Korean website is worth our study

in the country, many designers are imitating their style. For Korean website design style, I have the following understanding:

In the domestic

website also in the use of Flash animation, to create the atmosphere of the website, they just emphasize the animation how Hyun, how cool, too much emphasis on the animation, ignoring the coordination with the website, website and other content. Not up to their expected effect. And Korean designers are also using a lot of Flash animation, they just move the animation locally, just text or small pictures moving. The background of Flash animation is very beautiful. Many of them are hand drawn vector pictures. They look very beautiful and exquisite. A sensuous difference!


Korean designers do very well with color matching on the website. White and gray are their commonly used colors. They use different colors to design different styles of websites, some of them are fashionable, some are very different, and they are bold in using different colors. It’s a pleasure to feel, not to look at a website, but to appreciate something. They use different colors to highlight different website theme, they use colorful color or color to distinguish different columns. One of my websites, www.y3web.com, is designed to mimic their style and looks neat,

Korean Web site is not like a lot of domestic websites, drop-down menu is so rigid. It seems that the drop-down menu is more like this, and it is a fixed pattern. Korean websites have jumped out of the traditional shackles. The design of a flexible and changeable drop-down menu! Korean site looks very have a sense, a lot of domestic websites like, do not have a strong sense of hierarchy, like a lot of things on a South Korean website! Often used a small icon, button to make their website looks a sense of hierarchy. Korean designers are very careful with the instrument,


domestic website construction should be bold with the use of light colors. Page layout to break the routine, like personality, fashion, trend forward, but not too self, that would be counterproductive. Don’t limit yourself to a particular pattern. Should be bold innovation. Change. Our website designers should also follow the trend of the times, in the forefront of the times,


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