Chen the development trend of the nternet in the traditional saturated industries

with the Internet step by step into our lives, the rapid development of e-commerce industry, has saturated the traditional industry has brought new vitality.

The traditional

industry to the Internet development, already is not what new thing, I was also speaking out this thing is because the traditional industry to the development of the Internet is just using the Internet mode, the development of electronic commerce, the solid line of marketing, do the Internet, just do a line network marketing. Of course, it is undeniable that traditional industries in the process of Internet gold rush, to earn a rich theory, but also more open up the market and industry share. However, traditional industries, in order to survive in the Internet age, relying solely on e-commerce, network marketing is far from enough.

the Internet industry is not just because they use advanced technology, emerging things to survive. This industry has become the most valuable wealth, most development space, and growing strength, because the mode of development, they have a set of traditional industries do not have the management mode, management mode and service mode. If traditional industries only use the Internet as a tool or a traditional means of replication, it will die in the emerging Internet industry.

my first talk to my friends, I do not know why all colleges and universities to set up e-commerce in this course, we heard from this course of business which universities, why e-commerce, e-commerce can be divided into three categories: management, technology, marketing. Management include: management, production operations management, enterprise management; technology includes: Web production, ASP, database, programming; marketing include: network marketing, e-commerce case analysis and so on. As everyone knows, management, technology, marketing is a broad and profound field, also have the corresponding departments devoted, composite and director of e-commerce professional students Bo family collection in a body, it is easier said than done? Short university time we need to learn more than more than 40 courses, but most of them are theoretical basis. We all know what a little, and what is not fine. Now, competition is a constant law. Students majoring in electronic commerce what competitive advantage? Website construction and maintenance, compete with network communications professional students? Competition have to do management, and business administration majors? Do market development, competition in public relations professional students? Do network marketing, competition marketing professional


e-commerce does not really need any major. Like other Internet companies, we need people like website construction, maintenance, marketing and channels." 6688 network company marketing director Bi Jingfeng said.

eBay eBay Marketing Manager Liu Wei also held the same view, "as far as we know, there are some e-commerce professionals specialized in computer application technology, so our technical department will need this talent. In general, e-commerce is business, and we are human

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