nterpretation of Tencent classroom how to promote QQ friends

this article is not about how to increase the number of classrooms, but for 98% of institutions, this is impossible. There are no solutions for increasing numbers of people who need help from Tencent. At the same time, there is no solution to the problem of fewer people.


Tencent classroom fewer people, all new institutions will encounter problems, if not skillfully used Tencent classroom, will be trapped in this difficult problem can not come out. Some registration from here we go out and live on their own institutions and the number of classes is not too bad, this is the result of practice skills.

must use QQ to promote

first of all, the number of small and slow growth in enrollment, such a situation must begin to do promotion, yes, is to find their own trainees. The new curriculum, apart from the fact that it has just been released, will be displayed for a short period of time in the latest categories of the category, and there is no other platform for display.

plus QQ friends promotion is the most direct and effective method, does not suggest that the scale is not particularly large institutions to do similar to Baidu post bar platform publicity. Not these methods do not work, this promotion is not suitable for Tencent classroom, Tencent classroom is not to institutions fixed ID, but also temporarily not a very well-known platform.

we can not spend an hour writing a soft text to promote our courses, and finally leave the address is the class address. At the end of the course? Maybe our posts have spread and the course is over. If you promote brands, on the contrary, use post bar, blog and other platforms. The name is found in the online search mechanism, help students seem to feel into white, very powerful, it is a well-known mechanism.

according to the development of online education, users purchase factors habits out of order is difficult to explain, the Tencent classroom at this stage is only suitable for class tools, lectures to earn tuition! So the promotion promotion enrollment is the most effective promotion of QQ, both for QQ friends precipitated the user, and the promotion of registration number

!At the beginning of the

course, there is a notice from the Tencent. Let’s send the message again. The user is not getting more and more.

What did teacher

say today about the number of students arriving today? Yes. No one pays attention to you, where people pay attention to what you are talking about today, the early users can be pushed to the scope of notifications, is the most important thing!


expansion extension: do not have QQ promotion successful case? Yes, not in the Tencent classroom platform, in a Y platform, there is a certain A to do electricity supplier training. The reputation of the institutions, because of his early experience, he has channels, reputation, fans, there are platforms. This is not a new institution can have a short time! Do not think too much, money slowly earned, while making investment, it will become larger.

the effect of class time

a course, if the number of entries up, the number did not come up, is not on?

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