4 problems need to be solved for tourism websites to break through

The bottleneck of

tourism network marketing has always been plagued by the tourism industry, the tourism network marketing to break the "bottleneck", we must face the tourism network marketing problems, using the method of accurate network marketing. Then, what are the problems of tourism network marketing,


1, blindness of website construction of tourism enterprises. This problem, in the final analysis, or lack of understanding of network marketing, site positioning is not clear. To solve this problem, we must start from the fundamental, through communication with the enterprise, so that enterprises understand what is network marketing, help enterprises pinpoint, find the direction of network marketing.

2, the site is not updated and effective management. Many tourism enterprises believe that the website can achieve the desired goal of network marketing. After the website has been built, the enterprise will put the tourist route or the introduction of the scenic spot and the contact way, and leave the brain behind. Another is the enterprise itself does not IT technology, can not bear the site updated daily work, the enterprise itself and the lack of management and application of web experience, resulting in built site was sitting there, so it cannot give No one shows any interest in, enterprise benefit, enterprise as a demonstration site.

3, the website’s online service problem. This problem also exists in the tourism website, online customer service, online messages and other functions, some sites do not have some people, no service management is useless, customers have questions can not be timely communication on the Internet and enterprise, so that potential customers can not effectively transform. Tourism is a service industry, if you can not communicate with customers in a timely manner, how will customers choose services or products,


4, website optimization, promotion issues. Many tourism enterprises in the development of network marketing are blind, built a web site, there is no corresponding optimization, promotion and other services. As we all know, search engine is an important source of traffic, if the site does not do optimization, promotion, the site is not included in the search engine or favorite, the site will lose important traffic sources.

is above several problems of network marketing of tourism enterprises, tourism enterprises want to do network marketing, these problems must be solved, then how to solve? Enterprises can adopt different methods according to different problems encountered, need to re positioning, re positioning, need to change the marketing strategy, it to change the strategy. First of all, the website should be diagnosed, and then revised, updated, and then a series of website maintenance and optimization, fundamentally can change the enterprise website marketing effect is not good. This paper consists of Nirvana & Yang Zhenqiu finishing from Liaocheng network company — Jean imagination official website www.252000.com, reproduced indicate the source and author of

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