For the first time to write soft text BADU included 47 pages experience impression

recently busy get a website website, it linked to the Internet, the boss every day in the BAIDU search site, but you can’t find it, so every day nagging me, why in the search engine to find the company’s website, website found by others. I am a procedure person, do not know what network promotion, SEO and the like. Under the boss’s request, I had to seriously promote the network up, introduced by friends, every day to mix A5, but also learned a lot of experience. Now I have to take my own experience to share to you, maybe I just learning the network popularization, may I say is commonplace, perhaps to the master, this is the most simple, ha ha, but I still want to write, after all, to be cheeky to learn something.

well, get to the point. When I started at the beginning of the site, just from the Internet under a program to set up a page on OK, that is Everything will be fine. waiting for the boss, who knows the boss for approval clearance, not small, have a good ranking in BAIDU, not in my recent fierce SEO. A5 learned that the website with dynamic programming search engines do not love, and make it full of static, no way, in order to collect, can only be changed, changed a few days, changed, linked to the Internet, for a period of time, and did not see the search engines, which will be anxious, nagging boss the. A5’s article said, a new station to be able to quickly search engines, we must increase the chain, in order to make the site quickly iSinoLaw, meet the boss, I go to the people to send their own message board every site link, the result has been deleted, useless. After tossing, I decided to write text, a programmer to write, can be said to write better than mumbo-jumbo. Gnash one’s teeth and say. Last time I wrote a release, the real website, like the back of life, as soon as it included 47 pages, happy to death me.


website, I concluded that, to make the search engines fast included, outside the chain is a good method, is also very effective, but the chain should also pay attention to some problems, not the more the better, should pay attention to the amount. New sites do out, spider quantity is very little, so we have to go more seduce spider, so that included in the favorable, at the same time in order to let the spider better included web pages, it is best to make static form. I hope the experts can add my QQ exchange 175066548

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