The ten day make the website keyword Baidu home page

this is a little experience for some time before I do Baidu ranking before, had no time to write it out, now, to him, I was a rookie, abstruse things to write, only to what he had done, write them out, the more I hope for those who some dishes help


I’m officially started on 4.23 this year, this website ( Baidu optimization, the target is the keyword on the home page.

from the website management authority to start, the first thing to do is to modify the site’s key words and description text. Although all search engines don’t pay much attention to it now, it’s better than never, is it?

then, then, start the exchange of links, starting with number 4.23, exchanging two or three links per day, all of the same type of website. As for the same type of links where, in addition to the webmaster nets, the laggards, A5 webmaster nets chain exchange area, I love the most is to "webmaster helper network" chain exchange, quite fast, but also provides a classification search, can take the initiative to submit to the web site, are some of the needs of link people, talk about it is also quite easy.

of course, if you’re PR3 yourself, you have to go to the PR7 and PR8 links, when I don’t say.

third step is to modify the density of keywords, can not be said to modify, but increased. Because of the particularity of our website, can not rely on to increase the article to increase the keyword density, can only modify the original article title, reasonable add keywords. Then add a related article every day and include the keyword in the title.

fourth step is to increase some backlinks, but this step is not very successful, because until now, gg. show my reverse link is still 0, let me depressed for a long time.

so to 5.3, ten days, I have several key words on the Baidu home page.

ran, but after the school’s official website, some of the words jumped onto the front page. I was a little excited, but after all, this is the first successful case.

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