ndependent P you betrayed me

open Baidu, or Google, or any other search engine, enter the keyword "independent IP", will find in the big Internet, this is a compliment, except for a few pages a few simple explanation for this popular keywords, the rest is countless praise and infinite longing. No wonder, in today Chinese network environment, new ideas, original content is more precious than pearls, everyone on the search engine optimization era, a new logo, advertised independent tool independent IP, naturally popular. But, the website owners of independent IP flock has to deformity degree, this is not easy to get the independent IP, but betrayed me.

to say this bitter, or talk about the advantages of independent IP in everyone’s eyes.

in the network, there is such a paragraph: "the use of independent IP, in addition to the direct use of IP addresses to visit the site, the more prominent are the following five points," the five advantages are:

1, IP reduces the chances of being sealed as a server virtual machine on other customers due to illegal information (such as pornography) or policy disposal (such as Congress and the Olympics) cause IP was blocked, then your IP virtual host will not be affected.

2, immune from attack. When the same server virtual machine on other customers under attack, then your IP virtual host will not be affected.

3, enhance the user site by search engines included level and opportunity. If a IP only corresponds to a website, then the search engine will evaluate the quality of the site is high, so as to improve the included level, and share IP conditions will reduce the included level.

4, you can achieve universal domain binding. IP alone can be achieved after the previous virtual machine Windows domain binding function can achieve the pan. And users can resolve the domain name to an independent IP without having to do binding to access the site.

5 can be accessed directly using IP. Users can access the website directly through an independent IP to avoid common sharing. IP access to IP directly will result in a false report, which can increase the image of the enterprise.

is the biggest advantage of IP is the independent search engine, is used to "Crawler" said I am the one and only, unique, and in the implementation of some technologies (such as pan domain binding), has a vital and indispensable role.


IP, independent "advantages of reducing the error and increase the corporate image" has become my wounds in the eyes of everyone, to my pain.

of course, this is my technical errors, but also because of this, only to share my lessons, not for all flowers applause, but make friends in the process of using a separate IP step in less detours, as early as second in the destination, to achieve the purpose of.

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