How to deal with damaged goods

although no one owner would like to have their goods damaged, however, the damage is inevitable. As everyone knows, there are a lot of goods through long-distance transport, handling or ultra high pressure reactor operation, the damage caused by packing signs and internal goods, especially some fragile and soft goods, such as cigarettes, instant noodles, glass containers etc.. As a retail, you will not encounter this situation, if encountered, how would you deal with those damaged goods?

Shandong County, Linzi retail Home Sun boss

negotiation with supplier

I met such a thing, I remember that time is washing cosmetic city courier sent two boxes of bottled white detergent, because the shelf and I also didn’t open bag when I sold out to the shelves, found that there are two barrels of pressure pump has been playing out, and is not good use. To know the damage to the pressure pump, which can not be used to wash the bucket, and I had to call the delivery side, but the delivery side is very good attitude, the next delivery to me for two barrels, did not suffer losses.

once again a reminder, courier delivery, please not only the number of points, we must carefully check the packaging is intact, there is no breakage of fragile commodity inspection, so as not to go after the deliveryman found, causing unnecessary trouble.

Ordos City, the flag of more than the retail tour boss

unpacking to do product smoking

a few days ago, the tobacco companies sent me to order a good cigarette sent, the number of inventory, there is no error, the clerk left. When a customer wants to buy a box of 10 yuan gold saint, the shelves just sold out, I just sent the smoke from the inside out a box, suddenly found a cigarette at the bottom corner of the collapse is very serious, I open a look, there is a box of smoke serious deformation results.

I try to sell to customers, but customers worry about the deformation of the cigarette will be broken, do not. I don’t smoke, don’t want to give the tobacco companies trouble, put this box of gold Shengyan unpacking goods as smoking, this is a good idea, when customers buy cigarettes, I send a, contact the feelings, but also to those who did not buy gold Shengyan customers to taste new flavors, kill two birds with one stone!

Jiangsu Nanjing retail Household coke boss


damage to the goods are not all suppliers. I put the whole cigarette is placed in the bottom of the smoke cabinet, a careless, a thin branch of the Nanjing on the outside, when the door is closed to squeeze, a box of serious deformation. To sell the damaged cigarette, I

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