Looking at the essential qualities of team entrepreneurship from Uruguay

Uruguay has never been favored to reach the final four, until the last minute is still fighting, the achievements of the world cup in South Africa grassroots miracle. This experience through seemingly unpopular, but if we carefully analyze the Wudui personnel structure and tactical system, will be for them to show more trust and respect. And their quality of success and experience, for grass-roots entrepreneurial team, but also have an excellent reference.

strategy properly, try to avoid

needless to say, the worst defensive team in the four finals is Uruguay. In Holland and Germany two games, conceded 6 doors. This formulation in hand is the coach, the team in the backcourt personnel material surface is not wide, the ratio of staff is not good choice; on the other hand, is also the Uruguay team in the backcourt tactical awareness is not enough, at least in Argentina and Brazil defender, regardless of personal ability or tactics are just a little bit worse. But the team can go all the way into the semi-finals, Holland and Germany have a ready pen open to the last seconds, or because of tactics to make correct, that is: the best backcourt weaknesses, give full play to the three Suarez Fran Cavani frontcourt offensive skills, the maximum up for the team’s attack, the attack is the best defense. Grassroots entrepreneurial team, subject to its own financial resources and manpower, can’t measure for many. How to give full play to their own strengths, strengths and circumvent weaknesses, and make their own characteristics, this is a strategic consideration.

personnel division of labor, tactical execution firm

Wudui tactics is very simple, rely on refining technology and backcourt defender tackle on defense, midfield quickly through the ball, the ball to the front three feet group. Although the result of the individual ability in the backcourt led to the team conceded a lot, the entire tactical implementation is still very firm. In the backcourt defense in the tough tackling reasonable, active defense tenacious, the ball quickly and accurately. The characteristics of front three group full flexibility without losing the power of the fast forward form of attacking options for the Germany match last night, the defender almost waist fold, such a scene, Spain also failed to do. The quality of team members is always uneven, and the team’s achievements are bound to the height of the minimum board, but also depend on the location of the shortest board. Let the right people to do the right thing, to ensure a clear division of labor, all members to maximize their ability to ensure resolutely implement the tactics, magic is the entrepreneurial team benefited in every way.

program is flexible and adapt to the development of the situation

Wudui tactical decided in their frontcourt, most of the time can only play more with less. But the result of 9 goals in front of the 3 was second only to the combination of Germany, Keluoze and Muller. Their front three team, the speed of strange, fast, excellent technology, strength, running ability, but also have a foot long-range effort, it is such a fist product, trick fatal. Three people to the front, the choice of attack is very changeable: set the edge of the pass, the middle of the road straight plug, plug in front, outside the far

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