Cable website notes

cable website notes, record the mood.

very deep impression: halfway over the planning of a site than in accordance with their own ideas to do, it is difficult to do N times. Here, remind the website planning friend. There are a lot of things halfway up tasteless gesture". If you start over, it’s troublesome to convince CEO.

a company that is not a project team. This management model is important for the planner of a website project. The management model is easy to come by, and the executive is in power. Just like the president can’t control the military power. So, the website planner who works in this mode should pay attention to it. Do everything possible to pave the way for future planning. You can make an appointment with CEO beforehand. Generally speaking, for a good place in the company, it will agree. Here should pay attention to, must be written to reflect.

website planning has: operational planning, content planning, technical planning, SEO planning, UI planning, promotion planning,

operations planning includes marketing and management: customer needs, market needs, market development, management changes.

content planning includes: 1, for the initiative needs of Internet users planning, such as: practical and readable content. 2, for the website rich content, planning

technology planning: operational requirements + content requirements, +SEO needs comprehensive consideration, planning and implementation.

promotion planning +SEO planning: passive needs of Internet users planning. Site column, URL architecture, internal link planning.

UI: the page is full and the interface is good

who is the standard when the conflicts are over,


believes that every project planner can speak for himself. It is also reasonable and logical. If the planner does not realize that the work he is doing is the most important, he is not a qualified professional. In this case, it depends on the type of website the company plans and the specific circumstances of the company. For example, the company’s funds are not very strong, but also want to increase the intensity of promotion. This period can be based on promotion and SEO planning. For example: the market has universal customers have some kind of demand, then this period everyone should take the market as the core. When the conflict between the interests of customers and Internet users, this is the point to distinguish the strength of the company.

there’s a lot of overlap between interests and responsibilities. For example, SEO needs to do some work, need cooperation, and need technical support. The market needs SEO and content support. SEO, the content needs to be obtained from the market. The same place, from every angle of view, will have different results. No matter where you are, small companies are market oriented; big companies use Internet users as their standard.

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