The dangers of electronic commerce websites launching other affiliate ads

such as Google, AdSense, Baidu alliance, Ali mom these domestic advertising alliance, everyone is commonplace. And now many websites rely on this kind of advertising alliance to keep the website profitable, and more importantly, some websites are built for these alliances. At home, there is a strange phenomenon, a lot of e-commerce sites, the gold position of some pages (such as page top, Banner, left navigation, the beginning of the article) gave up these advertising union!


, this is a dangerous signal!


e-commerce, its own web site is the main battlefield, should not allow other people to import traffic in their own site. Do e-commerce, all know flow hard won, high quality traffic is more difficult to find, so now so many people do SEO, so many people do long tail. (here’s an e-commerce site, including all sites that promote a product or service, such as a corporate website or an B2C web site.


in their e-commerce sites, the risk of advertising on other sites, a gray thought, and briefly list a few.

1, loss of traffic. Own hard work to flow (may also do a lot of Web site SEO work), so import other web sites. Put Google, AdSense and other automatic analysis of the page to get the advertising results of PPC is even more terrible, because the traffic is directly sent to competitors,


2, reduce the trust of the website. Internet users come to your website and even see the ads on other websites. I wonder: is this website profitable or advertising?. Is there any guarantee for the quality of his product? Should I buy it,


3, reduce the conversion rate of the website. These ads may not be clicked by visitors, but distract the viewer’s attention and interrupt the browser’s browsing process, and eventually the site conversion rate is, of course, compromised.

4 requires more energy. There is time, because of advertising changes, and does not match the style of the page, the webmaster will need more effort to deal with these problems, may neglect other aspects of the browser’s care.

some Adsense put in this kind of advertisement, in order to increase the display rate of advertisement in the account (such as AdSense), thus reduce the click rate of the advertisement account. If it’s just for this, I suggest putting ads on pages that have little effect on the conversion rate.

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