Campaigns to address website traffic sales issues

if you want the flow for a day or a period of time is soaring, or that a new station to quickly get industry attention and expand brand awareness, hold an effective promotion is undoubtedly the best choice, people tend to take advantage of the psychological, think that since it is moving, it will there are incentives and benefits to take, based on the psychological activities in the crowd, we will do a lot, and activities to promote the benefits of far more than the surging traffic, with little cost big returns, empty also and colleagues have done similar activities here for your reference also share some experience.

1: good

spent a lot of effort, finally did not get the appropriate return of things, who do so, if we do activities promotion, first of all want to recognize its advantages, as well as cost-effective.

1. raise traffic

flow is a site survival lifeline, whether you are doing what type of site, high and low side flow reflect your users and how much the value of the site, so I want to get a short time traffic growth activity is very good, if you do the activities of the promotion of radiation enough people full of sound and colour. Then, in the activities of the day or the period of time, the absolute flow in a boom phase, but with the end of the activity, the flow will certainly be a big drop, this is normal, not too concerned about this.

2. pull sales

if traffic is the lifeblood of a website, then sales are the foundation of the site’s survival, and we do the ultimate goal of traffic is to sell. A station type group purchase website, not regular will hold some activities, such as "double eleven", "shuangshier" and so on, then a lot of goods to the corresponding preferential, although the price is reduced, but the number of sales turnover so much, the day of the event is the original several times.

3. promotes brand

the number of new on-line website is a tangled issue, I started to do sales or brand promotion activities, and can perfectly solve these two problems, if you do the activities in sufficient numbers (full of sound and colour, referring to your potential customers or the same person), so brand promotion and sales promotion is not a problem.

4. adds registration and collects data

flow to improve the registration difficult, more difficult to improve, because the user may be curious point in your website content, just a click, but registered but need more steps to accomplish this, of course, or in the user that you browse the website with the next value of the case will be completed the United States mission was established at the beginning of operation, do a negative element of the event attracted more than 10000 registered, the establishment of a new station in the beginning is a large sum of wealth, is our first batch of more accurate potential customers, compared with the $ten thousand fee paid activities is very valuable, and when the user registration > attract

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