Dalian in 2016 won the 299 blue sky

more and more people want to live in the fresh air, enjoy the sunshine every day, looked up to see the blue sky, not every city can do, in the north, it is rare. In the past year, Dalian has harvested 299 blue skies, ranked first in the entire province of Liaoning.

according to reports, Dalian City air quality greatly improved, thanks to the coal control, car control, dust control, industrial control and structural adjustment measures for the further implementation of the blue sky project, especially with coal-fired boiler renovation, the yellow car out of key livelihood projects, the maximum rate two.

according to reports, the removal of all the Dalian city center 604 units below 10 tons of small coal-fired boilers 232 units, more than 20 tons of coal-fired boiler to complete the upgrading and reconstruction, agricultural areas (counties) completed the renovation of 1958 coal-fired boilers, 2016 annual total renovation implementation of boiler is the first 10 years of total and effectively improve Dalian in winter the air quality of the environment. In addition, Dalian also spent two months scrapped yellow cars and old vehicles 42663 units, more than the completion of the Liaoning provincial government issued the task of eliminating the 40856.

Dalian was able to achieve such success, because last year, Dalian environmental protection departments inseparable, they for environmental governance, made a great contribution to win people’s approval, has an excellent living environment for people, so that more Dalian people can breathe fresh air for health.

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