How can a local talent network improve its influence through recruitment

in 2003, I came to Shenzhen, when I first came here, there was no other feeling. I felt that there were more people and more applicants, and the flow of talents here was too frequent. So let me think of technical talent network, so founded the Shenzhen talent network so far. Shenzhen talent network 0755RC in a blink of an eye for eight years, I feel for Shenzhen talent network to establish the brand, it is not a easy thing to see! On the promotion of Shenzhen talent network 0755RC I used a lot of ways, the talent market to distribute, registration, and resume lottery portal cooperation and so on, but really I can set up brand effect think or a fair. The impact of the job fairs is more entrenched, but a single couple of times will not have much effect. Job fairs will be held regularly to allow job seekers and businesses to remember the site deeply.

the first Shenzhen talent network recruitment is and schools, we certainly want to know ways! In fact the only resource integration, school students, we have companies together can get out of a larger fair! Although easy to say actually not difficult to do, which relates to many of the details, remember to communicate with the school, talked about a lot of details are in the optimization of recruitment effect! Such as recruitment recruitment during the early rally, booth layout, recruitment will be held after the soft launch and so on! Before the period of the campaign is very important, it is decided to enterprise and job seekers in the decisive factors or not, we through school and negotiate, poster forms of propaganda is sure will be used, but the flyers and leaflets, in most of the students may effect It’s not so good. Most students throw it away with no continuity. Then we consider making bookmarks with bookmarks, which are easy to bookmark. Bookmarks printed out the recruitment of time, place and sponsor, so that there are publicity effects, but also for a long time to leave their website in the minds of students. If the bookmark will be fine, a pass ten, ten pass 100! The effect is good! Also some small details, exhibitors enterprises generally have a badge to prove that he is the recruitment unit, then this sign can also print out our web site, so that job seekers will cannot do without sight in our website the recruitment, we can deeply remember


in fact above is caused by some small details of the influence, the biggest influence comes from the media, we invited the Shenzhen mobile media and Shenzhen newspapers reported on the site, the influence is the best! Mobile bus in Shenzhen can be said is a big influence, a lot of people who took the bus every day, remember the people of Shenzhen the network was founded during that time, we put on the bus ads, the effect is very good, the number of enterprises and job seekers login increasing! So long as the job fairs don’t forget the power of the media


said the line now talk about online publicity, publicity, recruitment will be held before I let website editor wrote a large number of soft, released to Shenzhen each big BBS, blog, covering the Shenzhen side as the crowd of soft power is great! "

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