Many years of experience for enterprise webmaster

1999, students I was with my father went to Zhejiang to work in agriculture.

in that agricultural company, I learned how to surf the internet. I found that the Internet not only let me see a lot of things, learned a lot of things, but also modern office, business, daily communication and other important channels, rich Internet world deeply attracted me.

for a better job, I am learning the "web design", "computer" and other books, and access to the Ministry of labour and the Ministry of information industry jointly issued the "intermediate qualification certificate examination by computer operator".

soon, I helped the company create a website in Chinese and English, registered top-level domain names, and joined the Alibaba as their original member. I printed the URL on the company’s information, all employees’ business card, and I introduced the most advanced network marketing software, a full range of network promotion.

to tell you the truth, I really didn’t think of it. At that time, the small website with more than 10 obscure pages brought almost one million of the export business to the company. Merchants from Japan and Malaysia have found their products on the small website through the Internet, and the company has received nearly a million dollars at a time. In order to reward me, the manager of the company not only promoted me, but also raised my salary.

this network marketing success has brought me the inspiration, and I am determined to break through my career. Before long, I declined the salary increase of the company’s CEO. I quit my job and started my own online business trip.

website construction, not promotion is dead stop, so how to use the network to promote their website and enterprise?


myself from 2000 to now are engaged in network related services, over the years accumulated a little network marketing promotion method, now summarize, for each net friend reference,


1. Website Optimization:

The first in the

website promotion before optimization to web site optimization, to ensure that the site itself, page structure and content, the site structure and layout adjustment, make the website more suitable for browsing and search engines. Not only because it can attract more visitors, more is to search in a friendly robot in order to improve the importance of web pages, in all kinds of search and directory. Second, you need to investigate and analyze visitors, sources, goals, and, of course, competitors’ websites. To fight the enemy.

two. Link policy:

In fact,

has been incorporated into search engine strategies, try more in all kinds of web page name company website and links, industry website, professional directory, exchange connection, signature articles and so on, in order to provide traffic at the same time, improve the degree of connection widely. For example, in some large forum communities, you can set up in your signature and insert your own company’s website connections using UBB code or URL.

three. Tradition >

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