Grassroots webmaster fast growth shortcut Learn website analysis

every day now will add a lot of websites, but also shut down many websites, on the whole is greater than the birth death, so the website on the Internet is more and more, since there are so many websites will be faced with fierce competition, after all the relevant industry so much, industry is not increased because of the increase of the website then, in the same industry competition will be fierce, how talent shows itself in the fierce competition, it should be according to their own conditions, and their association website analysis is a good skill, can effectively help operate their own


so why society website analysis is a shortcut to growth? According to the truth that is not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm for growth, there is no shortcut, but in the website operation, these traditional ideas must be broken, we now introduce key to grasp the method of analysis of the benefits of

website!The first is

if you don’t learn the website analysis, many webmaster every day buried in hair post, update the content, writing soft article submission and so on, all looks bustling about but the effect how, let alone can make nothing of it, from which aspects of optimization and improvement, it will naturally to operate their own website brings great bottleneck, either because the too tired to give up, or to find a good way, the success of


and then to talk about the specific association of data analysis of benefits, we can actually find some free data analysis software on the Internet, and then collect the website data, to find hidden behind these data problems, some software can also provide users with what we are web browser, if you are using a comparison many people like Firefox browser, it is essential that you can make website and Firefox browser compatible so as to enhance the user experience, which can effectively help you get more valuable

loyal users!In addition

data can provide what people see what the content on the site to see a few pages, the website open speed and how, through these data will allow us to distinguish the content by the user’s attention, so that we do in the update site, you can maximize your leave users, reduce the rate of jump out of the site! At the same time, analysis of the speed can see your web server has no problem, normal speed is not normal, there is no impact to the user experience, through these data we can see enough, then find and solve the problems timely, nature can effectively save the time we optimize our website! This is not in the development of the website in a shortcut:


is the last to recommend a free webmaster analysis tool, Google Analytics, said: this software can provide a lot of data, and the accuracy rate is quite high, of course, we in the analysis of the website when using software tools, not necessarily in accordance with these data analysis, but also with the real situation, can do the correct analysis, after all, the tool is dead, people are living in


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