An article attracted two thousand P

today, to bring you an extension of the article. A few days ago, I wrote several articles about Sora Aoi, each article in the big webmaster network fiery spread, in which a reading amount to amazing 700 thousand click, comment quantity is break through 300.

these articles have brought two thousand IP to blogs in China. Because of the large amount of visits, the blog servers in China can not afford to suffer from sudden traffic. I would like to share a popular article writing skill from Tang Wei, Sora Aoi, dressing off to grassroots webmaster hype from the following article.


1: the important

of the title

"from Tang Wei, Sora Aoi dressing strip to grassroots webmaster hype road" this article published two hours reading amount to 700 thousand, comment number 300, the data is still refresh.

this article not only brings great traffic to blogs in China, but also once occupied A5 webmaster’s reading list and comment list for a week. It can be said that this article is very successful.

first of all, the title of the article is "bright spot". The title of the article is a big factor in the success of an article. Now, the article flying everywhere, if a good quality articles, from a no characteristic title, users basically skip.

two: Leveraging

is leveraging the promotion, with the star effect by star promotion promotion, there will be an unexpected effect, everything about the star can be written, each one will become a major site to reprint articles.

"Sora Aoi let my server paralysis" this article first in A5 webmaster nets, A5 Adsense network home recommended two days, for China province blog attracted 600IP.

, Tang Wei, Sora Aoi are well-known characters, especially Cang teacher, but also a lot of cock silk otaku dream goddess. Using the star effect to write articles, will have a multiplier effect, China is to find the advantages of this province, continuous wrote three links about Sora Aoi and the head of the article, each one will have a great amount of reading, every Chinese province blog attracted hundreds of IP.

three: to cater to the tastes of Internet users

wants to be the readers love, cater to the tastes of users, an article is like a dish, to do this dish delicious, can arouse the reader’s belly hungry.

The simplest version of

is that what the reader wants to see, what you write, what you write, and how many platforms you publish, are naturally read by the reader.

written in the end, some webmaster in the webmaster can enjoy a great reputation, the soft of the power of the work. Soft Wen promotion, is the best promotion.

write more articles that make many people shine, and write more for readers

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