Cool station after eight years of water storage designers vertical community how to seek liquidatio


founder Liang Yaoming is willing to believe in this process also is the designer’s strength, and better explore and show the value of design, perhaps he could find the station cool and designer interest point.

obviously, Liang Yaoming is not particularly suitable for media talking about, founded with his hand in the cool station, the designer was born he was adapting to the adjustment more companies, more commercial, clear context but also in order to seek greater development space.

is a cool station in the vertical subdivision community designer of the crowd, the main designer between "to friends". This is not a particularly popular market, with the establishment of 8th anniversary birthday, station cool recently registered users exceeded 2 million 600 thousand, removing some of the students has not been * * * Liang Yaoming emphasized that this, users have covered most of the domestic occupation designer. And this is more than 260 registered users, but to cool the station contributed more than 10 thousand copies of the daily average upload volume and more than 7 million of the daily amount of browsing.

from a material in 2006 to share personal blog started, cool station has undergone many adjustment: with the aggregation designer gradually increased, in 2007 adjusted for the station cool forum form by one share exchange into between industries; in 2009, with limitations of the forum in the form of relief, stand cool again adjusted to version 1 today the share platform positioning in the designer as the core, Liang Yaoming and a number of partners involved in the form from the previous part-time to full-time, and gradually opened the company’s operation of the road. Form is changing, but it is based on the value creation and sharing of the value of the designer.

at the end of July this year, announced the completion of the amount of cool station millions of dollars A round of financing, which is also the first cool financing station. In fact, before financing, the station has been operating on its own funds, and can be in a good state of profitability. "In fact, I have never thought of financing before, but Liang Yaoming gradually realized that the" cool "began to need to use the power of capital to achieve faster development and greater space for development.

After the completion of

A round of financing, "storage" has reached eight years of stand cool start the next round to continue to dig deep down is not how to use this stunning model, and make an exciting wells in the vertical community in the designer.

The growth system of


"you usually use the station cool?" before the interview, I casually asked a novice designer soon friends, "ah, just now in line and station cool", asked her what to do with the station cool, answered: "worship God is also behoove ah".

designers have always been the core of cool, and Liang Yaoming is the coolest place to stand. From the initial material sharing, industry exchanges, the transition to a platform for designers to share the platform, cool gradually attracted a group of people willing to share their own works of design

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