Adsense money SP Raiders

has not written a soft text for a long time, a bit rusty,


SP for advertising, I have not contact for a long time. Now the SP market rebound, there are a lot of new friends want to do, but I do not know from what hand! The younger brother say about to do some of the self understanding SP! Well you pat the palm, say the wrong place everyone clap brick! Note: master please bypass!

The first step of

: a guide page. Guide page is easy to find, can do can also download online to others. A lot of good! Guide page in place of cooperation SP union advertising code embedded in it. Note: don’t adultury! Some of the league has limits, or related Huang may not


the second step: find a stable space, recommended to buy an American host.COM to do with the domain name. This will save a lot of trouble! The space is good or bad, cheap 300 yuan a year, expensive 200 yuan a month… Which is better, to understand.! Oh, anyway I was 200 dollars a month


third step: put a picture or text advertisement on your website and import the traffic into the boot page. Come on,

ha ha… This is the basic step,


below is the key… A lot of friends all know that there are many N owners rely on buy traffic to do! I also want to do, but also afraid of losing money in fact… Don’t be afraid, generally will not lose money, there is only little more money. I will mainly talk about how to buy traffic (to do! I wrote this article we watch, scold people usually buy money flow to do SP


1, to buy the swap chain integral (779, linkpage, 7C, 8fang, cgen2, Linkpage. It is recommended…), and 7C… Feeling 779 IP quality difference, although the price is cheap, but the look will find in 779, nine out of ten are doing SP… Nothing to head.7C though your point but better! I mainly said 7C, rough estimate, general 220-240 10 thousand yuan IP… An average of 10 IP with a 10 thousand IP submission, can submit about 1000… Now the general upward 4.5% SP or so, these days, can exceed 6% of the… Every day, there is a little off, want to give you IP to the swap chain quickly, let their points more, you can also set up for integral.

2, a bomb in the back guide page home page put back shells advertising exchange chain! Have some friends don’t know why the back shells, and put in the guide home… In fact, the reason is to play back again with some did not change the advertisement flow point advertising exchange chain let the integral consumption slowly, generally 10 thousand IP into the guide page, back shells advertising pages can get 3000 points back.

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