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· "Sarah Stone insulted China; global" QQ Mini Page Public opinion is seething with indignation. today to see the entertainment headlines? Perhaps a new "Huguo movement" to start, even if there is no anti CNN so fierce. Once again, people feel the influence of public opinion. CNN anchor sentence Chinese abusive words, caused an uproar of national public opinion, the first is the establishment of anti netizens spontaneously CNN theme website, at the same time, the media tracking reports, the major portals do special support, then the foreign ministry held a press conference to ask for an apology, Sue… LLP. Millions of Internet users to participate. Eventually forced to denounce… The official issued a statement of apology. With the boycott of Carrefour movement, this public opinion struggle is vigorous. In a word, such an outcome was perhaps not foreseen when Cafferty himself spoke. It also allows the world to see the unity and courage of the Chinese people – the power of public opinion,


Olympic year Chinese an eventful year. Some public "war" to the people ", Our wills unite like a fortress. million people united as one man". For many years, no such scene has occurred. People need to express their feelings. Patriotism, love, anger, grief, excitement, touched, limited action, solidarity, and no one will spare the saliva. A sentence of impassioned declarations, gave great teaching, a sound blessing, pray they touch one deeply in the heart, love and hate


network is the best platform for speech. Above all, he gave everyone the opportunity to express himself freely. This is the real sense of the mass media. According to communication science, traditional media is the propaganda tool and position of public opinion. The common people and few people have the opportunity to put their draft into printed words? How many people have the opportunity to pick up the phone to the camera pointing Jiangshan? The so-called freedom of speech is just shut the door in your own home automatic speaking. The openness of the network is relatively strong. As long as not too explicit, " " not too ", no treason and heresy" perfectly logical and reasonable hard for you.

say what you want to say, don’t give up your right to speak, and try not to make your voice noise, don’t interfere with others…

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