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self-learning website website, I do not twenty, as for the effect of site (not about money, because no research, advertising) that is a step by step to climb, the beginning is very envious of those sites, the first row of Baidu’s national thought, so many webmaster, to be first in line by now, easier said than done, a station themselves in the first row, and every day there are about 1000 of the IP from the search engine (you can see every day TVB TV), at this time, I reviewed my doing so many stations, only to find that the original do stand must seriously, and have do stand attitude. Perhaps a lot of soft Wen mentioned, "content is king", "adhere to update", but, to say it is a word, it can be difficult to do. To ensure that the latest content, rely on the updated every day, but every day and not so much content, and therefore rely on acquisition, acquisition and can not guarantee the original degree, so many owners went into the vicious spiral misunderstanding.

so, how to make this vicious spiral? I suggest you Adsense website don’t be just a tool to make money, even if it is, but also from their own interests, to do something about their own interests, and about life, work on site. This is very simple, for example, you are a scientist, and the have to deal with every day, then you can make the class website, or his colleagues (of course after colleagues agreed) published on the website, so as to ensure that the source and the original web content (such as I do the primary school language network), Phoenix is to do according to this.

in addition, can also according to the needs of their own life to do, every day you have to search the Internet information, material or other resources, if you search, find, why not hide him? Hidden in their website, this is also a good source of (? Of course, suggest you in his website published, can be slightly modified), this approach is conducive to the establishment of the blog website.

finally talked about today’s business, which is according to their own interests to do a website, you do so in the whole process of the station will not have tired of emotions, will persevere to update the content, will put your site as your baby, take care of her, love her, love her. For example, one of my sites, every day TVB TV, because I usually love to watch the latest TV TVB Hongkong, is almost a must see, as long as there is, I will be the first time to download, so I can according to their own interests, anyway to load every day, why not download the address provided, collected? So I created this TVB TV website, plus the relevant information, so as to be accomplished, site for a month, but also through this website made TVB drama enthusiasts many friends, therefore, I also set up a special TVB drama enthusiasts group, group number: 87074732, want to have the same loving friends can.

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