do stand summarize the essence is erudite accumulate steadily

do station, the most difficult is to start, some people have many stations, the PR value is also very high, and then do the same industry new station, it is easy to

but as a 0 start station, how can we make traffic and make PR


first of all, cheating is out of the question, and SEO optimization can’t be too

then the main theme and content of the station, this is king, is the core

theme too fan, content is not fine, how do you get in the popular keywords competition weight,


, I was told by the president of the university that it was a lesson for us to learn, and I think it’s a good fit to be here, but

is erudite, accumulate steadily

learning to do standing, learning SEO, there are many articles, a lot of methods, all to see, have to learn, but can not all use. There are many ways to suit websites in a given period of time, and some outdated tutorials do not add copyright dates, and kill a lot of people. This is Bo guan. Of all the methods should be conducted their own judgment and time, choose one or two useful side by side with all methods summary, not only brought up, such is K. Therefore, the offer to choose, suitable for their own.

to do a station, first of all to understand the industry related to the ranking of the previous station information, all sites have to study again, all relevant keywords should be studied again. This is a thick product. But some people are greedy and want to do whatever keywords they want. From the QQ expression to do QQLive, the fact is that all the keywords on the site are lined up to the 10 page, and that makes no sense. Finally, when you choose your content, you should start with a small point, do one or two points first, make the weight bigger, and then enlarge the content. Choose a small spot to enter, and this is thin hair.

, a friend of mine’s stock website,], let me give you an example. He saw the stock and stock of keyword learning are very popular, the final choice of a stock of learning network, and then see the relevant popular keywords and software stocks, the stock market and so on, he will put these keywords as the column, but with their own learning the knowledge accumulation of keywords SEO.

this is a negative example, the content is too large, do not look at the survey, failure, ranking that "stock" such keywords you can compete with any website? Keyword selection too much, there is no core, even if failure to do a long tail words, do one, than the more traffic fast. Although the content is edited, there are some original, but it is too loose, key words outstanding enough, but also failure in failure. He entrusted me to optimize, we can pay attention to my optimization changes later.

is erudite, accumulate steadily, is to learn the essence of the production site, I hope.

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