see Baidu a who Baidu as uncle

(I don’t, just bullshit, it’s all garbled)

a few days ago, Taobao and Baidu to challenge the public. Apart from the two companies C2C dispute does not say, just have to call this posture, the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster shame.

dare you stroking your home baby bear the penalty sleeve Three Character Classic tens of hundreds of times to copy, you dare to see your eyes across the wife take your credit card at the mall mad brush, you dare to listen to the boss about low head side side was greeting his family, but you dare hang sign that says "Baidu and the dog do not have to enter"


Taobao easily in transactions in the first half of about 40000000000, and a year after you toss the car loan mortgage. Ma said that fellow VC, uncle, the entrepreneur is the parents. But, you can say, Baidu is the brother-in-law? Maybe, you are the father of Baidu, is the mother, you are still a wife hydrosalpinx2.

"here’s a lot of money and people are stupid." I think it’s no use using this joke to give China a few years ago to make a conclusion on the internet.

remembers when I was in high school, I had a whim, and I thought about testing my countrymen’s ideas. At noon, after eating out of the canteen, I looked up at the sky. The fellow brothers immediately played the bull’s eye on god. When I looked down, the whole school is already a pile head load so dense to salute the sun.

The suction gold

Internet era has passed, years of practice, netizens have to Ling Bo. In the full page advertisement in "not to click on the ads" principle, accurate, rapid and complete to find their content.


that the Zezheng? Let’s switch to site transformation?? or simply we reincarnation faster


Baidu’s latest topic keeps coming up with Fan Bingbing. Many small owners who shouted shielding Baidu Taofa Baidu, ask, don’t put all the egg together can make the stone kepo? Thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, even if Baidu had to universally condemned, the happy days. After all, the net age of these years made our humble hands accidentally turn BAIDU out.

the Chinese peasants account for 3/4 of the total population. They are called "peasant brothers" in the red paper. They are called "vulnerable groups" in the news network". Chinese personal webmaster, and more than 3/4 of the vulnerable groups? Ali mother said she would lead the small owners, the results themselves are to take the ditch.

Baidu is like a bank note. It’s not everything, but without him, your bill is flying. That’s quite possible.

may call Baidu uncle a little bit, and perhaps your station is not Baidu, but also drought and water conservation, but you do not have the ability to leave him, then take him as a wet nurse. You weaned, you can take with him.

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