuse (11-1, 4-0 Atlantic Coast) in what are his final weeks of college lacrosse.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“I know I can shoot the ball right-handed,” Mariano said. “I’ve just got to get confidence in myself and consistently put it on cage where I want it.”Ally Moreo | Photo EditorIn practice, defenders heavily favor his left, almost begging him to go right. Mariano, the leading scorer at Massachusetts in 2014 and 2015 and now at SU, usually will flash his right for a few steps then roll back to the side he’s more comfortable with. He knows he should go right more.For Mariano, a solidified right hand would mean more pressure on the defense. He would draw more slides, leaving spaces for others. He would add to an already impressive arsenal, and he would become less predictable.“Contrary to popular to belief,” redshirt senior Joe Gillis said, “he does have a right hand. I’ve seen him put it in his right this year more than all of last year. Teams know he’s all left, so if they’re going to give him that right, I don’t think he’s going to be shy to take it.”In 2016, Mariano didn’t score a single goal with his right, the team said. Last Wednesday in practice, he dodged on a couple of guys, stutter-stepped and shot it past Molloy with his right.“He threw his whole body into it,” Molloy said. “That’s when he’s at his best.” Molloy said Mariano scores on “every goalie,” citing his accuracy to put it top shelf or low corner almost at will.“I still get mad at myself,” Molloy said, “and sometimes I remind myself that nobody’s making that save.“Mariano’s the best shooter I’ve ever played against, hands down,” Molloy added. “It’s not even close. You have guys who can put the heat on the ball, but you can read it better. Mariano just hides his stick well, quick release. It’s a hard save to make. When I save his shots, I know I’m having a good day. All angles. It’s something special.”Evan Jenkins | Staff PhotographerBinghamton head coach Kevin McKeown said Mariano shoots even when he looks covered, sometimes double-teamed. He thrives at wrapping his hands around his defender and shooting from angles that make it hard for the goalie to pick up. He can dissect defenses with a foresight to see open spaces and attack them.One of Mariano’s hardest shots for a goalie to pick up may have come April 1 at then-No. 1 Notre Dame, where Mariano scored four goals to lift SU to the upset victory. His second score came on a right-handed shot. He laughed about it postgame, only a week after he scored three goals with his left against Duke. He knew UND would force him right. When UND took away his left, Mariano rolled back right and scored to put Syracuse up 7-5.“If he could add that to his game,” Salcido said, “he’ll be unbelievable.” Comments Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on April 23, 2017 at 10:24 pm Contact Matthew: | @MatthewGut21last_img read more

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Grinding Gears: USC football has become mediocre

first_imgAt a certain point, there’s no sugarcoating what kind of program USC has become. Saturday’s 38-35 loss to Arizona State at the Coliseum that all but ended any hopes of USC repeating as Pac-12 champions was an indication of how far this program has slipped since the Pete Carroll era, how lowered expectations have turned into the norm and how much hotter head coach Clay Helton’s seat is becoming, game by game.Here are three things that Saturday’s loss added to the accumulating list of horrors this season has produced thus far.Home win streak snappedNo matter how disappointing USC has played this season, the one thing supporters have hung their hats on has been the win streak at the Coliseum. That was snapped on Saturday at 19 games, the second longest in college football. It was the first time Helton has lost in the Coliseum since taking over in 2015, the first time anyone on the team aside from the seniors has experienced a home defeat. There were tears flowing in the locker room. “When I see a grown man like [redshirt freshman defensive lineman] Jay Tufele being emotional because he gave everything he had and I see guys absolutely saddened by a loss, that’s what you want as a coach,” Helton said.It eliminates a crutch for Helton and his backers. Despite the numerous lopsided road losses USC has experienced the past few seasons — including last week at Utah — they could always point to Helton’s success at the Coliseum, how this team has been unbeatable on home turf. But the streak was almost like a mirage, an easy excuse that did not atone for the problems that have become apparent. Perhaps it is fitting that it ended in the midst of a season that has put Helton’s job security increasingly at risk: He can no longer use the streak to prop himself up. Quarterback mistake?One game is hardly enough a sample size, but one could make the case that USC could have started redshirt freshman Jack Sears instead of true freshman JT Daniels at quarterback in Week 1 and have a better record.Sears looked rusty out of the gate, probably because he hadn’t played in a real game since high school. But he showed his skillset and flashes of Sam Darnold-esque greatness in the second half, helping USC rattle off 21 straight points to flip a 24-7 deficit. He completed 20-of-28 passes for two touchdowns and 235 yards, didn’t throw a pick and looked more comfortable than Daniels has all season. Sears has a stronger arm than Daniels, more athletic ability and — unlike the true freshman — the wherewithal to extend plays with his feet, to make something out of nothing. That is a valuable asset, especially in an offense run by Helton and offensive coordinator Tee Martin that is too often stagnant and predictable. Let’s not forget that for the hype surrounding Daniels this season, Sears was the sixth-ranked dual threat quarterback recruit in the country before he committed to USC, according to Rivals — one spot below Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger.And yet, not only did Helton choose an 18-year-old to lead the program, but he also dropped Sears to third in the depth chart behind redshirt sophomore Matt Fink despite the fact that Sears clearly has more talent. Whether it was seniority, giving into the hype or a combination of both, Helton did not make the right call regarding Sears, who looks like starter material to me — and, apparently, to Helton. “[He] practices like a starter, and today he played like a starter,” Helton said after Saturday’s game. The head honcho will have a decision to make next week, should Daniels heal from his concussion. Two seasons ago, Helton essentially admitted he made the wrong decision to start Max Browne over Darnold when he made the switch following a 1-3 start. Will this season make it 0-for-2 in quarterback decisions? ApathyThe only thing worse than a home win streak being snapped and a potential quarterback decision brewing is having nobody care about either, and that’s the direction this season appears to be turning in.USC drew just 47,406 fans on Saturday at the Coliseum, the lowest for a home game since 2001, and it is on pace to draw the fewest fans per game since 1987. Camera shots from above the Coliseum on Saturday revealed many patches of empty seats. Nobody wants to watch a .500 team, especially in Los Angeles, when the weekend weather is picture perfect and there are better sports teams in the immediate vicinity. But that is what USC has become, a “meh” program when the expectations and history demand so much more. It has become a program that is not worth spending a Saturday to watch anymore. It has become just another mediocre Pac-12 team when it should have the talent and resources to compete for a national championship. To not even be surprised in the slightest after a home loss to Arizona State shows you all you need to know about the state of this program. And as the losses continue to pile up, as the home-win streak becomes a thing of the past and as the coaching staff faces mounting criticism, the pressure to make a change at the top may reach a boiling point sooner rather than later. Eric He is a senior majoring in journalism. He is also the managing editor of the Daily Trojan. His column, “Grinding Gears,” runs Mondays.last_img read more

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