Web Analytics advanced data analysis in Excel 1

analysis of professional tools in addition to Google Analytics, Adobe Sitecatalyst, Webtrends, Tencent and Baidu statistical analysis and so on, I think the most commonly used data processing tools is Excel, making Excel the most basic operation and is inside the chart, a little bit high is the function and the PivotTable use, you may of course think of VBA and Acer, but few master will use these advanced features.


for advanced data analysis, when the method and principle which is involved in professional statistical analysis, is not necessarily have to resort to SPSS SAS this kind of specialized analysis tools? Data analysis from junior to senior level in the jump process can not play the role to undertake is actually some tools? This is Excel, the function of data analysis. Two of the more recent Excel books, "who said rookie data analysis" and "let Excel fly" did not touch on this part of the content. Advanced data analysis involves regression analysis, variance analysis and T test method, don’t look at these seemingly no relationship with daily work, in fact, go up, MBA courses also include these contents, so early school night had to learn, just ahead of me, please see the following.

Before you use

, you must first install the data analysis function of Excel. By default, Excel does not install this extension function. The installation is as follows:

1) the mouse is suspended on the Office button, and then click [Excel options]:


2) find the [add in], select the [Excel add ons] in the management section, and then click [goto]:


3) select the [analysis tool library] and click [OK]:


4) after the installation, you can see the [data analysis] function, as follows:


After the installation of

, first of all to understand the content of regression analysis.

, regression analysis,

Before the

with regression analysis, we must first understand what is called the return? In fact, an interesting phenomenon that the regression phenomenon was first proposed by British biostatistician Galton in the study of parents and children at the height of the genetic characteristics: the genetic characteristics of the "tall parents, their offspring is also higher than the average height height; but not necessarily higher than their parents, to a certain extent to the average.

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