About webmaster platform and webmaster common several misunderstandings personal summary

for many of our webmaster, Chinaz, A5 such well-known webmaster website, community platform is indispensable to stroll. Understand the dynamic change of station search engine Changye, attention, look to share articles; however around much, also found some problems in diagnosis of 37 sites, here only to do the exchange, no other meaning, nor for Adsense website and some of the people.

Adsense network focuses on the transfer, focusing on industry operations, science and technology information

this is actually understandable, after all, the website platform as an enterprise operation, the transformation is inevitable. And simply for the webmaster this group, after all, grassroots, the audience is not large, but the extension is not strong, Mou evergreen also wrote a similar point of view. Today, Chinaz and A5 focus on technology consulting, Internet industry trends in such high-end direction, the purpose has not changed, but the method has changed, this transformation is actually a strategic consideration, there is nothing to blame. For our grassroots webmaster, to meet their own needs more and more difficult, and we enter the Webmaster Station, more passive attention is industry information, Internet operations and other high-end visual angle analysis. But again, in fact, most of us do not have their own webmaster, webmaster, no good positioning of their roles, we complain stationmaster net external platform, in fact is our own problem, quick success, interests, the pursuit of short-term effects. You know, the webmaster platform provides us with a stage, many of us have not made good use of this stage, many times we are only short-term effects, such as hair chain and garbage. This leads to the result that garbage articles meaningless, original more and more, dry goods less and less. About writing original, sharing dry goods can refer to the next one: dry goods are less and less, more and more cliches.

less and less dry goods, cliches, more and more

what is dry goods, personal reference, well-known webmaster blog after understanding is the practice of thinking summary of fresh content, can give people inspiration, let a person have resonance, can learn real knowledge content. As for how to write articles and share dry goods, it is not how profound theories and analysis, but your thinking, thought, experience and accumulation, from one angle of view and one point of view to complete articles. But in the domestic well-known webmaster nets submitting column articles, most of the webmaster or say Greece, eventually, around a theme about the thousands of words. Of course, also repeatedly fought, and domestic Internet copyright awareness is not enough, there is a certain relationship too rampant plagiarism. 37, website diagnostic analysis is also individual webmaster, also know that the site needs to update content, need the construction of the chain. But then again, some things, their home on the line, no need to repeatedly cold end to the original column. Many webmaster or SEO is at Chinaz, A5 platform of high weight, the amount of reading, reproduced large xiaojiannaodai to fill in the article. Once asked a contributor, he was straight

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