Analysis of personal stationmaster in the local gateway station in the gold rush experience

didn’t want to write this article, because recently see personal webmaster contact us, basically went straight to the theme of "how do you make money? In addition to write down before I will declare that I am not webmaster, just a member of the team, I witnessed our" Fuqing "website development, I I want to have the right to speak.

first talk about the original webmaster at that time, the original intention of the site

should I see in Fuqing in 2007, and the original owners Chen know soon, he taught in a Fuqing local middle school, we talked about the Fuqing network and mobile phone terminal users in the chat, perhaps is the fate, we just saw in the newspaper "Fuqing County ranked twenty-sixth" Fuqing site in the hundred counties in the basic is reciprocal, in this topic we hit it off and immediately begin to build a web site with Fuqing characteristics. Site users should know, kernel, template, frame, content and server are indispensable, I am responsible for collecting relevant information in Fuqing, don’t know where to clean off he ran the Fuqing library to find historical data, at night the Internet to collect pictures about Fuqing, and the website construction of the framework of all responsible by Chen the teacher.

nearly 3 months, we found the Fuqing County, Fuqing, Fuqing, Fuqing yellow pages Postcard map, Fuqing folk stories compilation, then we spent half the data entry to the site, the site is still not released at this time, we are in the computer, we only see their own. When the site in the bustling about from a piece of paper to his satisfaction that there are more than 10 G capacity, then we know that rent space seems a bit unrealistic, so we spend their wages to rent a server, using 2M ADSL 10G to the server, the time is long.

on the line after we didn’t do offline promotion, but in Baidu’s Fuqing inside told the Fuqing netizens, our website was born, so the next two weeks, IP are basically about 50, 50 for us is very meaningful, our efforts have been the 50 code certainly, hold on, continue to do.

I quit a company work, and decided to Chen together concentrate on this website, because this thing is home and kicked for a while, when we were busy in the site of the February 14, 2009, how romantic Valentine’s day, but on this day, I have to see the Fuqing website was hacked and heart very painful, hard disk is formatted, the next 1 people actually or Fuqing, we Speechless, tears ran after rushed to the room, restore data, sleepless. Two days later we in stationmaster net (Admin5) rented a server, installed Linux system, hoping to safety, caution is justified, we thought, perhaps it is because we are reported to the negative news too much.

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