Discussion on the operation method of the three or four line city portal Forum

last night, in Lu Songsong’s webmaster friends and struggle group, I overheard someone talking about the three or four line city portal BBS operation method. Because I have also operated a local portal, because at that time did not do what the market survey, will fall into the local forum, leading to the later forum built, but no user traffic, of course the project is completely yellow. Later, I have been absorbed in the research of SEO technology, and never touched the gateway forum again. So, to see this topic, the author also because there are some experience, here on the next three or four lines of the city’s gateway, forum operations need to have market research.

first, the level of consumption. The consumption level of a single three or four tier city is still very low, and companies or brands can define "entry strategies" through "cluster". The concept proposed by Clutster, a Boston consulting firm, refers to the proximity of regions with similar characteristics". In the Chinese, for example, the Pearl River Delta region of Jiaozhou Peninsula region or the Yangtze River Delta region, limited to consumer research, the research results can be obtained relatively similar, but also conducive to the company to develop into a regional three or four line market policy. However, the operation of personal portal forum how to get the local consumption level survey? If blindly into the market, the final outcome may be dropped.

second, competitive level. Relative to a second tier cities, the level of competition in the three or four tier cities is certainly not as high as in a second tier city. I used to run local portal forum is the three line of the city, because did not do any market research, directly into a piece of real estate, mainly rely on the local real estate news, price, promotions and other information access to users. At the beginning of the initial operation in good condition, I also think proud as Lucifer portal forum operation, merely mediocre, because there is no later news sources, real estate advertising, user traffic sources, leading to operational failure. When leisure done some investigation found that the original local Soufangwang, Tencent has been stationed in the portal, they have rich resources, this is not my little grass root can play, this is also the last years leads me no longer easily involved in the local portal forum. However, this also let the author have a little experience, three or four line city we need to do fine small, start from small details, and slowly to peripheral product expansion, only focus on one, and eventually will succeed.

third, user experience. The user experience must not strange, since the user came to the site, the first is whether the site can provide useful information for the users? The Internet is not you reprint me, I reprint your kind of extensive information, need to have the help of useful information to the user. For example, the three or four line of the city’s real estate information, whether your website can provide users with the latest discount information, a real estate opening time and promotion; second site access speed and interface design will be whether the user choose to stay in one of the reasons for the website; finally website article typesetting, whether there is death links and content updates and maintenance will be considered the factors of users, it not only affects the >

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