Grasp self value relax and be happy

webmaster is very busy, especially personal adsense. Every day we have to do many things, collection content, add fresh nutrition for the website, website for examination, to prevent the "sick", looking for website rankings, looking for opportunities to increase the chain: external contributors, Links. This is not all, believe that every successful or successful webmaster, have a "secret recipe" work in daily operation, the goal is the same, just like their own children’s website, can quickly grow up healthy.

however, the meaning of growth is different in different webmaster’s understanding. Generally, we understand that the increase in traffic, ranking of the former, has been steady growth of the user base. And all this, in the initial stage of the website, I’m afraid I should be classified as "search engine"". Search engine is our site health table, it gives us a good look, we gave it to us, we will face, with profound respect and humility. This leads to the fact that all our work is centered on search engines.

it’s a tiring way to work. This situation, as if our work can be recognized, depends entirely on the attitude of our boss. The boss said that your work is valuable, then you will have the value of starting your boss for your salary each month. Otherwise, we’ll be ashamed, introspective, even packed up and gone. Your value is entirely in the hands of the boss.

is like a situation in which lovers try to please each other. A woman’s dress from the heart, choose the right clothes, hair style to apply cosmetics, perfume, and every detail is perfect. All of these efforts, whether can have the effect, but also out of reaction. Whether the lover will admire your efforts, pay attention to every detail of your specially designed, enjoy your beauty, give you my heart, you are all this work report.

but we all know that the world boss wants to earn more money to their employees can do more and better work; and all the lovers also never stopped quarrelling, grief at separation and joy in union. It seems that the work we do on one side is always a secondary factor. We have exhausted our work, love for the heart, and can not because of their efforts to succeed. What a depressing feeling.

, Google, and Baidu are like our bosses, more like our lovers. We try to please them, they are volatile, elusive. We are well intentioned, suffering involved, they not see as. Perhaps they see some people, just like those who are appreciated and happy couples. Like my tornado information network for 4 years, I insist on publishing an original personal experience that hasn’t been rewarded directly for so long.

actually, what we do, we can get more if we put ourselves in something else we like. We can create more valuable selves. Maybe it’s time to think it over. When >

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