How should individual stationmaster give oneself fixed position

I’ve been thinking about this problem, the individual owners how to position themselves, the recent price hikes, close combat vulgar, the domain name is not for the record, Google Adsense price is low, unauthorized video not in the dissemination and so on, let me start thinking about waste site value, and the problem of how to position themselves. A lot of friends like me a little confused, I write this article we want to talk about today is how to survive, but also hope that confused Adsense brothers can learn from, it will be my pleasure to


1, the Internet in Chinese has gone through a period of confused period, now more and more formal, a few years ago the crazy time has passed, now it is difficult to make money by speculation down target! This is indeed a blow for the novice webmaster. Therefore, the novice webmaster must correct to do stand attitude, less detours, stick to it before you can make money.

2, garbage station or to do, regular stations also have to start to do, because the garbage can still get a good short-term results, at least not easy to let you lose confidence. One of my friends, this year began to engage in the website, I would help him several keyword optimization, now every day there are tens of dollars of income, so at least not blow his confidence, let him feel the site is promising. Regular station is a very long period of time, you need a very good perseverance to persist, when you have a certain influence when you can basically sit on the money.

3, don’t keep a station hang! I was engaged in the dumpster, I always claim to do more stations, only do the station to accumulate experience, of course, one might also engage in a station, but we in the positioning of the first station will often go wrong, only to do some more. Clear industry insider


4, choose the right direction for your own development. Although the situation is grim, but if we still have to find many ways to do, how to choose a suitable for their own development direction is very important! The reference standard is mainly the following aspects: (1) resource acquisition (2) self interest or professional (3 pay attention to whether the person and so on)! Do not blindly choose QQ station, non mainstream, pictures, emotions and the like, because it is difficult to make money!


5, insist on doing the station. In fact, a lot of times, we will feel despair, hard work, and pay and get, but not in direct proportion. The station I really let me bother, but I want to say is that the world is fair, absolutely fair! Don’t look at the others earn XX yuan and jealous, they’ve actually done a lot with some friends! In exchange, I clearly remember a man said "I, as long as each month to earn 1000 yuan on the line, my request is very low!" I want to say is not to receive, but hard work! You are a novice, do not even stand to sit to earn 1000 yuan month, in fact, as long as you work hard, you are far more than 1000 yuan per month


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