Baoding 123 true portrayal simple practical is the truth

as a webmaster, everyone wants to put their station bigger and stronger, this is undeniable. Of course, also every webmaster wishes and dreams. Each of our webmaster, whether it is full-time or amateur, do the ultimate purpose of the station is almost the same, that is to make money.

on the Internet, there are many ways to make money, but use it as a stand to make money, it should be the most simple, direct and effective.

website, in my personal experience (maybe not, only personal opinion only), if you really want to do, like NetEase, Sohu, the ability of our own, is not. Perhaps there are individual master can do, but I believe that more than 90% of the webmaster can not do. Since we can’t, then we can only do something practical, right?

site, to give people real and practical information, it is very simple. To do this, you should not be far from success. At the very least, a big step towards success. If you do a very comprehensive station, involving a wide range of surface, it must involve the content of incomplete, untrue this weakness, want to do big, well done. That’s hard. We do the station, it is best to identify one aspect to do, or do a regional site. Such as my Baoding 123 this website, do now, it has been more than two months. Over the past two months, we have been deeply aware of what is simple and practical. We are free to publish all kinds of information. Here we can release property information, supply and demand information (secondary information), recruitment information, dating information for free. We are facing the 11 million people of Baoding, not the people of the whole country. This point shows the characteristic of locality. If we do a national one, then the amount of information will be very large, but the same will be difficult to face, and one or two people can not achieve it at all.

 :          ;   a website, to be simple, where does it come out? Or take my Baoding 123 as an example. A web site, do a good job, to see if you can accept your own web site. For example, find a content, a more practical or useful content, first see if you can find it all at once, my Baoding 123 in this regard can be said to be more direct. You want to find something, go directly to the relevant column to find it. The content of each section under 60 can now display a new, because it is new. The popularity is not so good, so these 60 days, including the content, we only need to use eye sweep, can very direct find related information. Sometimes you don’t have to turn the pages to find them. And so on, the more information released, we will increase the 60 messages to 100 or more, we will also search information is added to it. Really do not want to look at each other, really connected input related content search. Only one goal, simplification.

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