Editor Seoer must see how to find more and latest articles quickly

writing is essential for editors and SEOER. (do not talk about the original, just talk about the article) for the popular industry is OK, many sites, articles are also many, and find it does not Tai Feijin, but for the unpopular industry, looking for articles is a headache. However, even if the popular industry articles a lot, and for a long time, you will find, in fact, the network of articles are almost the same. Do you take up most of your time every day looking for articles? Are you sure you’re looking for the latest articles? With all these questions, you can solve all these problems today,

How can

find more articles


(1) uses a variety of search engines,

in general, we have to find articles on the "Baidu", in fact, you can use the major search engines, such as "Google", YAHOO, soso, MSN, Youdao, Sogou, etc..

why? — a search engine will have a database, an article by one of the search engines, not necessarily by other search engines, so in different search engines to find the article will find more articles.

(2) uses advanced search instruction

, especially in the hot industry, we are looking for articles, they will find out the website, we want to find a web site, from this site to find the article, this is very troublesome. We can use the advanced search feature to help us find more articles

: Note: if you want to find more accurate articles, key words should be written accurately,

, A) intitle: Graduate School swap experience

uses the "intitle" to find the article, the more forward, the higher the weight,

, B) inurl:bbs PubMed

uses "inurl" to find high quality, competitive forums and articles from forums.

(3) keywords.Html

, as we all know, most of the web sites that pay attention to optimization are static pages, and static page content pages usually end with.Html. We can use this to quickly find the content page

example: postgraduate entrance examination experience.Html

(4) using the question and answer platform

Q & a platform that everyone is familiar with it, like Baidu know, Sina asked the question and answer, and so on, we can ask several questions according to the platform, the rationality of combined into an article, this article is original.

(two) how to quickly find the latest articles

(1) Baidu news

we all know that the average weight that appears on Baidu news is not low, and the news here shows all the latest information. Find here!

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