CNNC allows individuals to register CN domains Will you register

18, CNNIC relevant person in charge said in an interview, CNNIC in accordance with the requirements of the competent authorities, are studying the drafting of individual registration of domain names to allow registration management program. CNNIC said that, at present, individuals can already hold domain names, and the formal registration of individuals has a domain name policy, the timetable for the introduction has not yet been determined. This means that once the program is implemented, individuals can register CN domain name.


, a domain name registration are notified before the January 31st CN domain name holder must submit business license and other proof, otherwise the domain name will be suspended, that person may no longer be allowed to hold the domain name CN. CNNIC, on the one hand, indicates that this is a "domain name registrar" who is "unauthorized" and "confused". On the one hand, it also advises users to submit information in accordance with the requirements of the registrar. But before long, CNNIC issued a circular, clear person can continue to hold in December 14, 2009 before the CN domain name registered before January 31st, submit ID card (copy or scan), you can contact.

now, also known as an individual, can register CN domains. This series of moves, can really make people see hair mist. Previously not allowed to register personal CN domain name, also said never allowed, and now can say, before the unreasonable, and now also become reasonable, really a wind, rain, people can not guess, can not touch.

CNNIC released the "twenty-fifth China Internet development report" shows that in 2009, the vast majority of Chinese network statistics are on the rise, but the number of domain names China is on the decline, the number of domain names CN than in 2008 fell 113 thousand and 193, a decline of 0.83%. As the CNNIC advocate CN domain, not only did not rise, but fell, CNNIC should dare to? Of course is to take measures to promote the development of the CN domain name, the domain name CN number increased. Therefore, there is a permission for individual registration.

, however, CNNIC also stated that individual CN domain name applications should be carried out under the real name system. Would you still register the CN domain name,


most people in the industry are still on the sidelines, because no one knows what CNNIC will do before the formal rules are introduced. And even if the regulation comes out, it can be changed. Early years, CNNIC is not vigorously promote CN domain name, and even play 1 yuan registration price, think about last year continues to the present network storm, CNNIC is how to deal with CN domain name, you can know.

in terms of the individual owners, now how many people would have to register the CN domain? According to the current situation, there seems to be a lot of not believe big departments would rather spend more money to register the COM and other international domain names, no matter how preferential CN domain name registration. Because once the policy changes, once again CN domain name clean-up, the most injured or personal adsense. A network storm has made hundreds of thousands of websites fall, if again, not ordinary people can afford.

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