Rural shops need to use the power of brand products

in front of the brand, the city is obviously higher than the acceptance of rural people, business will be more focused on the brand effect". But the times are different, and now the rural shop operators, also need to focus on the power of brand products. After all, the choice of brand products to build, but also to create their own brand. The right to operate their own brand products, through their own efforts and promotion for many years, to become the leader of the local species, which is particularly important. However, the distribution of the products must be their own exclusive, and quality to be strong, profitable and in a large range of dominant position, and can get the support of subsequent varieties.

Zhang is a retail customer in rural areas. A few years ago, he was acting as a "harvest" brand of corn planter, at that time, many farmers in the village have only used wheat sowing machine, and not enough understanding of the corn planter. Although Zhang did a lot of explanation in front of the villagers, and the machine carried to the field to do a live demonstration, but the villagers are still reluctant to accept. In order to open up the market as soon as possible, Zhang contact manufacturers, so that manufacturers on the door to do publicity. A few days later, the manufacturers signed a contract with the farmers to try the product.

years later, this machine has finally been recognized by the majority of the villagers, a time when the goods out of stock. See Zhang operating well, the manufacturer decided to Zhang’s shop as a long-term agent sales point, and the scale of the investment to expand its shops, the image has been changed. This time, it has been more prosperous shop more prosperous, the villagers as long as the purchase of goods, most of them went to Zhang’s shop, and even some of the villagers outside the village will often come to join the fun".

if it is to promote the brand, many farmers are not willing to accept, the product is good or not, try to know. For this reason, Zhang’s shop is famous, and he is famous for his way through the power of brand products. Later, the manufacturers as long as there is a new listing of agricultural products, we have to find Zhang to do agents, which makes Zhang from the big one.

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