Campus BBS how can you help yourself

late love red maple, YLY, north end, and the best of both worlds, the sun and the moon, in a complete mess, Guanghua SMTH walnut forest community ", when one is already showing its age in BBS become your memories in the mind when, how many can face their own old age generation in BBS will have a

feel lost feeling?


domestic forum users initially negative growth, campus BBS frequency is dying,

CNNIC2012 released in twenty-ninth China Internet development statistics report shows that in 2012 the community / forum users for 144 million 690 thousand people, the growth rate of negative 2.3%. Such a negative growth in the number of users, is the forum for such Internet products to enter China more than 10 years after the first appearance.

Comprehensive forum Tianya,

compared to those over the downhill route, University BBS forum as one of the most products began to rely on the special topic of discussion based on students making up, along with the migration of the domestic social network culture, this risk is greater.

According to the Hunan University

late love Maple Konoha’s current administrator, has been established for more than nine years of Lake Hongfeng once leaves at late love forum has just joined the team in the evening when the love of maple, with more than 10 hot plate, hot plate and the update speed of medium Post Bar post update speed a. According to internal data, the number of visitors to the "red maple day" has remained above one hundred thousand for many times. This is no more than 1000 of the current average daily visitors.

opening to the outside world has always been a major feature of love of late maple and even most of the campus BBS. With the rise of campus BBS, there will be marketing interpretation of the existence of marketing advertising according to the presence of users. Based on the campus and build a student user oriented topic discussion platform is a fairly accurate marketing platform. People have made "students make the best money", the society is in progress, the students’ average daily expenditure is increasing, students earn money in this business has been around the campus inside and outside the region, to be able to use a novel but a great marketing value of campus BBS marketing is a right the choice of marketing.

product development and product marketing based on the development of itself even if it is a natural enemy, some people think that marketers have destroyed micro-blog, large-scale marketing personnel transferred to WeChat’s pace for the development of WeChat is very bad. Micro-blog and WeChat in recent years the so-called hot 3 is a model of social product, the user scale and the BBS is not an order of magnitude can because of the development and has hindered the development of the marketing personnel, how could the BBS will have greater control of power marketing ability in the open at the same time

?The rapid growth of

spam and low-quality information has damaged the BBS environment in the university. The so-called "a mouse shit, bad bad"

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