Google’s departure will allow China’s nternet to grow better

rumors that Google to withdraw from the market in January 13th China, this thing is fried A5 or raise a Babel of criticism of the forum to discuss this event in full page. Although the news is from Google’s official blog in Beijing, but has not yet been confirmed, the Internet is waiting for Google’s final statement. Some people believe that Google will really leave and withdraw from China. Some people think that Google will not abandon its vested interests in China and continue to stay in china. But it is not That’s final., who are not allowed to say the final results are waiting for.

came from Google to exit the Chinese after the news, the Internet is one of shock, not only the grassroots webmaster for running in opposition, who shocked the Internet, many people wrote that don’t understand and doubts. Someone to support opposition, opposition is because Google does bring convenience for users, Google search is really practical, Google product is popular support; people use the Internet to rise to the height of national security, a netizen said "the United States NSA (state security global) has many network security experts and technology talents are from Google and other large Internet Co, and until now Google’s servers are placed in the United States, that is to say, China Internet search records can be monitored by government departments and the relationship between Google and Google to."

of course, we don’t talk about state affairs. Google’s support in the country is largely due to its search for more professional, more transparent results, richer, more realistic search for users. Since yesterday’s news of Google’s exit from China, Google’s search keywords are almost no longer blocked, and some sensitive historical events can be searched. In fact, just shielding or not history sensitive words, Google do better. Let users know that history is not terrible, "Histories make men wise, understanding of history can make us better at present. History has happened, whether it is brilliant or gloomy, it can not be changed, so please face it so as not to repeat it. Everything has two sides, a deep understanding of history, can see the essence through the phenomenon, to better judge the right and wrong, to both parties, this is the right attitude.

some people say that "Google is not willing to continue on the Google website Chinese censor search results" is one of the reasons why Google left China, Chinese in the current social system, long-standing way, but Google is not fuel-efficient lights "". As an international Internet company, it has its own corporate culture and business philosophy, too self, even into China, the so-called localization is not enough attention, resulting in many frustration against Baidu and. But as a third party search engine, its fair, impartial and objective attitude has been supported by the vast majority of Internet users. It is considered to be a well deserved international search.

no matter whether Google stays or goes, no matter what causes Google to leave China, the relevant departments in China should think about their actions. Why does China not have its own Google?

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