Does the website have profit mode to be able to make money

remembers reading Zac’s articles a long time ago. A piece of writing about writing is pretty good. I can do it for the purpose that our website owner wants to achieve. These days I think is, if the webmaster to do a website, he just didn’t want to start a good profit model, it is not possible, now do not want to make money on interest of the station is really very little, so the profit model is they will think of, but now I want to ask: the net station profit model will be able to make money out of


discussed today, in addition to traffic sources, of course, will also be in addition to this level of SEO, that is, assuming that our website now has 1W traffic every day, specifically how to say nothing. We have a profit model, such as selling flowers, how do we go to the content of the site itself do it (not including design, here mainly refers to the text content) of course, this website is very simple model is to want to make money you give me money, I sell you flowers.

to achieve this aim, in the daily 1W traffic situations, how to improve the conversion rate increased, remember I just read an article "" blog website operation August 2009 B2C website conversion rate rankings, the highest conversion rate reached 45.1% sells food, this may happen in a foreign country will. But each of us is the electronic commerce website goal, you sell flowers, don’t you just put the appearance characteristics of each flower growth environment and so some description written on the line? You think, what is not weakness? This is when I do a lot of different websites after some feelings put him down to the autumn of my blog. We see some large sites, such as some mobile phone network, mobile phone inside him is very full, but many portal websites, like Tencent, they not only sell mobile phone, this is not the main profit direction of their website, and if we do a special sale of goods station, is not the same, we they cannot reference.

here, they should understand what I want to say what, is what we want to do a website, such as 1W to flow through, but the process of growth in this flow, we need to edit the content of our site, perhaps the types of goods will not increase, but our work is not done, don’t think goods placed in the website frame even if done, people would buy it, wrong. If so, then some of the shops online, why some of the decoration is very warm, very comfortable, light very soft…

do not like many websites, websites like a slightly edited news put up for it, we should pay attention to the conversion rate, let visitors by our words "influence", so that they do not have a room for thinking, because they are in your website has a clear purpose — (shopping brand type, learning type, type), said the purchase details determine success or failure, here, the process of determining earnings. Autumn soil recently

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