Do website in fact you insist success will not be far from you

no matter what you have to do, of course is not the same thing! Do your website also should stick to do it well, so you can have your own success! I have to share my website a real event, this thing makes me know what adhere to the two word.

in September 1, 2008, when I entered university, it was also the beginning of my becoming a webmaster. Do a QQ name in the theme of the site I was a lot of preschool children, do not understand, ask some of the owners, they have their own things will be lazy to ignore you, is to find some information to their website, from some articles I know this platform station network, I learned it is the site of the knowledge of the past, the most basic website source will not upload, slowly learned from some of the basic common sense to do the webmaster.

said earlier that I originally made a QQ name of the station, I do a ASP article management system for the station, often let people hang the window I am depressed, so choose a good CMS station is very important. Every day I send the hand to the first station on my side, the other side go to the station to do outside the chain, just two months later, I stood on the PR to 2, the flow from the original a little bit to every day between 1500 to 3000IP. Have wanted to hang advertising traffic, began to hang some, can one day only a few dollars, to be thought of selling station (were in a hurry to solve the food problem, the Internet every day to spend a lot of money, a month’s living expenses only 500 yuan), on the A5 website where the station selling transactions the information was quickly found me, out of the price of 200, 300, 400, and later sold for $500. Now think then stupid, so cheap to sell the station. Sold to that person, Baidu big update released that station many pages, ranking is also very good, traffic to more than 10 thousand IP per day.

you think I was feeling, I regret that! If I insist on doing half don’t sell it, I will not lose the station, now the station is very high traffic, so do in the station! Otherwise you regret the death! The second is 2009, I do several websites, the station failed, is the problem of collecting! Article is full of collection, make Baidu from N included page to included only one page. Do I give up, one station is the theme of the couples dress, then a couples dress Baidu keywords ranking first, more than 100 traffic came to my station every day, so there are one or two days of guest business. But I am lazy, did not do that station, and then slowly down the station, and lost a good keywords. If I had really optimized the word and the station, I thought it would be no problem to get 100 dollars a day.

in 2010, May, I began to do the idea of a website, so as to sum up my previous experience and experience, I found a few indexes that were good and the competition was not too difficult. I made a hair style, 6 nets for hair >

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