Ding Xiangyuan Li Tiantian want to use the nternet thinking to do the hospital

Loft warehouse type large office space, container modification conference room, kindergarten like lounge area, bar, house full of colorful graffiti…… Strange, free, easy, and jealous. This is the headquarters of the internet medical company Lilac Garden, which costs $70 million to invest in Tencent.

interconnected genes are everywhere and beyond imagination.

in July 2000, a year after graduating from college, Li Tiantian founded the lilac garden. 14 years later, in September, Li Tiantian was still a student dressed up in a navy blue T-shirt and shorts, shuttling back and forth in the office. But the pattern and text on the shirt’s chest highlight the features of the service offered by his entrepreneurial team – "Life dignity lives with dignity", surrounded by a white stethoscope at the bottom of a line of Chinese and english.

"doctor" and "medical treatment" are the theme of Lilac Garden, and this theme even runs through the office area. When the door from the door labeled "clinic" in the small partition, the phone will come out, he took the twenty-first Century Business Herald reporter to the door, labeled "infusion" in the small conference room to sit down.

is to let employees feel the environment of customers at all times." Ding Xiangyuan founder and CEO Li Tiantian said.

Lilac Garden "customer" tightly locked in China’s about 2000000 doctors, all products around customer demand, 14 years to maintain the viscosity of this platform. DXY is often described by the outside world achievement is organized more than 1100 field expert lectures, more than 320 thousand case discussion, more than 80 of the 16 Chinese medical professional books, English medical journals and so on.

Internet penetration to bring subversion after an industry all-powerful effect, but also to the Internet healthcare industry has become the capital blitz fields. The researchers say the new meaning of the Internet brought to the whole society mainly from two aspects: "connect" (presents intermediary characteristics) and "smart" (Automation output provided using intelligent algorithms generated in the process of connecting the data). The "connectivity" of the Internet has become the core of the business model.

lilac park now and in the future with what business model and profit model, leveraging medical

?The official website of

Lilac Garden defines itself: the Internet practice, which has been devoted to the field of medicine and Life Sciences, is the largest and most influential social media platform in the industry. With over 4 million subscribers to Ding Xiangyuan, we provide users with many forms of communication platforms and tools.

"actually, I’m not very care. What’s the attribute? Our focus is to meet user needs."." Li Tiantian didn’t want to define a trendy name for "Lilac Garden", "media", "tech company" or "service provider"."

when China has the best quality medical resources, that is, the doctor group of Lilac Garden and Tencent marriage, the future development of the biggest imagination is to open the medical and suffering, online and line >

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