Data analysis process direction of bidding optimization

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is now very popular big data, but we are in the big data era of rapid development, how to find business opportunities from these data, we found that the companies / products at this stage of the problem is the basic condition for business survival. Back to business, we are talking about the bidding data analysis process, how to start bidding analysis, and find out the problems in each link, such as account level, landing page, customer service and so on. Next, we will explain each aspect of the data analysis in detail.


1. Determine the objectives / objectives of the analysis

analysis to determine the target / objective is a very important link, as the saying goes "beginning to end", only the account optimization strategy to set goals we determine the account or work to reach to clear, and guide the direction for the next data analysis. For example, before we account keyword conversion costs in 100 yuan, now the boss asks us to reduce conversion costs, the conversion cost control in 50 yuan; on average price stage accounts for 15.8 yuan, the average price will need to click on the reduced to about 10 yuan and so on.

two, data collection, collation,

data collection mainly consists of two parts, data collection and data arrangement.

data collection is our daily marketing process data, consumption, display, click, total dialogue, effective dialogue, booking, go to the hospital and so on.


data also how we do it, maybe some people will think we have collected data how to collate data, in the data analysis, the analysis of preparatory work must be done, it is a prerequisite for data analysis. Data processing is to use the data we collected above to further calculate, such as dialogue rate, reservation rate, arrival rate, average click price, reservation cost, cost of arrival, etc..

three, find the core issue,

said it’s important to determine the analysis, core and soul of this problem is to find the core data analysis, so how to find the core problem will become a lot of people facing challenges, and even some novice to see that data cannot find what the core of the problem, then the optimization direction as can be imagined account, the effect of the advertisement delivery strategy. Then explain how to find the core problem.

through the account level report, we can analyze the input-output ratio, this can only for our marketing to play a certain direction, and can’t guide us how to operate to improve the marketing effect.

through the promotion plan report, we can clearly see which plan of higher consumption, what plans have been no transformation, still in consumption, which plans to change the situation is better, and so on.

plan report analysis, we have some questions about the account at this time, >

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