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Taobao – once a year to this year, Taobao – what are the new




[East] Taobao shuangshier interpretation electricity supplier once a year is approaching, as the senior industry if did not see what voice heard. Because the manuscripts, so just checked my Ali PR draft to learn about Taobao this year – what are the new


this day, a quick taxi starts at a free price.

this day, including 2 of thousands of convenience stores, catering where Alipay paid half fold promotion (with cap), ten percent off

!Of course, the conventional

and the new pre-sale, super brand discount or as in previous years did not pay attention to me! In fact is also normal, after all, Taobao used less, but this does not affect hundreds of millions of users concerned about the promotion. It should not be at the East Point for judging the habits of Taobao – good and bad. Yes, the key is not to discuss twelve itself.

"shuangshier" East less focus, there is a reason. Because in previous years, whenever big promotion, Taobao sellers desperately give me promotional SMS reminder, in addition, is a lot of Taobao on the big seller or brand will engage in various activities promotion. Suddenly, this year how to disappear, or a lot less. Holidays, big promotion, why the seller (brand) is not active,


similar problems in this year when the double eleven appeared in previous years, many of the traditional brands, including the Amoy brand have come up with tens of millions of costs do stand outside promotion, brand promotion, and in 2014 eleven – a lot less. Is the direct cause of this investment, but in order to grab the trade forehead card, the actual rate of return is very low, the more important reason is that the surface of brand promotion is to give yourself pull traffic and users, it is Tmall Taobao Tmall and Taobao user flow, and the flow of the merchant to sell to it. Users loyal to Tmall, rather than loyalty to the brand, less precipitation,

Why is the pattern of

Ali bigger than Jingdong

why Ali pattern than the Jingdong, because Ali has been fully turned to the international market, the mobile market, in addition to more financial mode and large data transfer, electricity trading platform is not usually significant. Jingdong is still relatively limited to home appliance 3C communications category, limited to the Chinese market B2C retail electricity supplier. Regardless of the future of the financial Ali big data and how many variables, is not deviate from the need to rely on the retail business as the basis. So why is Ali trading ten times bigger than Jingdong?

Ali as a platform itself is not to provide consumers with goods and the final distribution and after-sales service, these are more than 600 sellers, as well as more than one million couriers service. We say that the Jingdong can be here today because the Jingdong has spent over $100 billion in venture capital over the past ten years. Investment basic logistics >

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