After 90 webmaster do station experience summary

calculate yourself do stand fast for more than 2 years, 3 years from the first person to do now ( BLOG music station opened, ha ha) more or less also learned a lot of knowledge, but also deeply appreciate the hardships of a stand.


07 years to do station, then do a BLOG, the station did not know how to make money, but was interested in this would be a FLASH, I can do at that time, has spent more than a week with FLASH made a personal display FLASH station, it was a happy, to see who will say, oh.

to 07 in the second half listening website to be able to make money, how to make money also don’t understand, home began to wonder to do a web site to make money, then we all love to play QQ space, I will try to do a QQ space station, on the Internet to find the source program (now, remember what is the temptation to check before Britain website source code now to search the Internet can find, is the kernel of DEDE) opened the station in disorderly fashion everywhere, began collecting pictures and space code, which station do have half the time, PR2, IP on the more than 1000 point, although traffic is not high, but I have very satisfied, because has not seen revenue eventually gave up. (now think about it, it’s kind of a pity, if you insist on doing it at that time)

space station closed again wondering do some other websites to make money, then think of the movie station, on the Internet to find a free movie program called Marx, program is good, but also with automatic acquisition, program, data also do not worry, it took 2 days to keep up also, for 2 months, eventually closed, after all is hotlinking Youku movies. You can also flow to go directly to give up.

Then I started to do the

DJ station, DJ station to do the good, now every day there are more than 30 fast income, this 30 dollars may only do the webmaster can feel he is precious, every day in the morning a little update update update to 2 points, 7 points in the morning afford to go to work every day, waking up to tell the truth, really tired, but I didn’t give up, there are two stations previously accumulated experience makes me realize that only adhere to the station to do better! Now the DJ station PR2, IP3000 more. Maintain a steady income of 30 per day.

wrote for a long time, just want to tell you, adhere to is to do the basic station, the appropriate optimization + adhere to the original update, your station will fire up!

!The station is on the

no shortcut to come out of


QQP3 music network

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